Top 10 Insane Time Lapses You Have To Watch To Believe

For some reason I find time lapse videos oddly satisfying I just love seeing things develop in a very quick way

From people aging decades in just seconds, to the man who time lapsed new york being built and is currently working on a 30 year time lapse to google doing a 3 decade time lapse of earth things are about to get unbelievable around here Well hows it going you guys I am your host for this one Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven't already we are closer and closer to 6 million subscribers so thank you Alright let’s get right into this video this is the top 10 unbelievable time lapse you have to see to believe Starting us of like we always do with number 10 with an 18 yr time lapse of a baby growing into a teenager

The title of the video is portrait of lotte 0, to 18 years this video has over 10 million views on it and took 18 yrs to create https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=nPxdhnT4Ec8 “B-Roll” I think this is the coolest thing to do, but it takes a lot of patience and might get annoying to do every single year Also I checked out this persons youtube channel Hofmeester and it seems they have a son as well and guess what, they did the same thing

there son is Vince and they did a 0 to 16 yr time lapse I wonder if these kids feel obligated to continue this as they got older because it started as soon as they were born, imagine if this went on for 100 years or something insane Moving onto number 9 We have an 11 yr in the making time lapse of the world trade centre This time lapse was done by earth came and you can see it being built right from the foundation right up to the last floor being built

You can really see New York city sky line changing during the 11 yrs and but time lapsing the new world trade center is astonishing This project started from 2004 and it was completed on memorial day in 2015 so over the past 11 years earths cam constrution cameras captured hundreds of thousands of high definiation images and a hand picked team put it all together it probably took a year just to get everything put together Number 8 From time lapse the world trade centre to having an obsession with time lapsing new york city skylines Well let me introduce you guys to Joe DiGiovanna who has been time lapsing new york city every single day from his apartment window for the past 4 plus years and hes working on this project that will be complete in 2045 which at that time will be 30 years of time lapsing So far Joe has captured over 4 million pictures for his time lapse

Number 7 we have a man who walked through China from the east of china to the west which was 4500 KM it took him a year to do and along the way he grow his beard and hair Throughout his whole trip he decided to take pictures a long the way, and through his amazing epic journey you can see his hair grow so this guy is Christoph Rehage and this started back in 2007 where he was pretty clean shaved

And this is when his journey began let me stop there for a second, at the bottom right is the km this guy walked In just a few seconds of this time lapse he has probably walked more km than Ive ever walked in my life “lets add our own epic audio this one has copyright” So that was roughly half way through his trip let me fast forward to the ending of this video and lets see where it ends up Moving into number 6

We have a time lapse of a blizzard that came out of no where So at first you can see there is no snow on the ground seems cold but pretty peaceful Than all of a sudden you can see its starting to snow alright lets stop it there so far, you can tell its been snowing quite a bit so far its kinda boring right Well lets finish up the clip to show you guys how insane this storm got

is this real life right now, this was actually a storm that hit the east coast a few years ago This footage was captured in Virginia, USA From a blizzard to growing hair for 911 days while traveling around the world is next up at number 5 Let me show you what this guy looked like on day 1 so you can see how clean shaven

So this guy started of in russia, hes there for about 25 days, This is what he looks like in 27 days I mean its nothing too crazy but after Russia he goes to Mongolia After Mongolia its china alright so his hair is clearly starting to really get length lets skip to the part where he is in india this is day 195 of his trip i’ve always wanted to travel the world like how this guy is doing it but i feel like after 10-14 days I get home sick but this guy went on for 911 days i dont know if that was on purpose

Lets keep going with this one, lets jump to day 481 where he is in Peru this guys beard is super long now and it doesnt look like the same guy On day 893 he makes his way back to russia Moving onto number 4 The European Space agency decided to time lapse the earth and its just so stunning to look at

Here you can see the earth spinning pretty quickly but this took a very long time to record The time lapse comprises of just over 21,000 high quality images Any time lapse from space is always fascinating Here is another time lapse showing you the Aurora Borealis, I was able to see it one time in Ice Land but i’ve never seen it like this before watch Alright number 3

Someone got really bored with this one, someone decided to time lapse themselves walking across the whole map in Grand Theft Auto “use our own music” I am not even sure how long this took to create, this guy didnt even decide to run across the map or maybe ride a bike And yes i did watch the whole video because i got really into it and i wanted to see if he cheated or took a break it all loooks legit and its funny some cars do hit him along the way and he almost started fights with a few people Number 2 we have what is going to soon be the world's tallest tower Right now the tallest tower is the Burj Khalifa

This building is 2,717 ft tall it cost 15 billion dollars to construct and it took about 5 years to complete Well right now the Jeddah Tower is still being built and its going to be the worlds first 1 km tower so thats 3,281 ft tall which smashes the record once completed Someone decided to time lapse this buildings construction roll so its no joke but this tower started on April 1, 2013 and it actually stopped being constructed back in 2018 so after 5 years

So this time lapse kinda ends there in 2018 “Editors b-roll the ending of this construction” this tower is estimated to be completed by 2021 and it costs 123 billion dollars so its actually cheaper than the current worlds tallest building I looked up the company building this thing and they were founded 113 years ago and there revenue in 2018 was 21 billion dollars Is this real life right now

Finally at number 1 we have a pretty terrifying time lapse What your about to see if an up close go pro time lapse of a tornado https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=rQZSSkSXzfU 0:00- 0:10 is this real life right now, I am not sure this is worth risking your life over

Tornadoes can turn very quickly at any point, so in a heartbeat that Tornado could be going towards you How ever this person was able to capture an incredible moment Where there you guys have it thanks so much for watching I will see you guys all in the next most amazing top 10 video

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