Top 10 Mysterious Hidden Messages Found In Movies

hello and welcome back to the most amazing channel on the Internet certified ladies lads it's your dream team here today I'm Rebecca fog eh I'm even Hassan and we are collaborating hurrah we are collaborating on little video that we like to call the top 10 mysterious hidden messages found in movies Eamonn what's your favorite movie honestly I don't knows the very hard question I want to go with Bohemian Rhapsody Oh a new was he no good it was so good I know like they should be classic ones I was like dude like it just blew me away rami malek fantastic yeah have you guys seen Bohemian Rhapsody do you agree with Eamonn let us know your favorite movies in the comments section down below it was very moving ok I was really like at the end of it all I'd have to say The Wizard of Oz ok ok ok that's a good movie it's a good movie and also shoes and clicking and creepy trees and flying monkeys and witches it's a good time yeah if you could see a banana in real life we're quite sure I think we're the shortest in the office I should be we literally yeah please enjoy this video posted by munchkins coming in at number 10 we have the matrix and it's Bible verses I had no idea that the matrix was so biblical but it seems that the creators behind the movie trilogy were seeding religious messages throughout the film's in the Matrix Reloaded there are a couple of secret messages hidden in number plates Agent Smith the main protagonist of the movie has a license plate that reads is five four one six this seems to be a reference to Isaiah 54 16 now the biblical passage reads see it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its works it is I who created the destroyer to wreak havoc stressful again the character of Trinity which now on reflection is pretty biblical has a license plate of da 203 this points to Daniel two three which reads and the King said unto them I have dreamed a dream and my spirit was troubled to know the dream boo-ki mysterious what is happening coming at number nine is Lion King sex guys this had to be on the list I just watched the live-action version of The Lion King and even though I knew Mufasa was gonna die Oh still nearly in tears when it was happening I was like come on even just get through it it's only uphill from here can you only happier after this just hang in there either way in the original animated version about halfway through the movie Simba Timon and Pumbaa are lying on their backs looking up at the stars thinking Hakuna Matata Simba walks over to the edge of the cliff and some dust flies off the cliff and forms what everyone claims is the word sex I can honestly admit I didn't notice this at all the four times I've watched the film and it's not like it's spelled out straight for everyone to see you kind of have to pause it and see the lastest for yourself not the kid's movie you're probably like why the hell did they include the word sex as an easter egg I haven't even had that conversation of my 5 year olds yet well according to Disney they weren't spelling out sex they were spelling out SF eggs the special effects team put in their abbreviation as sort of an inside joke earned a March to themselves I guess speaking of SFX at number eight we have lemon party in cars okay so Disney say the whole Lion King thing was coincidental and that actually it was a little Easter Egg slipped in there by the special effects team Eamonn told you all about it I'm wondering if they're gonna use that very same excuse but this scene in cars it's dusty the cars are seen wearing party hats gathered around a table filled exclusively with lemons one car even claims isn't this a great party it's 11 party right now listen I don't want to ruin what could be seen as an innocent and perfectly enjoyable scene but you should know what message the animators are really hiding here so let's take a trip back to the dawn of the internet people started getting internets in their homes and at this time trolls were born only these trolls don't live in dungeons their mums basement sure may be but while these days they can be found generating dank memes in the early 2000s trolls were making shop sites one particular site was lemonparty org sounds innocent right zesty I've click on it turns out a lemon party is a congregation of old nude men sexual congregation look so yeah a lemon party is pretty not safe for work and not safe for kids movies why the reference was slipped in there honestly it's a mystery moving on to number seven we have Newt Scamander is present hands up who is a Harry Potter fan if you've watched this channel for long enough you will know that I am in fact my Siri even calls me Slytherin Queen Rebecca fel gate the first because that's my full name so anyway for fans like me you would likely have pored over both the books and the movies however there are a few details that even us with flying outstanding grades in our Harry Potter newts may have missed so in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban aka my favorite Harry Potter movie it is set in Harry's third year at Hogwarts the gang take a look at the Marauders map a map that shows the location of everyone on the school grounds especially kind of creepy none other than meet scamander's name appears on this map which means that he's present Newt as his own movies fantastic