Top 10 Mysterious Deep Sea Locations

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che Durena Under the sea, Darling its better down where its wetter, take it from me

If we ever did a list of the top 10 disney bangers this would 100 percent be on the list, the little mermaid soundtrack is probably top 5 albums of all time But today were not going over the best disney tracks we got some mysteries to solve baby We know so little about whats going on under the water, the sististic is something like we know more about the surface of the moon then whats going on under the water So today were going to try and learn a little bit more with our list of Top 10 Mysterious Deep Sea Locations Make sure you stick around for the end of the video because Im going to be reading out comments from the Top 10 Scary Things Secretly Living In Your BODY – Part 2

As usual make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook for more content and to get to know all of the host a little better And check out our new channel tier list, were ranking everything over there! 10 Port Royal Jamaica Port Royal in Jamaica used to be the most banger place on earth It was once considered the worlds best party town for pirates back in the 1600s You know much of a good time you have to be for pirates to collectively decided that your the best place to party

Pirates are maybe the best partiers of all time However god probably got all butthurt about this place because in June on 1692 a massive earthquake hit the area followed by a huge tsunami which buried the whole city underwater Around 3000 people died and the city is left underwater to this day This is definitely a huge bummer, its considered an archaeological wonder but I think we all need to pour one out for our fallen pirate brothers and sisters who were just trying to have a colossal rager when the world came crashing in on them, I hope there all up in heaven getting tanked and rinsing puke out of their funny moustaches 9 Gulf of mexico shipwreck I wouldnt want to be the captain of a boat, you have so much responsibility with all the people on board and you dont get to do the best thing on a boat which is take it easy and lay around the whole time And I especially wouldnt want to be a captain of a boat going through the gulf of mexico

Theres over 2000 shipwrecks in this area Sailing through here is like your buddy dating someone crazy even though you told them not too and then big surprise they burn their house down Well theres one shipwreck in particular that has everyone interested It was discovered when Exxon was laying some pipe down in the golf Its a ship thats estimated to be over 200 years old

The mystery about this old boat is that all attempts to do extensive research on the vessel have failed Computers breakdown, robots stop working, people have begun to speculate that the boat is cursed that whatever is inside it needs to remain a secret 8 Faunus Eraklyon This city was one of the most important ports in the mediterianian There must have been an insane about of spices rolling through this area I bet the whole city smelled like the candle section at bed bath and beyond

Its unknown why this amazing port got sucked into the ocean, probably another earthquake but it might have been Godzilla climbing out of the sea and smashing into the ocean, either or is really possible Over the years a ton of deep sea excavation has happened in the area and so much has been dug up Giant statues, gold coins and lost hyroglifics can all be found It seems that the city was a major hub from several different cultures to come through and make trade Its a huge bummer to think how much knowledge was lost in the sinking of this city, and all the good spices man

7 Aegean sea ruins The greeks have crazy long history, its full of war, politics, qoos, betrayal, some magic dudes living on a clouds somewhere I think the craziest part of the greek history is that everyone only wore sandals I every movie about ancient greece every person wheres sandals the whole movie Alexander the great is like Im taking over you country and all the people are like Your toes are out dude But something even crazier then fighting a war in terrible footwear, is the sunken city right off the coast of Delos

Its thought to be the city were the Athenians defeated the spartans Archaeologist call it an underwater pompeii since there is so much history preserved in the sunken city This city has help archaeologist learn so much more about ancient greeks 6 Baia Weve got another awesome place that ended up in a watery grave Man I guess thats why they built Las Vegas in the middle of dessert, theres no way the water could suck away the good times everyone is having there

Baia was a Hedonistic playground were people would come to bang and party, it would even attract the rich and famous People like Julious Cesar had vacation homes there and would visit constantly This place was basically the playboy mansion of its day There were statues and great artwork of legends like Achillies and Odesseyus but unfortunately the city was blasted by the Saracens in the 8th century and no one was allowed to have fun there anymore, huge bummer By the time the 1500 century rolled around the city was abandoned because whats the point of having a beach side town with no debauchery

