Top 10 Missing People Who Were Mysteriously Found Alive

Hey guys welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che Durena As much as we complain about our phone listing to us and using that information to send us ads that were interested in

Wait that reminds me Discount trips to Las Vegas, Discount trips to Las Vegas, Discount trips to las vegas… Its still way nice having people know where you are Now everyone looks into their phone camera and say I love you to the FBI agent that is incharge of looking over you Having the opposite happen, like having no one know where you are seems waaaaay worse

If you go missing its only a matter of time before people stop looking for you and you could still be out there I found some of the most interesting cases of this for todays list of Top 10 missing people who were mysteriously found Alive As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know all the people who work with most amazing top 10 better ant there is so much more content over there And without taking any longer lets get into this list

10 Michelle Whitaker Were gonna kick off this list with something that I actually think is pretty gangster Michelle Whitaker was living a pretty basic life, She was a waffle house employee, she lived with her mom and her and her boyfriend were just letting time pass by as the love slowly faded between them Then in 2002 she just vanished, along with another female worker from the waffle house This was out of nowhere and the police had very little to go on The main suspect was Whitakers boyfriend who was now suspected in killing both women

Then 6 years after whitaker dropped off the face off the earth theres a true crime story about her and someone recognizes Michelle Whitaker as their neighbour, she tells her whats up and then Michelle reunites with her family So get this, Michelle was just fed up with her old life and bounced, never told anyone, just thought everyone here stinks, im out, and started a new life That is baaaallsy and I love it Also I have no idea if the boyfriend went to jail or killed the other waffle house employee, but her going missing definitely messed his life up huge lmaoo 9 Melvin Uphoff and Jaqulyn Rains -Karcman This is a big time one, this couple from Nebraska was missing for over 44 years

That is an insane amount of time to be gone, how would you even know if it was them anymore In 44 years my skin is going to be so sun damaged from me laying out on beaches with no sunscreen that you wouldnt know if Im Che Durena or Keith Richards turned into a handbag Well the two were gone for so long because they did the same thing and left by choice He was 31 and she was 18 when they dipped and they didnt tell anyone because they just wanted to be left alone My guess is that they the community that they were in would have frowned on a relationship between an 18 and 31 year old but thats just me

I think any group of people would be like, hey thats gross, please dont do that She just had her prom and you are about to do your last payment on your mortgage dude, what do you even talk about 8 Denise Bolser Youre working your nine to five and you want to make a little more money What do you do? You could ask for a raise, I mean youve been working hard, Maybe work some extra hours, or you could do what this straight up G did and embezzle money from the company This list is full of a bunch of gangsters who just dont care

Denis Bolser did just this, she was a bookkeeper in new hampshire and she decided to skim a little off the top Only thing she screwed up and got caught She broke the golden rule of stealing which is, its not stealing until you get caught Well Denise aint no punk so instead of going in with the police, she faked a ransom note saying we got your wife and left if for her husband to find She then got on a plane and started a new life in Florida

She bounces from her old life, beat the police, and moved to the sunshine state Denise, youre a goddamn legend She didnt get discovered until 2002, by then the chargers had been dropped and denise had a wicked tan 7 Lucy Ann Johnson I gotta say everyone thinks that its dudes who are the kings of ghosting but so far with list, ladies, yall are pretty good at vanishing, Im very impressed Its no different with Lucy over here who in 1961 bounced without a trace

No one could find her, she didnt leave no note, no goodbyes, this is tier 5 ghosting The sad part about this is that she left behind her 7 year old daughter Linda Evans Thats some cold stuff man, you can be sure that little old Linda was in a lot of therapy from that one It wasnt until 52 years later that Linda decided to put an add in the paper looking for her mom, bold move She got a response, it was from her half sister

Linda later found out that her mom split because her father was abusive Lucy and was constantly cheating on her Lucy tried to take the kids but couldnt make it happen, she was afraid for her own life so she had to just go on her own She was clearly very afraid for her own well being if she was willing to leave her kids behind 6 Brenda Heist So your living in pennsylvania and you meet three strangers who give you some emotional support while youre in the middle of your divorce Whats the next course of action

I mean you could be happy you made some new friends in this hard time and use that help to face your oncoming struggle Or disappear with them abandoning your ex husband and your kids in 2002, have your husband declare you dead in 2010 and then spend the next three year as a homeless person and finally turn up in 2013 to family who is pretty pissed Sometimes you can run like a G but sometimes you fumble the ball end up using the same pair of underwear 6 days in a row 5 Petra Pazistka Petra was just a mild mannered girl, she was working in computer sciences and probably was a little bored with her life One day in 1984 she was suppose to go to her brothers birthday party and she never arrived Thats cold blooded, she decided to take off on the day of her brother birthday

Then every time his birthday came around it wouldnt his birthday, it would be the day Petra went missing She was even declared dead when a murder confessed to killing her in 1989, but then 31 years after her disappearence she popped up in Dusoldorph germany Wildest thing about this is that she wouldnt tell anyone why she decided to give everyone an irish goodbye I think her brother did something and thats why she messed up his bday for life 4 Jacyee Dugard Jacyee Dugard is a very famous case, she was just a little girl when she went missing

It was back in 1991 when Jacyee was just 11 There was a massive search for her and but no could find a trace of her It wasnt until 18 years later when she was found She was kidnapped by Phillip Garadeau and kept in captive She wasnt allowed to tell anyone about her previous life and Phillip would keep isolated so no one would find her

He forced Jaycee to mother two kids by him and he convinced everyone that they were his wifes This is crazy to me, no one would have seen her pregnancy, not even her family, how did nobody ask questions It was Philips parole officer who was the one who figured it all out and eventually set Jaycee free She wrote a book about what it was like to have a huge portion of her life taken away from her 3 Winston Bright If your leave your everyone you know behind then you cant come back asking for money after everything is said and done

This is the kind of stunt that winston bright tried to pull off In 1990 he just disappeared and left his wife behind, she had no idea where he went and it took her 10 years before she went to declare him dead After she did that she started to collect his pension from verizon I mean she was sad but she wasnt so sad that she wasnt gonna get paid Not taking the money wasnt gonna bring him back

Winstons wife had long since forgot about him, then 20 years after his disappearance he showed up with the name Kwame Seku and said he didnt come back because he had amnesia This guy was trying to play everything like this was a soap opera The reason he came back though was to collect his pension because he now remembered who he was It sounds Kwame ran into some money problems 2 Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry This one is pretty rough guys, I wouldnt recommend looking this one up after the video, between the years of 2002 and 2004 Michelle Knight 21 at the time, Gina DeJesus 14 at the time and Amanda Berry 16 at the time, all went missing

This was because they were all kidnapped by Ariel Castro He had them imprisoned for 11 years, and while they were his prisoners he basically treated them like animals They would be starved, raped and beat on a regular basis and Amanda Berry even bore a child by him They were eventually able to escape by grabbing the attention of some neighbours who broke the door down and set them free Ariel was sentenced to life in prison plus 1000 years

He took his own life just one month into his sentence 1 Howard Wayne Lovel Lets end the list on a little bit of a happier note Howard Wayne Lovel was the pool boy for notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacey When Howard was only 19 he disappeared, John Wayne Gacey famously only killed young men So a 19 year old pool boy must have been irresistible to him

Police even found some of Lovells possession in Gaceys home But more than 3 decades later Lovell was found in Florida, alive Lovell moved down there, didnt tell anyone and didnt know that his family was looking for him He was happy to find out he could put their heart at rest but how do you just not talk to your family for 30 years and think thats totally normal Alright everyone

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