beasts and where to find them now these are set long before Harry was even a whisper in a womb well that's actually the creepiest thing I've said all year I take it back in Harry's time we don't know what's going on with Newt but it seems that he was very much present and correct at Hogwarts at some point during Harry's day sorry why didn't they meet at the time Newt surely would have been able to help the boy that lived was he there on a secret project was it about Buckbeak well that is somewhat of a mystery I have to say guys I am Slytherin forever what is your Hogwarts house I want to know let me know in the comment section down below who's in the dungeon with me is it you is it Amon okay so I have done the quiz on the website and I really wanted to be a Gryffindor but I am in fact a ravenclaw which I'm honestly not even mad about as long as I'm not Hufflepuff I'm all good coming in at number 6 is Cloverfield actually remember seeing the poster for clover fields and cinemas when it came out and I was like damn this looks like a screwed up beauty of a movie and that it truly was the movie came out in 2008 and if you haven't seen it it's basically done in a star where it looks like the whole movie is footage from someone's personal camera and the plot follows this reptilian monster that literally comes out of nowhere and destroys New York City and no I'm not talking about Donald Trump the government initiates the hammered down protocol which involves bombing the whole city to kill the monster now since the movie is fetish from Beth Ann drops camera there's never any insight into government meetings top secret calls etc and literally no one can explain how the hell this monster got there apparently in the last scene of the movie where the camera flashes back to before the atrocities you can briefly see a flying object falling out of the sky and landing in the ocean when Beth and robber at Coney Island now on the movie was being promoted the brand slush show was hugely mentioned and people think the company was a conspiracy itself the head or created the monster another hidden message or a margin the film was during the helicopter crash now during the action-packed crash the film splices into micro second frames and in those frames are bits from the 50s giant ant movie them the beast from 20,000 fathoms and of course King Kong so basically all the iconic giant monster movies made their short-lived comeback in the most recent giant monster movie nice it just came full circle didn't it coming in to number 5 soft rock is soulless and Shaun of the Dead I love the 2005 movie Shaun of the Dead it's a banger right I actually used to live right by the Winchester you can see my house in this picture with all the zombies my old house and stabby new cross isn't the only cameo and Shaun of the Dead it seems you can also spot Chris Martin as a zombie you know Chris Martin of Coldplay Fame he's in the movie who knew some people say that this mysterious Easter egg is because he and Shawn Pegg are mates but others are saying it's a subtle clue that soft rock has no soul what do you think has Coldplay become zombie music questions filling another force law is my mother is a psycho I think everyone has at least heard of psycho you may not have seen it but you've definitely seen like a gif of the movie on Instagram or Twitter or something without actually knowing it either way the psychological horror came out in 1960 and was directed by the iconic Alfred Hitchcock in the movie our resident serial killer Norman Bates has a very very close relationship with his mentally ill mother he takes care of her and she basically forbids him from having his own life but the twisted part is that Norman killed his mother ten years prior to the movies events out of jealousy and if you're wondering what he did with her body he mummified her corpse in their cellar but overcome with guilt he recreated her in his mind and she became his alternate personality he'd wear her clothes talk to himself in her voice he'd even wear her wig no one claims anytime he's murdered anyone it's actually his mother personality doing it not himself but we only find out all of this at the very end of the film where we see Norman but his mother is talking in a voiceover saying how he's on mind everyone not her at that split second Hitchcock decided to include a little imagery for all of a psycho horror lovers at home he overlaid the mother's rotting skull over Norman's face to actually visually represent what we don't see the dark reality inside his mind that only comes to light after all the damage is done don't-don't-don't now then the three is Tyler Durden so recently I've been trying to watch movies that everyone needs to watch in that lifetime you know like The Breakfast Club pup fiction and Fight Club I thought Fight Club is gonna be massively over hyped but honestly and blew me away I loved it I knew before watching that there was some twist involved but I didn't actually know what it was so when I found out I was like mind blown if you haven't seen the movie this is gonna be a major spoiler but the unnamed narrator creates Fight Club with his friend Tyler Durden Durden played by Brad Pitt is a problematic badass that you'd expect someone named Tyler Durden to be we find out at the very very end that Tyler isn't even a real he's the narrator's