Top 10 Mysterious Disappearances We Will Never Solve

hi everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 I'm your host Jade Arena whenever you leave your house make sure you say I love you to your family because it might be the last time you see them jeez that's a dark way to start this video but it's kind of a warning to always have your head on a swivel baby you never know what's gonna happen there are weird people out there that might try to snatch you up for no reason I mean especially if you're someone like me I think it would be high on someone's kidnapped list this hair alone probably would go for like a million dollars I'm not sure if it's worth that much but that's just an estimation but just to freak you out even more and bring you today's list of top 10 mysterious disappearances we will never solve you're gonna want to stick around for the final four on the list because I've got some that are going to blow your mind as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also fall the most amazing top 10 on Instagram and Facebook it's a great way to get to know myself and all the other hosts just a little bit better and without taking any longer let's get into this list I number 10 we have Felix moncla all right we're gonna be combining a few things on this list we're gonna have stuff here that will make you afraid to leave your door unlocked and we have stuff that will have you running around with a tinfoil hat on scared that aliens will stick cameras up your butt and put your brain in your dog's body this one is a super eerie case it's 1953 and some military radar picks up an unknown blip it seems to be something that's just hovering it's right over Lake Superior in Michigan and the military wants some info about what this thing is so they send out Felix it might be a hidden attack from some leftover Nazis who knows Felix got into his fighter jet sped off to figure out what this thing was the people in the base we're watching the two little markers get closer and closer and closer until was right over the one at Lake Superior then it seemed like they collided and just disappeared the official report was that he crashed into an enemy plane but there was no signs of a crash no wreckage nothing how do two planes crash into each other and there's no debris maybe Felix went right into a wormhole into another dimension or he was snatched up by aliens and they're putting cameras in his butt and switching his brain with his dog's brain I know at number nine we have Brandon Swanson Brandon was driving home late one night in Minnesota he might have been drinking or maybe he just wasn't really paying attention to where he was going but he ended up in a ditch his loving mother and father left to go grab him but he wasn't where he said he would be so they searched for him for hours this entire time they were talking on the phone with him while talking on the phone with him his father heard him yell out oh and then the phone just went dead his car was found 25 miles away from where he said it was a 500-person search party was sent out but he was never found and number eight we have Garnell Moore this one is a really sad story Garnell was a young boy with no real family he was passing around from family member to family member each taking turns to take care of him one day he was just gone people started asking questions which brought the police into the picture after a bit of investigating it turns out that the last person who's taking care of Garnell was his on she told the police that she couldn't take care of him anymore so she left him on the steps of a Child Services Building but when the police went to check the place out it didn't exist but there was no evidence linking the aunt to the disappearance of Garnell and the other family members didn't have any explanation of where he might have gone so was the whole family just keeping one giant secret we'll never know unless someone comes forward then we'll totally know a number 7 we have enry Avery let's move on to a happier story this one is about one of the most bad dudes who ever lived Henry Avery was known as king of the Pirates this dude probably drank more rum and spread more chlamydia than six Charlie Sheen's taped together between the years of 1694 and 1696 this dude was notorious and took down over five different ships for everything they were worth his biggest get was the Gani souee him and his crew of dirty scurvy written debauch e's took over this boat and what they found wasn't just a bunch of fruit and booze but six hundred thousand pounds worth of gold and silver this guy literally won the pirate lottery if we do a little conversion on this bad boy the take was worth 52 million dollars actually over 52 million dollars this guy was now the biggest baller in town he was the most loaded pirate who had ever lived he split his money with the rest of his crew and then disappeared no one ever saw this bad again he was lost in the world and probably became a king somewhere and died from having too much sex I never 6 we have Virginia carpenter I want you all to picture it it's 1948 everything's in black and white people are wearing long trench coats and everyone always has a cigarette Virginia was dropped off by a cabbie but never made at home she was spotted talking to two men in a car over the next few days there are people who claim they have seen her all over the city in that car with those two men the last sighting was a hitchhiker who claimed that she was Virginia but after that she was gone for good number five Brianna Maitland this one is super strange Brianna was only 17 years old when her and her mother went out shopping at one point Brianna left the store to go talk to her friend outside when her mother finally caught up with her Brianna seemed stressed out and she was acting strange following night Brianna left work early and just vanished a part of the story that is so weird is her car was found next to an abandoned house in the front seat was her paycheck and her purse but it seemed that she had drove there on her own free will there was no sign of a struggle a number 40 of Corinna sagres and Annette sagres this case definitely left a couple of boys and their father with some emotional scarring in the early 80s Corinna Sandra's mother of three just went missing out of nowhere one minute she was waiting at a bus stop and the next she was gone Karina's family was pretty broken by this but then in 1988 the sagres youngest kid and net sagres went missing from the same bus stop okay hold on how are you gonna let any of your family go back to the bus stop after one of you goes missing there that's an accident waiting to happen here's where the story gets really messed up there was a note left of the bus stop that said mommy came back please give the boys a hug what's even crazier is that the note was in Karina's handwriting are you serious she came back to get her daughter but left her son's dude this is gonna leave the kids with trauma over level 9000 number three we have Jacob Wetterling this is a pretty standard story of kids hanging out and having fun Jacob and his buddies were riding around on their bikes checking out the town they went to rent a movie some pretty standard stuff on the way back home Jacob and his friends were stopped by a man holding a shotgun never a good turn of events the guy told them to get off their bikes and then took each one of their bikes and threw them into a ditch one by one after which he started to interrogate the kids at gunpoint eventually he asked them all their ages after this he told Jacob's friends to run into the forest and not look back or he would kill them the last time anyone saw Jacob was when he was being pulled by the man into a strange house after that the man and Jacob were never found again and number two we have Amy Bradley another situation of people trying to enjoy themselves and all their fun gets torn down before they can sit back there first ice-cold margarita Amy Bradley was on a cruise with her parents she was getting day drunk probably hanging out having a good time eating food laying in the Sun all that standard stuff but one day she was gone everyone was checking for all over the boat they were checking for everywhere to see if she fell overboard no one could find anything the boat then docked in Curacao in a huge search party went out but they couldn't find a single sign years later a picture was sent to amy's parents it was someone who looked a lot like their daughter but there was no information on the picture and years after that a sailor said he had spoke to Amy and a curse a brothel she might have been kidnapped on the boat and then sold into sex slavery on the island and in the number one spot we have Joan gay crop in 1947 a massive tornado swept through middle America it was knocking the hell out of everyone's home and killed over a hundred people one of these people was Joan's mother Joan's father managed to survive but he was severely injured Joan and her family members were brought to a local hospital and Joan and her brother were told to stay in the basement just in case another tornado came through town this would be the safest place to be it wasn't long after the family got settled into the hospital that two men in Army uniforms arrived they were searching for Joan the hospital staff complied with the men even though they had no idea who these two men were Joan left with them and then she was gone forever she was only four years old when this happened all right everyone that is our list I hope you all enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making it that were at the end of the video if you haven't already make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and comments are key guys they really let me know what you thought of the video and will help me improve future videos also if you're craving more most amazing top 10 content be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook there is so much more content over there for you guys until next time I've been shade Reyna and if you never see me again name a taco stand after me it's how I would like to be remembered

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