Top 10 Greta Thunberg Warnings Of Climate Change

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena, She came, she saw and she stood in front of the worlds leaders and let her thoughts fly on climate change I dont care what your opinions on her speech are you have to admit that she is brave

For a 16 year old girl to stand on a global stage and demand that her voice is heard takes some guts And then she got bullied by world leaders for doing it, which is like come on guys Even if you dont agree with her, shes a young girl, at least try to be nice And frankly I dont know if shes right, people are talking a lot about climate change but Im not a scientist All I know is I want to go to the gun range a lot more so if things do go to hell no ones getting my stockpile of canned beans

If the apocalypse is upon us, but if it is Im gonna go inside a bunker and catch up on my gaming backlog But just to scare you a little more were bringing you todays list of top 10 Greta Thunberg Warnings of Climate Change As always guys make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also check us out on on instagram and facebook for some added content and makes sure you stick around for the end of the video because Im going to be reading out comments from the top 10 scary haunted amusement parks video, and without taking any longer, lets get into this list Lets kick off this list with the same way she did, at number 10 we have Well be watching you

That was the first message that Greta sent out on the world stage She left every single one of the people in attendance at the UN and the millions who have watched online that the young people are keeping an eye on them What does this mean? Logically it means that young people will hold the old fogies in power accountable for their lack of action against climate change But what it might mean isPURGE! Yeah world leaders if you dont fix the climate were all gonna purge everything, everyones gonna be running through the streets with their genitals in one hand and a machete in the other You better stop polluting or were going to have blood in the streets and CEOs heads on pikes I mean probably not, but Im allowed to dream for a sweet Purge future that I crave 9 The Children will suffer Ok she didnt use these exact words but Im summarizing

Basically shes saying that if nothing is done about this greenhouse effect that is drastically changing the world then its going to be up to the younger generation to fix it Which totally suuuucks Its like your parents lit your childhood home on fire and then they asked you to fix it, and your parents arent really going to help because by the time things get really bad they will be long gone It really makes you not want to have kids, well I already didnt want to have kids but now when I tell people that I can sound like im some sort altruistic saint who cares about the planet when really I just dont want to share my doritos with anyone 8 Ecosystems are dying If the science is right and the earth continues to heat up at the steady rate it has already been climbing at, then we can say goodbye to a lot of animals

Many of the ecosystems on the planet are very sensitive and drastic changes in the planets temperature will mean that a lot of animals well go adios Places in the arctic will lose polar bears because they have no ice to hunt on, the oceans could have a mass die off of fish because the water will become warm and even things like cattle and chickens will waste away because our environment will become to harsh to produce feed, Which brings us right into our next point 7 Food Shortages Most of the produce we grow and consume needs a proper climate and freshwater If the earth continues to spiral we will have a difficult time trying to produce the same yield that we are used to Which means, PURGE!!! I said it once and Ill say it again, you guys better be stocking up bullets because if this 16 year old is right were going to be fighting over salami like its worth 10 million dollars, it will be the million dollar salami wars

The rich rolling around in salami with the poor dying just to smell a waft of the delicious cured meat But seriously, there will be no food and no water Tell your loved ones that you love them and then make the tough descison of starving to death or beating people with crowbars for scraps of bread 6 Cutting emissions in half isnt enough A focus among world leaders has been to cut carbon emissions in half in the next 10 years If this is done successfully we could stop the world from overheating past 1

5 degrees celsius, if we can keep the earth below that threshold its thought that we can stop the spiraling conditions and maintain a nice and happy home for us all to live in peacefully Well if the worlds countries were able to do this then it doesnt guarantee that were in the clear, it would actually only give us a 50 percent chance of stopping the irreversible damage to the worlds environments So basically major companies need to cut how much they pollute in half and that would bring us up to a coin flip to save the planet And on top of that we would need to still stuck a ton of carbon out of the atmosphere for this to work and that tech isnt even fully functioning yet I really hope all the scientist stop working on sex robots and figure this one out

5 We will never forgive you Obviously she dosent speak for every young person but when she said we will never forgive you I felt those words ripple The new generations are going to be pissed having top come up in a world that has been destabilized by lack foresight, especially when the answers are laid out in blak and white Once again guys, get your pruge uniforms ready because your gonna want to look good when your burning down government buildings 4 Many are suffering so few can prosper Its one of the classic nomenclatures, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer Of course, life isnt as clean cut as this, when you see opportunities, its up to you to take them, and there are aspects of your life that only you can control But I also know that the super tankers sailing through the ocean, which pollute as much as every car in north america, arent putting any money in my pocket

The CEOs of every oil company arent flying me to work in a helicopter when I wake up late There are people who have power beyond our conception that are taking advantage of our habitat to rake in huge amounts of money And if the science is right, they are doing this at the expense of all of us being able to live in stable conditions I mean how big could my carbon footprint be when I only own one fork 3 We are running out of time Based on current carbon emission levels its estimated that we have 8 years left before permanent damage done

Only 8 years to figure out how to stop producing carbon on such an enormous scale and change how we live our lives 8 years for major companies to completely revamp there production processes and create new, cleaner methods of developing products Holy crap thats a tight schedule, it takes more than 8 years to build a great franchise team And we have to figure out how to make McDonalds stop polluting Thats like raising Michael Jordan from scratch, in just 8 years

But really we dont have a choice, unless you wanna go and break into peoples houses and steal their rastions Im just saying the purge sounds easier and more fun 2 The people have the power I mean its kind of true, if there is a 1 percent who has most of the money, theyre doing most of the polluting and taking all the resources We have the other 99 percent, thats pretty much everyone I think if we decide to take the power back we would probably win

I mean some of us are going to die in this battle but I would rather die fighting for freedom then dying from dehydration And think about who were going up against, Like Ive never driven a tank but Im pretty sure I could do it better than Hilary Clinton Ive got 24 years of gaming experience, the tank controls are probably in my DNA But lets be serious, every time you spend money you voting Through the power of your dollar you can influence these massive companies and hopefully edge them towards a cleaner future

1 mass extinction We like to think that nothing is really going to happen, that the effects of climate change wont hurt us, that well figure something out to stop the unbalancing of our surroundings and maybe we will, maybe science will prevail once again and save us all from having to confront the horrors of famine and war But gigantic destructive forces have devastated humanity before, theres been the black plague, the spanish flu, world war one and two, and yes humans have always made out to the other side but it repeatedly comes at a massive cost Each one of these events have cost millions of lives, and we might be on the horizon of cataclysmic event that will ravage society and destabilize everything weve built The world would be rocked and if some of us survive theyll look back on these days and make fun of us for being so foolish And for anyone at home saying, it wont happen to me, how do you know? Alright we have gone through all the points and I hope you all feel better, I guess

But as promised Im going to be reading through the comments from the top 10 scary haunted amusement park video Dennis Fischer Jr "Its hard to enjoy a $15 sundae when a demon just ribbed his balls across it "😂 Me wondering What if the demon was Female? Good point, i guess it would rub its labs across it Lil' Lizzu Chan Ugh I hate ghost kids Me: They don't even have to be alive! I hate kids in general ((Im an older sister)) True, you can hate the living ones as well, Also I feel sorry for whoever is your younger sibling Lucinda K Just because someone died there doesn’t mean it’s haunted But still love the video Very true, I dont know what the conversion rate is on deaths to ghosts

I would say having someone die on the property definitely increases the chance of a ghost coming to hangout That is it! Thank you all so much for tuning in as always I would love it if you would like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know all the host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and message me on instagram if you wanna join my cannible army

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