Top 10 Games That Are Illegal To Play – Part 3

o O O 0 0 Whats up guys, hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 This is my favourite series that i have filmed by far

Illegal games, very bad but sometimes very fun As a gamer myself i know there are some pretty messed up games out there but everytime i make one of these videos im always enlightened and surprised at how screwed up some of them can be And then im like who even comes up with these? But anyway enough of me lets get into it, this is the Top 10 Games That Are Illegal to Play – Part 3 Starting us off with number 10 is Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni So this game was developed by Meteorise for the playstation Vita and was first released in Japan in 2015, and then worldwide the following year

The game focuses on the island of Bhikkhuni in which all the girls are infected with the VR virus The only way to cure the virus is to fight over and over again so they can control their abilities And theres two types of girls, Extars who can transform themselves into weapons when theyre sexually aroused and liberators who can wield these extars when theyre in their weapon form The gameplay has 2 phases the adventure parts and the action parts and during the fighting sequences the girls work in pairs to defeat enemies and sometimes doing strong special moves can tear off the clothes of your partner or your enemy The Drive part of the game is when both girls combine forces during weaponization so a sexy cut in will appear and they touch other explicitly for a bit and then boom weaponization

Theres even a boob ranking system in the game You can also grope and undress other girls in the dressing room if you want to The game ended up getting banned in many countries like Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, Germany, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and New Zealand for glorifying sexuality, homosexuality, just all around sexual content, sexual content involving minors and promoting immoral values They also werent happy with the fact the two main characters, sisters Ranka and Rinka have an incestuous relationship of sorts I mean so yknow get where theyre coming from there

Source: https://gematsucom/2015/03/valkyrie-drive-bhikkhuni-gameplay-and-characters-detailed https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Valkyrie_Drive#Video_games https://techraptornet/content/valkyrie-drive-bhikkhuni-review https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/List_of_banned_video_games Coming in at number 9 is Wolfenstein 3D So Wolfenstein itself is a World War II themed series and its actually sort of legendary because it really helped popularise first person shooting games even though now thats basically the norm People have gone as far as to say COD wouldnt have existed had this game not come out Now Wolfenstein 3D was the third game in the series and it was released in 1992

And honestly the game is pretty simple you play as an allied spy and you have to escape Castle Wolfenstein Many of the games are banned in Germany for obvious reasons mainly the Nazi references and high impact gory violence and the 8th game in the series was also banned in the UAE for interactive sex scenes I love how this is a series focusing on World War II like there is so much content you could put in these games yet they found the time and somehow managed to include an interactive sex scene It was a necessity clearly Source: https://www

makeuseofcom/tag/top-10-video-games-banned-somewhere-in-the-world/ https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Wolfenstein At number 8 we have The Dead Island series Dead Island is a survival horror role playing game developed by Techland and it was released back in 2011

You can play it multiplayer or alone and the game centers around a zombie filled open world and there are 4 playable characters to choose from and the aim of the game is the escape the island of Banoi that you are on Definitely would not like to be on a zombie infested ISLAND thank you Most of the game is about combat and finishing your quests, you can earn XP when doing so and then level up The first half of the game only has melee weapons for you to use but the second half has some firearms but either way the weapons are displaced all over the world and are randomly generated Some zombies are stronger than others, some have special abilities, so you have to look out for everything and make sure your stamina bar doesnt deplete otherwise

The game was banned in Germany, Japan and the UAE for extreme depictions of high impact gory violence and scantily clad characters There was also controversy around the Purna character who has an unlockable skill dubbed Gender Wars which lets her do more damage to male opponents During development she was called the Feminist Whore and although it was edited out for the final release you can still find it in debug code on the computer version of the game Source: https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/Dead_Island https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/List_of_banned_video_games Filling our number 7 slot is Death Race Now this is a major throwback because its actually a 1976 arcade game It was released by Exidy that year and it was basically a modified version of the game Destruction Derby

