Top 10 Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video So i think whether we’re aware of it or we’ve all experienced our own glitch in the matrix at some point in our lives and will probably experience many more before we die

And i know we’ve done 3 glitches in the matrix type videos in the past so dont worry i went through every single one, made sure I had no repeat stories So lets get into this fresh top 10 list These are the Top 10 Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix Starting us off with number 10 is The Twin Dream This one is actually uncanny ive never heard of it happening before so i was like mind blown

Either way this one was shared by an anonymous person who said this story actually happened to their dad The dad works for an AC and heating company so he goes to peoples houses to fix their units you get the gist Either way 5 years ago the dad had a dream that he went to an elderly womans house to fix her boiler He'd never met her before, never been to her house before but the whole dream was just hyperrealistic They chatted for 10 minutes and then he left and then he woke up

Either way the dream happened, the dad didnt think too much of it and a week later his company got a call from an old woman needing her boiler fixed The dad goes to the house and when he gets there, his heart literally skips a beat Its the same house from his dream, the exact same lady and as soon as she seems him she goes Hi Gary he hasnt even introduced himself mind you So obviously he asks her how she already knew his name and she says she had a dream last week that he had come to fix her boiler

So these two total strangers whove never seen each other, had the exact same dream about meeting each other at the exact same time Like how does that even happen?! I legit thought you could only dream about people whos face youd seen before Like thats the biggest glitch if ive ever heard of one Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ Coming in at number 9 is The Disappearing Accident

So this ones from redditor markofshame who said he was driving home during a storm one day and he saw the sideroad up ahead had been blocked off by flashing barricades Beyond the barricade he saw a mercedes with its hazard lights on so he was like shit maybe they need help As an EMT he was trained for this, so he went over there, shined his light in the backseat and saw a man slumped over who looked like he was asleep The user assumed the people were drunk and shone some light in the front of the car This is where it gets creepy, the driver was sitting upright just staring ahead of him

He didnt blink or flinch from the light he didnt even respond to the user tapping on his window The passenger next to him was slumped over on the dashboard and slightly creeped out the user decided to call the sheriff While on the phone he went back to his own car to get his go bag and the sheriff asks him for the cars number plate As he turns around to check the number a massive truck comes down blocking the mercedes The user goes around the truck to find the mercedes nowhere to be found

It was a dead end done, it had trees on one side and barricades on the other like where could they have physically gone And honestly by the sounds of the passengers i feel like they were on the highest level of drugs or they just werent from our dimension Source: https://wwwredditcom/r/AskReddit/comments/oeo0h/reddit_tell_me_your_glitch_in_the_matrix_stories/c3govnp/ At number 8 we have The Egg

Okay im aware the title is funny, i feel like anytime i open the selfie camera unexpectedly i look like a double chinned egg i kid you not I always tell my friends im an egg but anyway irrelevant This stories from redditor superunhappyfuntime which doesnt give off mixed signals at all but anyway At the users workplace they have breakfast laid out for them every single morning, and this breakfast is basically a buffet of eggs, bacon etc i wish we had a buffet when we got into work that would make my life

But anyway the spread feeds about a dozen people and the user was usually the first person to work most days so the kitchen was completely empty He went in to the egg tray which had 12 eggs in it The tray was filled with 12 eggs and so he takes one, goes to the bin, peels the egg and when he walks back there are magically 12 eggs in the tray again Mind you no one entered the kitchen while he was peeling the egg, so where did the egg come from!? He even touched this mystery egg and it seemed to be the same temperature as the eggs around it Then doubting himself he was like did i even pick one up and peel it and obviously the peeled egg was in his hand

So this mysterious glitch in the matrix resulted in an extra egg in the universe Gotta love it Source: https://wwwredditcom/r/AskReddit/comments/oeo0h/reddit_tell_me_your_glitch_in_the_matrix_stories/ Filling our number 7 slot is The Delivery

So this one was shared by an anonymous person who said they used to deliver pizzas during college to make money One day the person had a delivery that wouldve taken them about 20 minutes to complete there and back When they finally got back to the store, their manager was mad asking them why it had taken so long to deliver this one pizza The person was confused and asked what the manager meant and the manager goes you took 1 hour and 7 minutes to deliver the pizza The person was dumbfounded and then they realised wait i dont even remembering delivering this pizza

Like i remember getting back into the store when they got back but thats literally it The person continued on saying they dont do drugs, they dont drink, they werent abducted by aliens in the interim during the delivery so they have no idea where that time went and what happened Honestly i feel bad for this person who went through this but as the person ordering that pizza id be pissed as hell if my pizza delivery took that long Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ Now at number 6 is the BBQ Shift

So this one was submitted by an anonymous person who said this glitch happened to them back in 2012 At the time the girl was 19 living at home with her sister and parents and she had a job at a BBQ place at the time One day she came home from her shift and her sister said oh i thought you were off today, the girl thought why would she think that i left at 5am this morning before anyone was awake So she asked her sister like hello when did i say that? And her sister was like 2 hours ago when i went into your room, youw were in bed snuggled in your covers and we had a proper 15 minute conversation The girl was like no we definitely didnt smell the BBQ smoke and sauce on me ive been at work all day

