Top 10 Mysterious Live Broadcast Interruptions

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download the app by clicking on the link in our description box and don’t forget to use me, @rebeccafelgate as your referral…at the end of the video I am going to read comments sent to me on BUNZ! Okay… back to the broadcast 10 – lets start with the most famous… Max Headroom Ah, this is an absolute classic…although I would be gutted if someone interrupted Doctor Who! The story goes that on the evening of November 22, 1987, the good people of Illinois were enjoying an episode of Doctor Who on Chicago WTTW Channel 11 The episode was Horror of Fang Rock – which…well… thematically it is a bot different but if I has seen the interruption, I would have thought that it was part of the show as Doctor Who is famously sci fi freaky

Suddenly, instead of watching the fourth Doctor’s colorful antics, viewers saw a person in a Max Headroom mask and sunglasses Max Headroom, for those of you who like me have no idea who that is slash was, was an AI TV character in the 80s…and… well in mask form he looks pretty horrifying The imposter hijacked the broadcast for 90 seconds in which he rambled about corporate America, Coca Cola, the TV series Clutch Cargo and oddly the WGN anchor Chuck Swirsky

At the time it was said that the perpetrator would face a maximum 10,000 dollar fine or possibly a year in jail It turns out that the headroom figure has also interrupted an American football game for a short period of time, too It’s been 32 years…and still we’re none the wiser as to who did it and why… But here is a creepy clip of what viewers saw that day… clip 1 annnddddd Again …

Clip 2 Warning…watching this interruption might make you feel sick or hallucinate 9 – The Wyoming Incident Ah, a popular internet urban legend… but …is it real Indeed there appears to be evidence of it Youtube So the Wyomig incident is alledgedly a broadcast hack that happened in 2008, affecting a number of TV viewers in the town of Niobrara in Wyoming

Their regular news show was mysteriously interrupted… CLIP 1 -you will see such pretty things- -you are ill, we just want to fix you- and -what hides in your mind?- … that question was later answered with the chilling message -we have already seen it- … Have a watch… CLIP 2 FREAKY

Freakier still, those who saw the interruption reported having a physical reaction to the footage This included vomiting, hallucinations and headaches Others said that the frequencies played made viewers eyeballs vibrate and create visual hallucinations Some deny the incident ever happened… others say it was viral marketing for an interactive online game Moving on to number 8 have the Bible busting Playboy

Playboy is…well… you know… and they have a late night TV show mainly comprised of busty ladies and sexy time Like… you do you or whatever Playboy has always been controversial, especially in in the past when people felt more strongly about sex being a sin With that in mind, let me tell you what happened in September 1987 Someone interrupted the broadcast late at night with a quote from the bible

The verses were taken from Exodus and Matthew and read -Thus sayeth the Lord thy God Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand- … the white text and black background appeared during a naughty movie – a number of perturbed viewers phoned in to ask what happened Mysterious… devine intervention? Like… it wasn’t necessarily the most applicable bible verse 7 – Anonymous VS Fox News Clip! Good old hacktivation station! In 2015, Anonymous, known for their creepy smiling Guy Fawkes masks and altered voices, took over a live Fox News broadcast

Fox News was conducting a euthanasia interview with Dr Jack Kevorkian when Anonymous took over They start by saying Dear Fox News, it has coming to our attention that you have been alienating the American People by propagating the left right They continued by berating Fox for purposefully scaring people about terrorism and covering up corporate corruption Anonymous said: you have sacrificed your journalistic integrity for the dollar They end by saying Fox have been poisoning the minds of America for too long

Anynoymous does not forgive and does not forget Scary… especially because of the mask… The mystery here lies in WHO anonymous really are and how they could take down such a big and powerful station 6 – Captain Midnight WHO is Captain Midnight, that really is the question? Well…he sounds maaaaybe a bit more glamourous than he actually is but Captain Midnight was an adventure franchise, buttttt in this instance it was the character constructed by a disgruntled HBO employee who was LIVID at the channel for raising their subscription prices to 12

95 a month, which is the equivalent of around 30 bucks these days The interruption included a threat to the Showtime Movie Channel, too Then there was a period of black and white messed signal… have a watch All of the crackling and buzzing throughout is the HBO broadcasting station trying to up their power, and Captain Midnight fighting back by uppng his power…which really does sound like a superhero fight Eventually, HBO lost and was forced to stop at risk of blowing their transmitters? A little mid list urban legend for you! 5 – Baby Ogre at Midnight 1 – 10 seconds

