Top 10 Mysterious Hidden Tapes That Were Found

Hey Everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena I feel like back in the day lost tapes were actually a big deal, footage was rare

But now everyone has a high powered camera on them at all times so nothing ever gets missed People even upload incredibly embarrassing videos of themselves onto the internet in hopes for getting a little touch of internet fame So I had to really dig to find some unsettling, freaky videos for todays list of top 10 mysterious hidden tapes that were found Of course make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And make sure you stick around for the end of the video because Im going to be reading comments from theTop 10 Scary Places On Earth You Should Never Visit – Part 2 video

Also make sure you check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, there a bunch more content over there and its a great way to get to know more about the most amazing hosts And check out our new channel tier list, were ranking everything you can imagine over there So without taking any longer lets get into in 10 Croaitian missing teens Sometimes youre just trying to make some badass parkour videos with your buddy and then some sack head man starts following you and ruins all the fun This footage was found in croatia and it follows two teens that are just messing around with a new handycam when the notice that a strange figure is following them They approach the man and he seems drunk, so they kinda mess around with

You can never see the mans face because hes got a scarecrow like sack on his head I think when you see some dude with a creepy canvas bag on their head you should just go to bed The day has been ruined and unless you know a guy who has 11 golden retriever puppies, your not gonna be able to forget bag head Well this creepy fellow starts chasing these teens and word on the street is that the teens went missing and the footage was discovered by police 9 Austrailian missing teens We got more missing teens! Man Im glad when I was a teen I spent my time sitting in the same spot on the couch watching simpson reruns and not looking for adventure, I was fat back then so I would have been the first one to go if anything went down

Well this footage was a pretty big deal as it was shown on the austrialian news It follows 4 teens filming themselves at night as the go on a little journey around the austrailian countryside They eventually come to a fence where one of them says the can hear a noise on the other side As they approach the fence they see a sign that says private property but nothings going to stop this bunch of curious adolescents, so they disregard the sign, hop the fence and proceed to check things out Its not too long after this that the video cuts out

The four of them were never seen again and the missing persons case is still open to this day 8 Penthurst footage When I see an old rundown mental institution the first thing I think is, man I should get some pals and we should go exploring, I wonder how many magical wonders are inside I bet theres pentagrams, ghost and black mold just waiting to make a home in my lungs Well these kids wanted to just that for whatever reason They went into the Penthurst mental institution in pennsylvania

This place has a horrible past, it used to be a mental institution for children and there are endless reports about the abuse that would go on in this place The people who worked there would abuse the kids on a regular basis and the living conditions that the kids had to endure are almost unimaginable The place is abandoned now but its still a corner for supernatural activity The camera with the footage of the kids was found just outside the institution and so far it hasnt been link to any person so its unknown if they went missing 7 Leonard Lake This one is very disturbing, in 1981 Leonard Lake met Charles Ng and the two would go down in history for comitting some horrible crimes

The two would kidnap people and take to a cabin in the seirra nevada region in california Lake had built a dungeon next to the cabin were he would keep his prisoners They would keep the people there as slaves for a time before killing them It suspected that the two killed somewhere between 11-25 people Many of their interactions with these people were documented in journals and on video tape

When the two were aressted the tapes were used to convict charles ing however Leonard Lake didnt see justice This one is pretty dark and I would only look into if your one of those people who only listens to murder podcasts 6 Bjork stalker tapes Man being famous must be hard, you dont get any privacy, you constantly critiqued by people who havent accomplished anything close to what you have and sometimes stalkers youve never met with think your soulmates and try to kill you These tapes follow Richardo Lopez, he was an exterminater who was living in the states and obsessed with the artist Bjork When he found out that she had just entered a new relationship he went off the rails

He started making video diarys of himself all talking about his plan to kill bjork He then made sulfuric acid bomb and mailed it to Bjork After he did this he went home and filmed his own suicide His logic was the bomb would kill bjork, he would kill himself and they would meet up in heaven Thank god mail is slow because after a few days his body started rotting and someone complained about the smell

