Top 10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Now you guys already know from past videos that i really and sincerely hope we are not alone on earth

I feel like this world would be too boring if that were true and thankfully with our phones taking over our whole lives, some of us have actually managed to capture some pretty interesting things on tape that could maybe prove earth isnt as boring as i think But before i get into it i just wanted to quickly shout out our new channel Tier List Official if you havent already, we rank everything and anything into lists going from S being superior god mode to F as in get the fuck outta here Its pretty saucy im not gonna lie But anyway lets get straight into this video, this is the Top 10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape Starting us off with number 10 is The Globster

So back in May of last year a creature dubbed the globster washed up on a beach in the Philippines In the video of the creature it seems to be a 6 meter long thing covered in whitish greyish hair Honestly even in pictures of the globster i cant identify where the head of this thing is and where the back is Its just a giant hairy carcass that people speculated was an undiscovered monster from the deepest parts of the ocean Many locals were worried by the creature saying the arrival of something so unusual can only be a bad sign and that an earthquake may be on the way

Some even reached further and said it was a really old whale carcass but ive seen whale carcasses online countless times and they never have fur or hair on them and that much of it no matter what stage of decay ive seen them in but im no expert so i could be totally wrong Either way the globster remains a complete mystery Coming in at number 9 is Dobby Now i know this footage has been everywhere since it went viral in the last 2 weeks or so but i too had to add to the hype and mention it

So a video was posted onto facebook by a woman named Vivian Gomez and the footage is basically from her security camera outside her home which she says has not been altered in any way shape or form The video was taken during the night and in it you see a tiny scrawny white figure with big floppy ears and wobbly legs walking through her driveway and mid video it sort of does the chicken dance with its arms And yes i think we’ve all pretty much agreed the thing looks exactly like a house elf from Harry Potter and if that was in fact Dobby being a free elf then i fully support whatever he was doing But that also makes me sad because if house elves are just roaming about then Im clearly just a bloody muggle At number 8 we have The Montauk Monster

And thats not even a clickbaity title i made up thats actually what the news ended up calling it So back in July of 2008 in New York a creature was found washed up on the beach and it freaked the hell out of everyone cause no one had any idea what it actually was Looking at it honestly it was this hairless creature whos skin sort of resembled baked chicken to me The mouth was also strange the upper lip was kind of shapes like a beak and it had solid teeth It also has a tail so theres that but it seriously just doesnt look like an animal you would recognise

The Independent newspaper speculated the creature was some mutant experiment that mightve escaped from the Plum Island Disease Center nearby Others took a jab at guessing what it was too with things like a raccoon but the proportions werent right, a sea turtle but it had no shell and turtle shells are fused with the spine so that wasnt possible, people even guessed it was a dog of some kind but the feet dont match a dogs So we still dont really know what the Montauk Monster is, the best guess we have from a Palaeozoologist is that its a raccoon with its upper jaw Either way the carcass was taken somewhere undisclosed by a random guy so we dont even know where it is anymore Filling our number 7 slot is The Pseudo Loch Ness Monster

I feel like some kind of loch ness esque monster always ends up on lists like this but anyway in March of last year Jeff Warren and his son found what they thought was the Loch Ness monster They were walking along the beach at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia when they happened upon the creature And i mean to give them credit the creature does look exactly how the Loch Ness monster has been depicted in the past, long neck and tail, the two arm fins and the sort of fatter body Except the creature in the video is a lot smaller than youd expect the Scottish Loch Ness Monster to be like that if that one is daddy this one was like a mini junior in comparison Idk what that analogy was or how i made that comparison but im sure you guys get it

The creature also had a bit of its internal organs spilling out of its abdomen area so not in the best shape Marine scientists speculated it was a deep sea shark but there appeared to be no gill slits so that was ruled out too Now at number 6 is Slenderman Terrifying game btw when youre playing it in high school like i was Why do we get pulled towards scary things its literally gonna be the end of me i swear it

Either way back in January of 2017 redditor JayHood3119 said his friend who lived in upstate New York installed a security camera at his house A few nights later his dog had been barking all night the night before for no reason and he just wanted to make sure everything was all good so he went through the footage In front of his house in the footage you can see a very tall very skinny creature with glowing yellow eyes hurrying on 2 legs across the snow and then disappearing into thin air Like the camera was still panned onto the area, but it just disappeared The dog is even in the camera footage and you can see it turning its head and following this creatures trajectory before it disappears

