Top 10 Mysterious Hidden Messages Found In Movies – Part 2

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video You guys loved part 1 of this video with me and Rebecca and im so glad

Are we not the dream team? Screw team Cheyman, we should be talking about Team Rayman or Team Rebman Okay they dont have the greatest right to them but im sure you guys can come up with something better I should probably end my spiel now that has nothing to do with this video and just do the video so These are the top 10 Mysterious Hidden Messages Found in Movies – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is Batman Begins

I bloody love this Batman trilogy like i cannot fault it at all Christian Bale was impeccable, and whenever i say im not a Marvel girl its because im a DC girl and a Batman girl through and through Either way the first movie in the trilogy came out back in 2005 and during the closing scenes of the movie, James Gordan one of the only honest cops left, reveals to Batman that theres a new criminal on the scene The camera shows the audience a clear evidence baggy and inside of it the Jokers calling cards So we know the Joker is coming in the sequel but if you pause it there and zoom in youll catch something even better

The evidence baggy label shows that the evidence was signed in by someone called J Kerr J Kerr short for Joe Kerr which is an alias the joker adopted for years Hence really the Jokers been tempting and teasing Batman to bring him down for years and come after him, longer than fans watching the movie initially thought This one made me so excited i was like it has to be the first one we talk about i dont even kerr Good one Ayman

Coming in at number 9 is Jurassic Park The original one scared the shit out of me when i watched it on DVD when i was young, i loved Jurassic World with Chris Pratt as well i thought it was fab So honestly another banger for the list So the first movie came out back in 1990 and if you havent seen any of the Jurassic franchise its basically about a theme park full of cloned dinosaurs Either way in the first movie, the scientists thought they could curb the danger of growing dinosaurs by blocking their reproduction

And they did that by only growing female dinosaurs Now the maths and chaos theorist Ian Malcolm warns all of them that listen growing only females will be a major problem you guys need to fix it But before he even did that, we get that same warning in a hidden message On their ride to the island, paleontologist Alan Grant struggles putting his seat belt on and that doesnt really seem that significant, but if you look closer youll realise hes struggling because hes tryna connect two female ends Instead of giving up or swapping buckles he just ties them up

Which also sort of foreshadows the problem will get dealt with somehow in the movie as well just as Alan sorted it out in the beginning At number 8 we have Robocop So this is a really old one, admittedly i havent even seen the movie It came out in 1987 a full 10 years before i was born so i feel like you guys can cut me some slack for that Either way im assuming a lot of you havent seen it, so to summarise its set in the future in a crime filled version of Detroit and it centers around Robocop who was a police officer who got killed by a gang and then revived as some superhuman cyborg

See now you dont even have to watch the movie, i just told you the whole thing Either way despite the whole religion versus science debate, and especially cus the movie is about a half man half machine thing, there are actually a lot of hidden biblical messages in the movie Alex Murphy, the man who becomes Robocop is literally jesus Think about it, hes the hero of this corrupt town, he gets killed, then resurrected and then emerges as a saviour At one point he even walks on water like come on people

More and more audience members started picking up on this link and even the director Paul Verhoeven (ver-hoe-vin) confirmed Robocop was his vision of an American Jesus but it was meant to be super lowkey I mean if we’re trying to imagine an American Jesus i dont know if Robocop is the best parallel for him but i definitely appreciate what Paul was tryna do Filling our number 7 slot is Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Now if youre a comedy fanatic then youve definitely seen this movie and all of Will Ferrell's movies It came out in 2004 and if you havent seen it its basically set in the 70s and focuses on the Action News format that was popular at the time

It focuses on a TV station where Ferrell and his female counterpart clash a bunch and then funniness and drama ensues Either way a really funny gag was concealed in the movie that most people didnt really pay much attention to since the shto itself looks really mundane And honestly it wouldnt really stand out to anyone who isnt a fluent spanish speaker Either way in one of the scenes, Veronica Corningstone the female counterpart, goes to a Mexican restaurant with her colleagues and the restaurant is called Escupimos en su Alimento (escooopeemos ensu aal-imento) Which sounds delightful except when you translate it it means we spit in your food

Now at number 6 is Sunshine This movie came out in 2007 and if you havent seen it it basically takes place in 2057 and is about a crew of astronauts that go on a mission to try and reignite the dying sun Now while the crew is on their way to the sun in a spaceship dubbed Icarus II, they find the distress beacon of Icarus I the spaceship sent on the same mission 7 years prior which never returned to Earth The crew decide two ships is better than one and decide to board the other ship and commandeer it as well When they get onboard Icarus I the crew members’ flashlight beams keep shining directly into the camera and obviously by default at the audience