And after centuries of Volcanic activity the city was pushed underwater Its now a dive site you can visit to see all the fun that was lost 5 The Milky Sea I know this one sounds super gross The milky sea makes me think of giant bowl of snot that you have to cross in order to complete some task in a video game But this one is actually pretty cool

Popping up pretty randomly at night, the milky sea effect is caused by a tone of bioluminescent plankton in the water This makes the sea look like its glowing and gives it that milk effect It kind of looks like a giant rave is going on right in the water This thing can be huge, sometimes as large as connecticut Its still unknown why the plankton group up like this, it could be for mating or maybe they just like to hangout

But what is known is that this has been happening for centuries, back before we could explain things through science and sailors thought it was all magic That would have blown some dudes mind, the ocean is glowing! Quick cut off your pinky to satisfy the gods 4 India's Underwater City Another city lost to the sea, we can only assume that this one was another party town swallowed up to make sure people keep living that pleb life Although I can confirm that this place was endless fiesta, I can confirm that this city is old as hell It was discovered off the coast of Dwarka, one of the coastal indian cities

After carbon dating its estimated that the city is around 9500 years old If this city is indeed this old that could mean that reason it ended up underwater was the melting of the ice age, which happened around 10,000 years ago This would also mean that this is one of the old cities ever discovered, it would be 5000 years older then the oldest masopatamian city discovered The uncovering of this city was a major find and could unlock a lot of secrets as to where we came from and who our ancestors are 3 The Bimini Road The most famous underwater city of all time, its said to have been the mecca for science and culture and that people from all over the world would come there to learn

Well its Atlantis of course, the apparent lost city where aquaman is king and pops out every now and again to help the justice league with fish related problems Well this sunken road off the coast of Bimini Island in the Bahamas is said to have led to the missing metropolis Its made out of giant carved pieces of limestone that are too precise to have been formed in nature so they must have been man made Now did they actually lead to the lost city, well I have no idea but it is safe to say that there was some sort of structure built out here in the middle of the ocean 2 The Chinese Atlantis North America isnt the only place with an ancient city sunken underwater

China has a mystery city of its own It was called Chi Cheng and honestly everything was going great there, it wasnt a party city that needed to be condemned, it wasnt a pompey that got hit with a giant natural disaster, it was actually just chilling in the open until 1959 What happened was the chinese government wanted to build a new power dam and in order to do this they needed to sink this city The bummer is that some of the structures in the city are over 1300 years old It was a piece of history that was sunk for damn

The good news is that with the city being underwater so much of it has been preserved and now its a scuba diving hotspot 1 Atlantis of Japan Has no one thought of giving these places their own original names Instead of calling everything that falls under water Atlantis Im gonna drop my phone in a candle light bath and call it the Atlantis of my basement apartment This joke is even funnier because I dont have a bathtub in my place, I would have to flood my stand up shower

Definitely not as romantic Well this city apparently fell into the ocean 2000 years ago right off the coast of Yonaguni Jima after a massive earthquake hit Imagine an earthquake hitting before science and you think god is shaking everything because you didnt 18 times one day Now this city sits at the bottom of the ocean but some speculate that its just rock formations but there dose seem to be a 25 meter tall pyramid at the site and I dont think that is a natural rock formation Thats our list and as promised Im going to be reading out some comments Now I dont know what this name is but they wrote Lungs: Exist Seeds: Its free real estate This made me laugh out loud, I love memes and meme jokes, well done

Tessie Wrote Che Durena had definitely become my favorite on this channel Thank you so much tessie, I hope I can keep making great content for you guys Zacheria Berrientos wrote My belly button smells like black soap and Shea butter LIES! No one has a nice smelling belly button Well everyone thank you all so much so much for tuning in I hope you liked todays list! Make sure you leave a comment because theres a good chance that I could read your out on a future video, Also like, subscribe and hit the little notification bell And make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, theres loads of more content over there and its a great way to get to know the host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and I gotta start a new party city I mean no one else is doing it

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