The dudes neighbour is even out searching his yard with a flashlight but they dont see the creature either Which i get because it disappears within seconds but still Crazy Coming in at number 5 is the ET Jellyfish So a submarine actually got this creature on tape 4000 feet below the surface and i kid you not all i can say is it looks like a very hi-tech black jellyfish

On the dome part of its body it has a bunch of stripes coming down it that light up multicoloured and kind of ebb and flow with how the creature moves The bottom part of it looks more like a black cloth but the weirdest part was it looked like it was doing tricks for the submarine camera and trying to impress it Which i mean i totally understand we all have to seize our 15 seconds of fame wisely So do you boo but people have speculated this creature looks so hi-tech it could be extraterrestrial What do you guys think? At number 4 is The Spaghetti Monster

Sounds like a very cute childrens cookbook or something but its not It never is Now this one requires a bit of backstory, back in 2005 a physics graduate called Bobby Henderson actually started a church called the church of the flying spaghetti monster He did that to protest the idea of intelligent design, which is basically a theory that says you can explain the creation of life through smart arguments rather than actual natural occurrences So he disagrees with that

But funnily enough this fictitious parody spaghetti monster was found in real life living 4000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Angola A remote controlled device took the footage of the creature which looks whitish yellowish in colour and just has a bunch of tentacles coming out of it all of different lengths and thicknesses The body of it looked like what our small intestines would look like if they were an animal Experts who saw the footage said it could be a jellyfish of sorts but i dont remember the last time jellyfish looked like that Filling our number 3 slot is The Horned Sea Devil

Back in August of 2013 a seemingly never before seen horned sea devil was found on the beach of Villaricos (vee-ah-ree-cos) Spain I dont even know how to begin to describe this creature to you it looks like a long white chinese dragon from the sea The head of the creature had 2 yellow horns coming out and its body was around 4 meters long ending in a sort of serpent looking tail But larger Samples were taken from the carcass to be tested by members of the marine fauna protection society but even they had no idea what it could possibly be

Like even the freakin experts dont know so what am i meant to tell you at this point Some speculated it was an oarfish others said it was a sea dragon or water dinosaur of kinds Now at number 2 is The Melting Landmass And honestly I titled this creature that because thats literally exactly what it looks like Back in 2017 a gigantic floating carcass was found on the shore of the island of Seram in Indonesia

The fisherman who discovered the creature said it was so big he initially thought he had found a boat stranded in shallow water When he got closer he figured it was a 50 ft long dead creature that he couldnt pinpoint Thye creature was different colours parts were white, brown, mouldy yellow and it honestly looked like the flesh of this creature was just melting off its body To make matters worse blood was also leaking from the animal and making most of the coastline bright red but that didnt stop the locals from getting in there to figure out what the hell it was The Chief Scientist at the Ocean Conservancy said it was most likely a baleen whale and that the decomposing gases inside the whale caused it to bloat into an unwhale like shape

Usually when whales die they sink to the bottom of the ocean but it was concluded this one mustve died with a bacterial infection that made it produce more gas or it died in warm water which allowed more bacteria to gather than normal Either way this thing looks like the furthest thing from a whale This is just false advertisement And finally at number 1 is Untitled Honestly i really didnt know what to call this one so i decided to just keep it mysterious

This creature was seen in footage taken by two boys exploring a wooded area at night I dont know where exactly they were but the video starts with them walking through this place in the dark and hearing very weird animal sounds from a distance And the sounds just werent of an animal youd heard before, they were screeches almost or like something was choking It honestly sounded like a possessed animal in complete honestly When the boys finally get near to where the sound is coming from the thing changes its sound and it becomes more of a hiss at the boys but not a cat hiss like a human hiss

The guys make a run for it but turn back to see the creature coming after them Now the thing itself is a very scrawny pale human looking thing if anything i want to say it was a human It was bipedal and had 2 arms and was coming after them trying to get them with its arms but it just wasnt moving like a human Maybe it was a very disturbed or deranged person living in the middle of the woods in a cave i have no idea but i would piss myself if i ran into that in a dark alley Or a light alley for that matter

And thats it for todays video guys! I always think i know things and then i see footage like the ones in this video and im like you know nothing jon snow But anyway guys comment below and let me know what you thought of all these creatures, honestly the one that freaked me out the most was number 1 seriously what the hell was that Creepy But as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time Byee

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