The sister and the girl then got super freakin creeped out and honestly neither of them felt comfortable in that room ever again Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ Coming in at number 5 is The Woods Incident So this ones from reddit user BoringPsychopath who said when he was a kid he was in the wooded area of his yard with his mum They were taking pictures of old cars to tell them and all of a sudden his mum heard some rustling in the bushes nearby and told him to run

The user kicked off his flip flops and ran for his life and as he was going, he heard a clanking sound behind him like something had just jumped on top of the cars The boy was running running running and eventually got back to his house and while running he didnt see his mum at all When he got into the house panicking, he saw his mum was sitting at the table reading the newspaper The user was so confused he had no idea how she had teleported without them crossing paths He ended up asking her about it as an adult and she said she remembered the cars they had to sell but she didnt recall the running incident at all

Source: https://wwwbuzzfeedcom/christopherhudspeth/stories-of-people-experiencing-a-glitch-in-the-matrix-that-a At number 4 is The Plane Crash Now this one is a bit weird and i lowkey feel like this guy lived the same day twice so lemme know what you guys think This one was submitted by an anonymous person who said this day happened not long after 9/11 on a friday

The guy got up to go to class and he had one of those mornings where nothing was sort of going right He broke a glass trying to get something to drink, he tripped on his way to his car and ended up being late to class since there was a car wreckage on the way Sounds like it wasnt your day man but dont worry since you do over is coming up soon Either way while at school he was told about a plane crashing, the wings had apparently blown off He heard about it, then continued on with his day yknow he went to work and then went home

The next morning his roommate ends up waking up asking if he plans on skipping class or not Somehow the guy woke up and it was friday again, he refused to believe it and his roommate spent 20 minutes convincing him it was indeed friday So confused this dude gets up, goes to class and sees the glass he broke yesterday perfectly intact, he sees the car wreckage on his way to school, so most things are kind of going the same as the first time he lived the friday At school he was waiting to hear about the plane crash but it never happens He never gets told about it and the day ends up being normal

So how the hell did this guy live the same day twice with completely different things happening? Like someone please tell me Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ Filling our number 3 slot is The Cousin So this girl apparently knew her cousin died and how he died before he actually did One day her mum tells her that she was sad to say that her cousin had died and before she could finish the girl was like yeah from an overdose right? And the mum was shocked that the girl already knew before she said it

The girl didnt understand cus she was 110% sure that her mum had told her that same cousin died the year before from an overdose And mind you the girl hadnt even met this cousin, barely knew him if she knew him at all, she didnt even know he was on drugs till she got told he died So when her mum told her a year later again that he had died she seriously thought she was screwing with her She even asked her mum to show her the death date and only then did she believe her But what even

How do you know someone died from what they died from a year before they actually do? Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ Now at number 2 is is 1st street I feel this is a foreshadowing glitch if you will So this was shared by an anonymous user on reddit and they said they have an android phone and the phone has a google cards feature that notifies you when youre this many minutes away from your house The user thought the feature was useless so they turned it off

Months passed and the user never got any card notifications but one night while they were eating pizza at home they got a card pop up saying 35 minutes to home The phone pinned them to an intersection theyd never even been to on the other side of town Lets just call it 1st street Either way the user was like what the hell im not even there ive never even been there They got to turn their card settings off but its already off

Brushing it off as a glitch they dont give it much thought until it happens again the next night Again the user checks the card notifications and theyre still off So why do they keep getting notified about being on 1st street when theyre clearly at home Heres where it gets weird A few days later, the user and their friend are running errands and the friend misses the road exit so he takes the next one

Once on the next one he has no idea where they are and tries turning left but ends up getting crashed into by another car Their wheel gets completely screwed and they had their kids in the car so the user decided to call their sister to pick them up When she asks them for the location, the person checks and they end up at the 1st street intersection, 35 minutes from home Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ And finally at number 1 is Koda

So this one actually has CCTV footage as evidence so this is a proper documented glitch in the matrix This story was shared by an anonymous reddit user who said a few weeks ago their dog Koda came into their bedroom and kept trying to jump on their bed She kept failing and eventually gave up and a few minutes later the user gets a call and they go downstairs to answer it The users grandma was on the phone saying she had made some food and to come over So the user puts her jacket on, gets her keys, Kodas leash, the dog herself and drives over

She got there and the two were eating, chilling, bonding etc and when she was about to leave they couldnt find Koda anywhere They searched for ages but she was nowhere to be found The user decide to go home and come back the next day in daylight and search more Devastated the user drove home, went to sleep dogless and woke up at a crazy time like 6am cus she heard something downstairs It was Koda

so confused but thrilled she assumed Koda got lost and found her way home Either way she went over to her grandmas that day to tell her she found Koda and then she was like did i even bring Koda to yours yesterday? And the grandma was like yeah of course you did you left her leash here The user then asked her grandma to check the footage from her camera to double check and this is where its creepy The footage shows them Koda entering the house with the user but never leaving with her It didnt even show her leaving the house on her own and getting lost

She entered the house, never left and magically made it back to her own house Source: https://thoughtcatalogcom/juliet-lanka/2017/11/25-people-give-their-glitch-in-the-matrix-story-that-made-them-believe-in-the-supernatural/ And thats it for todays video guys! Ive never done a glitch in the matrix video so i was loving this, i love it when weird shit happens that we cant explain We just have to live with it Lemme know what your favourite one was from the list and if had any glitchy matrix experiences yourself below

As always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one! Byeee

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