So the Baby Ogre commercial is a Japanese ad for Kleenex…which, sure, is weird the story goes that this commercial was hijacked by a curse and after it aired in 1986, everyone involved died or met horrible luck For example, the woman was supposed to have birthed a demon baby and died after childbirth Further urban legends say that if you watch the video at midnight the footage will be interrupted and will warp in front of your eyes and you too will become a victim of the curse Some people in the youtube comments section for this video say that they have seen it at midnight and it is indeed cursed

so…watch out I guess! 4 – The Mystery Couple During regular broadcasting on ABCs affiliate WJLA – this image appeared on screen for several seconds……a grainy couple To this day, nobody is exactly sure what this picture is of…it kind of looks like a computer generated riff on theatre masks – a happy and a sad…

This image appeared briefly with no context and with no sound, before vanishing off screen Many people said there was a dark meaning to all of this – that this was no ordinary interruption The cable company in charge of the broadcast said that there was a programming mix up…which… okay find… But the plot thickens Some people uploaded videos of the interruption to YouTube…but then they were all wiped due to -restricted access- and all online accounts of the incident seem to have been wiped from the internet…

weird… 3 – The Winker’s Song In June and July 2017 a UK local radio station, Mansfield 1032FM, had its signal interrupted eight times through June and July 2017 with an indecent piece of music called The Winker Song by Ivor Biggun and The Red Nosed Burglers Here is an excerpt of the 1978 comedy track… Like… a small section that is safe for work

Back in the day this song was banned from the radio because it is very blatantly about masturbation I actually just listened to this whole song while scripting this video and… it is actually pretty great… but totally not appropriate Anyone with a love of seedy British humour…have a listen

The last 20 seconds are magic SO what this frequent interruption means, its hard to say, but clearly it’s a symbol of anarchy The perpetrator has not been identified … and … Like…

Long may they reign 2 – The Aliens of Area 51 Coast to Coast AM was a talk show run by a chap called Art Bell He was pretty famous in his day and he did used to get a lot of strange calls on the show The incident that took place on September 12th 1997 was That night, Art got a call from a guy who claimed to have been an employee at the mysterious Area 51 base – where conspiracy theorists say the US Air Force contained and studied aliens and their crashed spacecraft

The caller sounded terrified and claimed that -they- were coming for him, and that he didnt have much time to share with the world what he knew about Area 51 He talked about extra dimensional beings who are not what they appear to be – that they have infiltrated the US military and are taking over CLIP The caller began to sound more erratic and panicked Finally, he started talking about how governments are trying to get human populations down to a manageable number so that they are easier control

Just after this – the line went dead when the power cut out at the station By the time they got the backup generators running, the caller was gone Theorists say that it was more than a coincidence that the caller was cut off and never heard from again, just when he began to spill the beans on secret government activity Hmmmmmm Speaking of aliens 1 – Vrillon On a cold winter’s night in the south of the UK, an alien interrupted the news… or…so the story goes

In a regular Newscast, Southern TV’s news anchor Andrew Gardner was relating the day’s headlines when, at 1005 the TV picture wobbled slightly and the sound the news anchors measured delivery was replaced by a distorted alien voice which hijacked the station for nearly six minutes The voice proclaimed to be from Vrillon, a a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command He said: or many years you have seen us as lights in the skies We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth

We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings in our worlds around you Have a listen for yourself…CLIP 1 If you didn’t quite get that – Vrillon was warning about false leaders and prophets putting money into evil pursuits… he ends the speech by imploring planet earth to change its ways before it is too late

BLIMEY It is still a mystery as to who was behind this prank… if it was a prank… it could have been you know…an actual alien

I hope in the past 40 years Vrillion and the gang have been working on clearer transmissions WELL THAT WAS the Top 10 mysterious Broadcast inturruptions CHECK OUT BUNZ…use me as referral Comments from BUNZ Tessa B said: Hey Rebecca ! Thanks for introducing me to Bunz I think it is a great App with a great purpose so I am really happy I know about it Unfortunately not many people know about it in the Netherlands where I live so I am trying to introduce it Also, I love the Most Amazing Top 10 videos… keep up the good worl

Tim T said: My boyfriend and I love watching you on the Most Amazing Top 10 videos on Youtube – thank you for doing what you do Definitely my Favourite host

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