Top 10 Most Secure Items In The World

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Most of us think our stuff is secure, like our phones, laptops and gaming accounts but we all know the FBI is peaking into all of our devices so they know what level of pervert we all are

I bet they see so many gross things they have a ranking system for what kind of creeps we all are But there are a few items out there that are on real lock down, like the level of lock down girls throw down in cuffing season I went through the internet to find the best ones and bring you todays list of top 10 most secure items in the world I just made this list so some people out there can risk their lives trying to steal these things while I sit at home in a comfy bathrobe And then once theyve done the heavy lifting, ill steal it from them

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com/YOURNAME to get a FREE TRIAL of Dashlane Premium for 30 days Now lets get into this list 10 The Area 51 Gravity Reactor We are going to kick off this list with something that you would only know about if you have watched the Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix or watched his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Bob Lazar used to work at Area 51 and he says that he worked hands on with the Gravity Reactor, which is a kind of engine that can bend gravity around it Slap this on a flying saucer and you have something that can move at insane speeds and move in any direction at anytime So goodbye to long plane rides with screaming kids and turbulence that makes you wanna puke and hello to flying across the universe and making it home in time to watch the Raptors play the Pistons Of course this is one of the most secure items in the world because its in Area 51, you wouldnt be able to get close to this thing without an army and even then you would probably get vaporized by experimental tech

9 Elron Hubbards Scripts I bet you didnt think some half baked Sci Fi movie ideas would be on this list but you know Im full of surprises The scripts and unfinished books of Elron Hubbard are locked up in a super vault under constant security somewhere in New Mexico Why is this dude so important? Well if you dont know Elron Hubbard is the creator of the church of scientology And we all know how level headed every scientologist is, those guys who have a religion about alien spirits living inside us, yeah they are so chill Well Elron is basically their jesus so they think everything hes ever written should be protected

In this vault there are also documents that detail how to find the reincarnation of Elron Hubbard and lead him back to the church It probably just a breakdown on how to kidnap someone 8 Sentinelese Ok so this one isnt really an item, its people, but Im bending the rules because its cool The Sentinelese are one of the last uncontacted tribes They have never associated with the outside and have no intention too Theyve managed to stay secluded because they live on the untouched sentinel island

If you try to do there the Indian government will probably blow you out of the water because their navy is always patrolling looking for people who think their sneaky enough to get in And if you even manage to make it the island, the Sentinelese will probably kill you, and if they kill you the indain government wont do anything, they wont even retrieve your body You knew the rules and you broke them I respect these guys man, this is like when you were a kid and your older sibling wouldnt leave you alone, now these guys will kill you if you bug them 7 The Teikoku bank vault So if you ever thought you were going to break into this bank vault you better have brought something more powerful than a nuke because thing else will cut it

When Hiroshima got bombed at the end of world war 2 the damage was devastating and most of the city was destroyed The Teikoku bank was destroyed, but the bank vault was fine, the thing didnt budge Everything inside the vault was safe and sound After this happened the company that made the vaults marketing team took this amazing moment to capitalize and they started marketing their products as nuke proof Which goes to show man, it doesnt matter what happens, even if your hometown gets blown up by a nuke, theres always a silver lining 6 Lasco Now we go to France in 1940 when a boy and his friends descended 49 feet into a cave, why would they do this

They went down there to make moonshine and have a baguette and cheese party Well actually his dog fell down there and he was trying to get it out so this was like a rescue mission But what they found wasnt just an injured dog but one of the largest collection of cave paintings ever This is the place where the misunderstood cavemen would come to work out their frustrations on the walls They opened up to the public for a bit but because humans or gross and sweaty, the humidity started eating away at the wall, creating mold that was destroying the paintings

Now the place is sealed shot and only certified people are allowed to go in there The temperature and humidity are constantly controlled and human entry time is limited to 800 hours a year 5 6000 tons of gold I looooove goooold, and the united states Federal reserve has got it Do you think they would let me in to just have a little peak The Federal reserve is tucked away in New York, the vault was cut into the side of manhattan island 50 feet below sea level

In side is probably one of the brightest room in the world because we got 6000 tons of gold, its brighter in there than my future Why do they got so much gold? well theres funds in there not just for the American government but international governments, other banks and different world organizations I bet you there are some illegal funds tucked away in there And if having the vault underwater wasnt enough, the only way you can get down to it is through a password protected elevator, then you have to go through a 90 ton steel door and to top it off the reserve has its own police force, just for dealing with anyone with gold fetish and a death wish 4 Iranian gold We got more gold on the list, and that should come to a surprise to know one Its like one of the most valuable things on the planet, its up there with the recipe to kentucky fried chicken and my autograph

Well the Iranian gold reserve is said to have possibly the most gold on the planet, or it might not, the thing is no one knows One of the things that make this pile of gold so secure is no one knows where it is I mean you can do it like the americans and cover your gold the more concrete and metal then they throw into the pentagon or you could just make it impossible to break into because no one can find it Thats a nice little magic trick 3 Room 39 headquarters Room 39 sounds like something out of a spy movie and thats because it pretty much is

Room 39 isnt a place but an organization, its a secret crew that operates within the North Korean government Think of the CIA with no rules, its said that these guys are incharge of fake money, creating and distributing drugs to their people and to other countries, and they control most of the secrets And there headquarters is located in the workers party building, which is basically North Koreas Area 51 So if you wanna get into their headquarters you need to get into North Korea, which is one of the most secure countries in the world, then you need to get into the most secure building in that country and then you need to get into one of the most secure rooms in that building Thats basically a Tur Du Ken of protection

Also if you got caught trying to pull any of this off you would be either killed on the spot or thrown into a work camp for the rest of your life 2 JP Morgan Vault So what happens when two powerhouse banks come together, well they make the largest, most secure vault on the planet I mean the do that and probably so many illegal things, we all know about the lolita express, I wouldnt be surprised if all the higher ups at both those banks were dying to get on that plane right after they planned the next stock market crash Well this vault is 5 stories below manhattan and no one really knows how to get into it Not to mention its in one of the most populated american cities

If your tried to rob this vault, where do you go after Theres cameras everywhere and if you try to fly out they would just shoot you out of the sky The KFC recipe I already mentioned it once so you knew it was coming, the KFC Recipe is the most secure item on this list If you wanted to see how that chicken gets so addictive than you would have to be willing to die for it, die for the chicken These 11 Herbs and spices are so secure the president of KFC dosent even know what they are, unless youre the cornal your not worth to look at the sacred text

The Vault holding this bad boy has around the clock security and will probably kill you on the spot if you try and get a hold of it I wonder if they have the recipe for the gravy in there too

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