Top 10 Insane Mysteries Solved By Facebook

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel On The Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are GETTING INTO SOME MYSTERIESwhich you know I love I am a curious George… Or Jane for that is my middle name Before we get into this video why don’t you let me know what your favourite mystery of all time is – I am personally all about how exactly ancient structures like Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built LIKE COMMENT SHARE Description box for links 10 – The Bank Robbers Obviously robbing a bank is among one of the most stupid things you can do, but to get away with it takes brains and strategy…

it turns out John Mogan and Ashley Duboe were lacking a few brain cells when they posted images of themselves with wads of cash on facebook Mogan robbed a branch of the Savings Back in Ashville near Columbus ohio After the images were posted, they caught the eye of officials, who did some research and discovered that Mogan didn't have a full time job They did some sleuthing, and along with the facebook posts, they were able to connect him and his girlfriend to the crime

9 – The Beach IIIiiiiiiii mean…if you are running from the law, be careful about whos friend requests you are accepting on facebook, right? 26 Year Old American,Maxi Sopo originally from Cameroon , defrauded 200,000 dollars in Seattle and successfully fled the country to relocate to Cancun in mexico That kind of money would go a long way out there…and Sopo was living a bit of a baller life,and posting about on facebookwhich I meanwhat an idiot So I guess Maxi thought it was cool to update his facebook status with “living in Paradise and loving it” because maybe he thought he had stringent security settings…

But he had inadvertently accepted a justice department official to his list of Facebook friends Fool His facebook updates never said exactly where he was, but the eagle eyed investigator was able to figure it out from the background of his poststhey caught him He spent 33 months in prison

8 – The Missing Teen In December 2015, Facebook page Greateful Doe was used to identify an unidentified male who had been run off the road in 1995 A post of images of the man uncluding a restoration of his look was made for facebook, with the caption “Do you know me – died in a car accident on June 26th 1995 – estimate 16 – 25 years old 5ft 8 inches, 169lbshad star tattoo on upper arm – his hair was blonde died red It seems he was run off the road by a van in Virginia and the internet decided to try and close his case The post was shared and eventually identified as missing 19 year old teenager Jason Callahan Jason was never reported as missing as his mother thought he had left home One of the admin for Greatful Doe wrote : [I’ve] been sitting here for how long in shock both for the sadness of his family and the fact that here on Facebook we are making a difference

Because of everyone here this man will finally make his way home!!!” 7 – Facebook Live Stabbing In 2019 a man in the three rivers area of Quebec was stabbed while live streaming at his home when a friend stabbed him, unknowing that he was broadcasting It seems that a viewer alerted the police immediately and an arrest was made very quickly as a result The facebook stream will be used as evidence in court however the charge has not been made yet 6 – Solved this 37 Year Mystery Okay so this is quite a long one but I will do my best to summarize it all for you There is a link in the description box for all of you interested in learning more about this

So in 1978 the bodies of 25 year old Chris and 24 year old Penny Frampton were found in Guatamala The pair were travelling from the UK and were childhood sweethearts who were murdered It seems they were driven off on a boat by an American, Silas Boston, and never returned To cut a long story short Chris’ sister Penny and her family suspected Boston was involved from the police report but the man, who had moved to california, had never been charged and information in the 1970s about a death in Guatemala wasn’t easy to come by in Britain Recently in 2018, Penny decided to search for Silas Boston on Facebook and she found him

The case had long gone cold but she did some sleuthing for herself Penny contacted the Sacramento Police who had reopened a case into Boston’s missing third wife It seems Penny was able to get in touch with Boston’s sons – and an image of the then boys with her brother on their dads ship emerged The sons came forward to say they knew their father had killed the two young Brits It turns out that Boston has also killed two more tourists as well

It seems the police were able to track him down and arrest him – the story is longer and more dramatic but that's the highlights for you The Right To Remain Silent applies to you and not your Smartphone at number 5 Facebook is landing a lot of people in jail… and honestly a lot of people are on the fence about it It seems that in the United States, Police officers have a right to collect cell phone location data without a warrant – and you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in on facebook either Police are able to read private facebook messages, and go through facebook search data Some people are okay with this, others consider it a violation