The point of the game is really simple, it can be single player or 2 player and the whole screens black and white and you drive a car if you can call that pixelated blob a car and the point is to run over the gremlins that are also on the screen Even though the gremlins look like people When you manage to successfully hit one it lets out an eerie scream and a cross tombstone appears That makes it harder because the tombstones remain as obstacles whilst the player still has to hit more gremlins Aka its a driving game whos point is to kill pedestrians oh sorry i mean gremlins

The game was insanely popular for an arcade game it was showing up in bars, restaurants, arcades, amusement parks, it was anywhere youd find arcade games The game was only meant to be an interim product until Exidy released their actual car game the next year but reporter Wendy Walker published a very popular article talking about how the games violent content could affect those playing it After many complaints amusement parks started removing it from their arcades, arcade or restaurant owners simply stopped renting the Death Race cabinet, but that wasnt a big deal for Exidy They just kept moving their cabinets from state to state where there wasnt much controversy about the game By the next year the game was no longer in the headlines but i cant tell whether that was because people stopped caring or because the game was pretty much banned in all of America

Also can we just take a second to talk about how this game was branded as making players more violent when its literally just pixelated blobs We really had no idea of what was to come did we Source: https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Death_Race_(1976_video_game) Now at number 6 is Left 4 Dead 2

So Left 2 Dead 2 is a first person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation and it was released back in 2009 The game builds on its predecessor and is set in a post zombie apocalyptic world but the zombies are very much still there This one follows a new group of 4 survivors going against the Infected around them, you go through 5 campaigns, you find safe houses, try to keep each other alive it pretty much sounds like a spin off video game of The Walking Dead if im honest Weapons are separated into tiers and each survivor can only carry one weapon from each tier, if youre close to dying you have to fend all the Infected off with a handgun until someone helps revive you Aka youll probably just die

Now the the games version of the city of New Orleans garnered a lot of controversy because the city was filled with dead bloated bodies and so people thought it was insensitive to depict that when Hurricane Katrina only happened a few years prior and the place that was most badly hit was New Orleans On top of that the game was accused of being racist because most of the Infected appeared to be African Americans whereas others argued back saying that reflected the racial demographic of New Orleans The game ended up getting banned in Australia and Germany due to very realistic unrelenting violence, Valve then submitted a modified version removing any images of piles of dead bodies, decapitations, dismemberment or wound details and that one was approved But if youre anywhere else in the world you have full access to all the gore that Germany and Australia are missing out on Source: https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Left_4_Dead_2#Gameplay Coming in at number 5 is EA Sports MMA So from the title you can most likely guess that EA Sports MMA is a mixed martial arts fighting game It was released at the end of 2010 by EA sports for the PS3 and Xbox360 The gameplay is pretty straightforward you attack your enemy in the ring as you see fit, you can fight the orthodox way or southpaw its up to you, the venues change, it even has a live broadcast feature where you could upload your games and people actually got real life prizes for it

If youve ever watched an mma fight on tv you know how brutal they can be, yes Conor McGregor im talking to you, so it isnt a huge surprise that the game ended up being banned in Denmark But funnily enough it wasnt banned because of the violence in the game it was banned because of all the energy drink advertisements within the game Rockstar Energy Drink is pretty much plastered everywhere and theres a law in Denmark that prohibits any marketing for energy drinks and therefore the game was banned Source: https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/List_of_banned_video_games https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/EA_Sports_MMA At number 4 is the Call of Duty Series Okay everyone put their hand up if theyve played cod Guilty as charged

I used to play black ops and just camp in Nuketown and just shoot people from an upstairs window when i was lazy And dont even get me started on zombies because that that gave me major stress But anyway COD is a first person shooter franchise which first came out and took the world by storm in 2003 The first few games focused on World War II but later games focus on other conflict like the Cold War, outer space conflict etc With most if not all the games there are campaigns you play which is like the story mode but you can also play in maps online against other people, in maps offline with your friends against bots, its a fun game im not gonna lie