And each time this happens, Danny Boyle spiced in hidden pictures in the frames of the now dead Icarus I members Most people didnt pick up on this but what makes it even more creepy is the fact the pictures are all from a Hawaiian themed party that happened before their mission Theyre smiling laughing, enjoying and its just a morbid parallel In that Danny Boyle sort of reveals the crews fate to us without actually revealing it to us Creepy as hell

Coming in at number 5 is King Kong So i feel like this one needs no explanation whatsoever cus im pretty sure everyone has heard of King Kong regardless of if theyve watched it or not Released in 2005 the remake pretty much smashed the box office out the window which was no surprise Either way King Kong aside there are a lot of movies that use morse code in them and im pretty sure 90% of us have no idea how to translate that shit we just trust that the subtitles are correct and thats what theyre saying And if you did that during King Kong then you missed a major tongue in cheek message the director planted in there

Now right before reaching Skull Island, the SS Ventures captain intercepts a coded message talking about the arrest of Carl Denham The audible morse code pare doesnt actually translate to anything about Carl's arrest, if you actually do the research it translates to ‘show me the monkey’ which is really just a homage to the big ape himself So think twice next time you think about trusting morse code subtitles At number 4 is The Social Network This is a small one if im honest but I still thought it was cool so I was like lemme pop it in there

So if you havent seen the movie, it came out in 2010 and its basically the story of the founding members of Facebook and all the lawsuits they endured and how the whole thing sort of came to be It was directed by David Fincher who is a self proclaimed Fight Club lover so so because of that theres a very clear hidden homage in the movie When Jesse Eisenberg aka Mark Zuckerberg checks out facebook on his computer, the words Tyler Durden's Photos are very visible on the screen And if you dont know who Tyler Durden is hes the narrators alter ego in Fight Club played by Brad Pitt Wow honestly if Tyler Durden added me on facebook i woulda slid into that inbox so fast

Filling our number 3 slot is Who Framed Roger Rabbit Released in 1988, the movie was a live action animation centering around a version of Hollywood from the 40s where humans and cartoon characters just coexist Roger Rabbit gets accused of murdering some businessman and the plot followed Eddie Valiant, a private detective trying to save his ass And of course when Roger Rabbit is involved, then our resident hottie Jessica Rabbit is involved too And despite the movie being family friendly theres a very not safe for work scene in there that almost no one noticed during its release

During the part where Jessica and Eddie flee in Benny the Cab and when the cab crashes and Jessicas tumbles out in her deep slit dress, her panty area is exposed and turns out shes not wearing any When the news came out it was a freakin ruckus, within minutes of opening it was sold out completely And think about it, back then there were no public nip slips or anything like that and if there were it was hard to access online Either way if you pause in that scene you can see her nether regions but its smooth like a barbie but still scandalous Now at number 2 is Black Swan

So Black Swan came out in 2010 and its quite a famous movie so i feel like it doesnt need that much explanation Natalie Portman plays the protagonist whos a ballerina and is going for the role of the Black and White Swan in her ballet companies new season where theyre going to put on Swan Lake She does White Swan brilliantly but is lowkey shit at portraying Black Swan She starts to put more and more pressure on herself and that causes her to lose grip on reality The film is essentially about Portmans total mental collapse as she strives for perfection

But during the movies club scene when Portmans character takes acid there are so so many shots inserted in that scene that are too fast to see unless your finger is glued to the pause button You can see Nina being stalked by characters of the ballet behind her in one shot including the character she plays, another one is Nina dancing with the theater direction who isnt even at the club The camera then follows Portman and the characters from the club into her room where all of a sudden everyone magically becomes Portman She gets surrounded by different versions of herself from other parts of the movie Its quite screwed up but youd never see it

Thankfully someone slowmoed the hell out of the scene and uploaded it onto youtube so you can watch that video if you cant be bothered to play finger hockey And finally at number 1 is The Shining I dont even think this film needs any introduction whatsoever, but if you haven't seen it its a horror movie that was released back in 1980 and was directed by Stanley Kubrick Either way the plot follows Jack Torrance a recovering alcoholic who moves into the isolated Overlook Hotel with his family in order to be its off-season caretaker Despite his son having a horrible premonition about the hotel, the 3 move in anyway

The hotel and the people in it turn Jack into a murderous psychopath And to help visually depict Jacks slide into insanity, Kubrick skewed the layout of the hotel big time by making it physically impossible to make Like the hotel is geographically impossible, fans have mapped it out in intricate detail and theyve found rooms that overlap, windows that shouldn't exist, illogical walls etc the fact the whole hotel is an illusion distorts the views perception even more like Jack himself So while following Jack encounter all these ghosts in the hotel, we completely forget that the hotel itself defies the laws of physics

And thats all for todays video guys! I feel like ive seen all but one or 2 movies on this list so im pretty happy about that Lemme know in the comments below whether you guys were aware of any of these hidden messages before this video! But anyways as always ive been your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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