Whatever your opinion, it has been used to solve crimes and convict criminals… Buuut on the other hand, some people who post stupid things on facebook don’t realize their joke threats or idle threats are being taken seriouslyand people are ending up in court

This one is very bitter sweetand then bitter again as Justice just hasn’t been served here… 4 – The Case of Carolee Ashby In 1968 there was no facebook, no crowdsourcing of information, just a team of police offices who were working with physical paper files and lower quality identification technology in order to try and find their evidence

1968 was the year that a 4 year old girl died on halloween as a result of a brutal hit and run in upstate New York At the time the police did what they could but the case went cold Fast forward four decades and one of the former police officers on the case, the now retired Lt Russ Johnson posted the story on Facebook saying he regret never finding her killer The story was shared, and shared again and shared some more and it seems that it reached a woman all the way in Florida It seems this woman had a friend who was scarred for life after she was the passenger in a car that hit a child on halloween in New York in the 1960s

It was discovered that the man driving was DOuglas Parkhurst who was 17 at the time The passenger carried guilt with her her whole life but never turned the man in After this tip off from facebook – Police questioned him and he admitted to the crime Sadly though the statute of limitations had passed and he couldn’t be arrested for the girls death 3 – The Mafia Woah…

The Mafia is an organized crime ring originating from Sicily but famously terrorized the United States and beyond Recently a Mafia Hitman who called himself Scarface was arrested after being tracked down via facebook Pasquale Manfredi was on Italy’s 100 most wanted list and had been on the run for a year Officer were tipped off that Scarface like using facebook and logged on every now and then to keep up with his friends and kill lists Oh dear

To try and keep his disguise, he would log in using the name Georgie and it is believed he would receive coded messages via facebook messenger Using top range surveillance, eventually his IP address was secured and he was tracked to an apartment in Southern Italy When Scarface was caught and arrested, his laptop was seized and his facebook scoured for other mafia links An officer on the case said: Manfredi is a good catch He is particular cold and cruel We tracked him down because we had information he was using a key to log on to the Internet and in particular use Facebook 2 – The Blogger who Helped Solve the Steubenville Abuse Case In March 2019 a 45 Year Old Crime Blogger created fake facebook and instagram accounts to so some online sleuthing about a rape case in her former hometown

Alexandria Goddard had read a viral article online about the case, which really was a hot topic at the time Alexandria said: I used to live in Steubenville, where the high school football players are treated like NFL players – and this seemed to be the case with Trent Mays and Malik Richmond, the teenagers that raped Jane Doe – a victim whos anonymity is protected but known by many in the town Alexandria said: I thought that there was a lot more to the story and that the local media was probably not giving it the coverage that it needed because it was the football team,” she said “I went out to the football website, I pulled the team roster, and just started going through social media” Alexandria was able to follow the boys online and she uncovered a string of incriminating evidence

Alexandria used facebook, twitter and youtube who exposed the boys who had posted smoking gun evidence of the attack to their friends The boys were arrested and charged Justice, thanks to one blogger paying attention when the town looked the other way 1 – The Case of Brittney Gargol Back in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 2018, Eighteen-year-old Brittney Gargol was found strangled to death A chunky black belt was found near her body and criminologists suspected that it could be the murder weapon

It turns out that the case of who killed the teen was solved when Cheyenne Rose Antoine posted an image to facebook which police say was instrumental in solving the crime The image was of Gargol with Antoine…and Antoine was wearing none other than the black belt found by the body The image was posted hours before the teens death

It seems that the killer had tried to throw police of the scent by posting on facebook asking where her missing friend was After the image linked her to the belt found at the scene of the crime, Antoine pleaded guilty to manslaughter, saying she and Gargol had gotten into a drunken argument She was sentenced to seven years in prison 7 years honestly sounds very low to me I am pretty shocked

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