alter ego but because the narrator has his own fair share of issues he hallucinates Tyler as a separate person altogether but the movie hides clues about the revelation all along before we even meet Tyler Tyler blinks on to screen and single frames on multiple occasions and considering I watched the movie a few months ago I'm in awe of this cuz I didn't even see it Tyler blinks into vision other doctors office he appears in a TV commercial he even blinks in at one of the narrator's testicular cancer meetings and no don't worry he doesn't actually have cancer he just goes to all these group therapies to make his life flus empty I guess the movie foreshadows the twist the whole time kind of implying that tides when trying to burst out the narrator's mind for quite a while but hadn't been able to do so until of course the narrator meet kyla for the first time and I think he will go down in history as one of the hottest characters in Hollywood I've seen a Fight Club about 28 times so now I'm gonna keep my pants saggin keep your skateboard I spray can for the tagging dedicate to you Fred Durst thank you and a big fan keeping a straight face at number 2 we have the poltergeist prediction this is actually pretty sad so I need to adjust my joviality so did a weird poltergeist easter-egg predict the untimely and tragic death of the actress Heather O'Rourke Heather played the cute sweet kid in the movie Caroline Freeling sadly she died in 1988 aged just 12 but there was a secret clue to her death date and location in the film now poltergeist was released in 1982 but for some mysterious reason there was a poster in Robbie and Carol Ann's bedroom for the Superbowl 22 now this was set to take place six years in the future basically a nod to the future Super Bowl Super Bowl 22 ended up taking place in San Diego but nobody knew that that was gonna happen yet strangely the year that the Super Bowl in the poster of her character's bedroom actually took place was actually the same year that Heather died but weirder than that she fell ill on the very day of the 1988 Super Bowl she began vomiting on the 31st of January that was the night that the Super Bowl was taking place sadly she died the next day in hospital from septic shock where did she die San Diego California the very same place that the Super Bowl was taking place for me I have to wonder if somewhere someone out there knew never why do we have beasts versus beasts and I have no shame in calling us on a beast because he was a disgusting misogynistic man who didn't value baths for all her talents we don't have time for men like that in 2019 people no time at all either way I actually loved the live-action version of this I think Emma Watson was the perfect Belle but then again I am a sucker for most Disney movies I feel like everyone is now the original animated version of Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991 and since this is the second Disney film on the list I feel like Disney gets a kick out of hiding a bunch of subliminal messages in their films that the young audience is just frankly too small to GUP on but here we are to pick up on it for them now the first hidden message would make English teachers everywhere feel on top of the world Bell is seen as an outsider in the village and they actually represent that in their coloring everyone in the village wears earthy colors but Bell is the only one in blue now honestly if that was my English teacher should be like ah yes the blue represents bells in a sadness over her isolation from society as the color blue has connotations of melancholia and depression ha but I'm not even an English teacher but I should be now the second one is a lot more high to see and it took me a few tries and pauses and zooms in to actually see it no one Gaston and beast are having their final fight and Gaston falls to his death animators wanted to make sure everyone knew he was dead but of course they couldn't just show his bloody dead body impaled on a bunch of spikes that's just us that's more the gladiator vibes and it is Walt Disney vibes and it's just it's not very PG is it so they decide to draw in the reflection of skulls and his pupils for only one single frame in the entire movie hence you know now how hard it was me to actually see it they put by inter confirmed that ho is staying in the grave however I would have much preferred seeing him impaled trust me dad ho this is the best way I've ever heard Gaston described ever and I think we can all agree and – I also think that those blue dress subtly indicates that she's a ravenclaw know I feel like we're both really good English teachers never see the Munchkins knew all along say thank you we didn't describe this ending but we want to say thank you very much for watching this video and also let us know your favorite movies in the comment section down below what else should they do I hope you guys like Klaus please let us know if you want to do more I feel like we enjoyed doing that we heard you guys enjoy watching that he arguably had too much fun yeah that's just a rumor though please leave a thumbs up on this video share with a friends check out the links in our description box to our most amazing instagrams and stick around cuz we've got a whole massive playlist aim and I will catch you later bye bye

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