Top 10 Mysterious Cars That Left Their Owners

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena, Could you imagine your car getting up and disappearing out of nowhere Youd be putting up multi thousand dollar missing posters

I know car insurance will cover break ins and crashes but I dont know if you can get My car just decided to leave me insurance Like dude I thought we had a special bond, you got me to work on time and I changed your oil almost on time Did the past 100,000 km mean nothing to you? I mean Ive had a lot of bad break ups but I never had one that would cost me a down payment Worst I lost was a few sweaters and my copy of big lebowski on blu ray At least I know she has good taste

Well some of us out there arent that lucky and thats why im bringing you todays of Top 10 mysterious cars that left their owners, as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also if you need more most amazing top 10 content be sure to check us out on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself ant the other host a little bit better Also sick around for the whole list because Ive got some stories that surprised even me and I spend all day looking weird content for top 10 list And without taking any longer, lets get into this list 10 Jaguar XJ2 20 This beast of automotive engineering is absolutely beautiful

This thing looks like the kind of car you could out race James Bond in all while stealing his girl and making sure the bad guys win Im not a car guy and even I cant argue that this car is as sexy as Scar Jo with red hair packed into a tight leather one piece trying to save the world If you were lucky enough to ever get your hands on one of these bad boys the last thing you would want to happen is losing it Well one of theses was found abandoned in a dessert in Qatar, someone snagged a picture of it and car junkie started to lose their minds over the mystery of how such a beautiful piece of art ended up a heaping pile junk covered in sand One explanation is that some rich guy bought it and then didnt like it so he left it in the desert

Buuuut there were only 281 models of this car made so even if your a rich punk with terrible recycling skills you would still hold on to this thing just to have it in a collection And on top of that it only had 1000km on it, it seems like this car almost walked away on its own to live a life of solitude in the dessert This is like car jesus 9 1933 Plymouth Roadster This car is an old school jem, its kind of like the 70 year old dude at the family get together who has stories of partying with McGagger and doing body shots off of madonna The Plymouth Roadster is sleek as hell, just looking at it makes me want to drag race some dude with greased hair and then go get a milkshake at pops diner Well It would if I wasnt black, I would rather not time travel back to the 30s

But even though this car is fire, one of them along with 10 other rare cars were found in the basement of a house during a demolition David Mount was doing a demo job in north carolina and dug up a treasure chest of classic cars On top of the 11 cars he found tucked away in the basement of the house there were even more buried all over the property The owner of the building just let david take them Why would this guy just give away all these classic cars

Well I dont have an answer, this is a list of mysteries 8 Rolls Royce Centurion You know this car, you love this car, and if you dont youre kind of a pleb This car is meant to symbolize the peak of luxury This thing is like getting a massage from the worlds greatest physiotherapist while someone feeds you caviar Its a car that says I dont know how to drive because I get driven everywhere, and you laugh while sipping champagne

So why was one of these found next to some railroad tracks in russia A picture of an abandoned Centurion started flying threw the old interweb and people were freaking out, and rightly so this car will run you 350,000 And it wasnt long after this car was spotted that it disappeared from the railroad tracks So who owned it and why did they leave it there and who came scooped it up 7 Russian Construction Vehicles If you were to venture through the forest russia or siberia then might come across what looks like a Vehicle graveyard

After the fall of the soviet union the mass production of cars and other vehicles was halted No one had money to buy cars so there was no need to make cars So the russian government took charge of clearing them out and piled them in massive junkyards Its a mysterious sight, seeing miles upon miles of broken down cars Why were each one of these cars left behind

Maybe some of them never had owners or maybe some of them were stolen from people and sold 6 Maybach If youre the security guard at a parking garage you should keep your eyes open from some cars that have been left behind because you might be sitting on a gold mine A picture in 2012 of a maybach started a frenzy, this car was sitting in a parking garage, covered in dust and hadnt been moved for months This thing was around 400,000 euros and could kick off with 550 horsepower The mystery was never solved as to why this car left its owner but a lot of people speculate that he was just arrested

5 1929 Racing Bently I know this thing is fast but I wouldnt let it just get away from me, hahaha, I hate myself for that joke Back in 2011, a group of explorers were checking out some old abandoned homes in Surrey, England I think they expected to find rats and black mold but they came across something more valuable than a lung infection They found an old as hell, Racing Bently tucked away in a barn These cars were previously used to win the Lemans races

And they found it in extremely good condition Its thought that the owner of the car may have died or the car was stolen And the price tag on this thing is 400, 000 dollars 4 Aston Martin DB4 Yeah, the car that James Bond always drives in the movies, although this one didnt come with machine guns under the headlights, I think if you want something like that you need to have it installed yourself But back in the 70s an american entrepreneur got one of these bad boys and parked it outside his house and then never moved it again

Eventually someone discovered the car and was able to identify that the car had no one to take care of it The thing that really blows my mind about this find, is the car was run down, rusted, it could not be driven Like the thing was literally falling apart And it was still worth over 300, 000 dollars A broken down car that cant be driven, it cant do the one thing that cars do, is worth more than me and all my friends

3 Ferrari f50 It was only a matter of time before we made our way to a Ferrari, I they make one of the most famous cars in the world, and they also make clothing for guys who think chin straps are fashionable This Ferrari was found in the Ibadan dessert in Nigeria, beaten to hell And these cars are not easily replaced, there are only 349 in the wild and they are considered a collectors dream! Anyone who wants to have an exclusive car collection wants one of these wonders in their line up These cars are so rare that if anyone ever tries to sell one from their possession it can run as high as 2 million dollars Thats 2 million dollars for a used car, a used car that moves so fast its not even good for driving on anything other than a race track

I wonder what its like having 2 million dollars to spend on a car just to look at it, must be nice 2 Lamborghini Mera s This is one of the Classic Lambos, when you picture an old school race car this is the vehicle that comes to mind One of these icon roadsters was bought for a man known as the greek Elvis He was like regular Elvis but with more body hair and smelt like feta cheese This guy loves his exclusive car but drove it a little to hard and needed to take it in for repairs

He took it to the hilton in Athens, parked in the basement, got in a disagreement with the people at Lamborghini and then left the car there This was in 1969, the car stayed there for 30 years Eventually someone took the car, fixed it up and then sold it in auction The car went for almost 500,000 dollars in 2012 1 Ferrari 459GT Alright number one on our list is the most mysterious story I could find

So this mysterious car has all the other pieces of the other stories on this list It has a high price tag, its a pretty exclusive car and it was found in the middle of nowhere This one being in the back streets of Tokyo, Japan What separates this one from the rest is a few key details Firstly the car was found with someone personal belongs inside of it, as if the person left the car in a hurry or the car left him

Also the car was a custom job, it has a custom gear shift and custom spokes why would someone go to so much effort to have this car specially made to just leave out to breakdown and be rusted away And lastly, the license plates were run and they couldnt be attached to any person Alright everyone that is our list, I hope you all had a great time watching the video If you guys had a good time and havent done this already make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell

And I know a bunch of you at home are dying for more most amazing top 10 content but you probably dont know where to get it, well go check us out on Facebook and Instagram because there is even more top 10 content over there for you guys Until next time Ive been Che Durena and it looks like Im going to be riding the bus from now on

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