Police came, found the tapes and were able to instercpet the bomb 5 Yemen couple You cant even enjoy a nice lakeside honeymoon with you new wife without something going horribly wrong I think for my honeymoon I just want us to go somewhere in the sun and get so drunk I basically forget the whole thing but everyone tells me I had a really good time This couple probably wanted that, they set up a camera right at the edge of a lake and the two jumped in It seemed a nice sweet time but then out of nowhere theyre both sucked under

You see some splashing and then a hand pop out of the water The camera was found by somebody walking by and the footage was uploaded onto YouTube and went viral Holy crap that would suck, going viral after you die, you dont even get your fifteen minutes of fame Its unknown what happened to the couple or where their bodies are Im gonna say lake monster, thats all I got

4 Paris Catacombs I bet you guys think Paris is super romantic, with all the cheese and wine and accordions Well little did you know that underneath paris is series of Catacombs FILLED with dead bodies There was a time in Paris where the graveyards were so overrun with dead bodies so they had to start stuffing them down there It thought that footage is from somewhere in the 90s and it has a guy just exploring this place on his own Super smart idea, just wander around a maze full of dead bodies with no backup

In the footage he comes across some paintings and then sees something that frightens him so bad he drops his camera and starts running Its unknown what he saw but the creepiest thing I heard is he found the gates of hell Whats the matter with this guy, why is he looking through catacombs when theres literally an endless supply of croissants right above him Well its unknown what happened to the man 3 Lost at Sea This one has so many angles to it

So Ill start with what the footage looks to be It shows four men in the water holding on to some debris while a tuna fishing boat fires shots at them This was filled right off the coast of Fiji The footage was investigated by the Fijian police after it went viral on youtube Some people say the people floating in the water were Fijian and being attacked by this tuna boat

The police said that the people in the water were Somali pirates, they tried to hijack the tuna boat and failed I think I have no idea whats going on because the footage is grainy as hell This all looks like it was filmed on a 1998 samsung tape recorder by me when I was 4 years old and i touching the lens with my poptart covered fingers If you have more info on this, write in the comments below, because this is all over the place 2 Missing Diver Hey guys take it from me, I used to teach scuba diving

If you ever want to dive super deep and check out some crazy stuff just dont Its really dark down there you cant see anything and the whole point of going scuba diving is to look at fish and then have a beer afterwards If theres no beer after the dive its basically pointless Well this diver died trying to go two deep in the blue hole in the blue sea He got to 300 feet underwater when he started to get some heavy Nitrogen Narcosis

This is were the air your breathing literally makes you high The air is compressed from the surrounding water pressure so your lungs fill up with more nitrogen molecules on every breath and this makes you feel wasted Imagine being wasted 300 feet underwater Well this guy gave it a shot and didnt make it back 1 Boy scouts If there is anything you should learn from this one is dont put your kids in the boyscouts, just let them stay at home and play fortnight, you can trust fortnight

These tapes were found in the home of Anatoly Slivko, he was the leader of a group of boy scouts in soviet Russia and was actively killing people between the years of 64-85 He would convince one of the smaller boys in the group to come back to his home where he would perform a spin stretching experiment on them All of these gruesome acts were tapped and when he was arrested police used to footage to get him the death sentence Now Im gonna read those comments Steve Mathew wrote I am visiting them now since you told me not to visit them Pics or it didnt happen Rocks and wood wrote Keep up the good work, this is the best top 10 channel on youtube Thank you so much, I love compliments Kurisu Mallory wrote Its my birthday super soon, june 26th, was wondering if you could do scary birthdays or something like that I dont know if this will be out in time but how about a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY for you from everyone here at most amazing top 10 Well everyone thats our list and thank you all so much for watching

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook for more content and to get to know the host a little better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and please no flash photography

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