Excluding being fun the game is hella successful theyve made over 15 billion dollars and by 2016 they had sold over 250 million copies But with great success comes great conflict Black Ops nearly got banned in Cuba for including a mission where you have to kill Fidll Castro, Germany has banned 4 games in the franchise, Black Ops was banned in Japan, COD 4 Modern Warfare was banned in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for having quotes from the Quran which was deemed offensive and some were banned in Russia for having a storyline where Russian ultranationalists take over Russia and invade the US All in all countries have found issues with COD and thats all that matters Source: https://en

wikipediaorg/wiki/Call_of_Duty https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/List_of_banned_video_games Filling our number 3 slot is the Saints Row series Saints Row is a series of action adventure games created by Volition first released in 2006

The game focuses on a gang called the Third Street Saints and the gameplay is in an open world and it features nonlinear gameplay and racing sequences too The aim of the game is to lead the gang and overtake their rival gang in a turf war The game is also known for its comedic shock value So far it really doesnt sound too problematic does it? Its also like GTA in the sense you can kill whoever you want on the street but then the police will be after you and if you die then you just respawn at the nearest hospital Okay its not just like GTA people even it a GTA clone but without any social commentary

Harsh The third game in particular caused controversy because it had missions like Trojan Whores and set pieces called things like Stikit Inn and Tits n’ Grits They even went as far as to make a sex trafficking related mission to try and find humour in it and that was as you can imagine not received well But the thing that people didnt understand is the giant purple dildo weapon you could use to beat people to death, its sequel had a similar weapon called the Alien Anal Probe You basically find someone, shove it up there, press a button and then that person is launched into the air

Some things people just didnt know how to explain or defend, in one chase sequence youre in a chariot which is being pulled around by a man in a dominatrix outfit while the gang behind you are in their own dominatrix powered chariots I just dont know you could say that art in any way In the end the games were banned in Germany and the UAE for many reasons like excessive violence, sexual themes, high impact violence, and yknow probably the dildos Source: https://enwikipedia

org/wiki/Saints_Row:_The_Third https://wwwthegamercom/15-games-that-got-banned-for-insane-reasons/15/?v=6&n=f&nextArticle=start Now at number 2 is Baby Shaker Now this one isnt a console game its a phone game but this list doesnt discriminate games are games so why not include an apple store game Half the world have iphones they probably have a bigger reach than a lot of gaming consoles anyway so gotta love the 21st century

But anyway Baby Shaker was a game made by Sikalasoft that came out for the iPhone back in 2009 The game cost 99cents and it showed a black and white drawing of a baby crying and you can hear the cries Underneath the drawing, this paragraph was written "On a plane, on the bus, in a theatre Babies are everywhere you don't want them to be! They're always distracting you from preparing for that big presentation at work with their incessant crying Before Baby Shaker, there was nothing you could do about it

See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!" The point of the game is to see how long you can stand the baby crying before you cant take it anymore then at which point you shake your phone to quiet down the baby but shaking your phone actually kills the baby You figure that out when 2 large red Xs appear over the babies eyes and the crying stops It was in the Apple Store for a total of 3 days before Apple took it down But even 3 days is enough to reach the masses

Complaints started filing in to Steve Jobs, all the executives for not properly screening such an awful game Ironically the App Store has been criticised in the past for being too strict to the point theyd ban games that had farting noises in them Yet this one just flew under the radar Either way it got banned within 3 days and i highly doubt you can find the game anywhere now as its been 10 years And im pretty sure at least 1 person in every country in the world except Antarctica has an iPhone so i guess you could say the game was banned worldwide

Source: https://wwwtheguardiancom/technology/2009/apr/23/apple-iphone-baby-shaker And finally at number 1 is Mortal Kombat I didnt wanna put it on the list, it physically hurts me but i had to If you live under a rock and dont know what what Mortal Kombat is, its a fighting game franchise with the first one having been released in 1992

This game is iconic there are so many sequels to the game, spin offs, TV shows, a comic book series and even a live action tour Its one of the most successful fighting games in video game history and is also one of the highest grossing So how did it end up on this list and how did it end up as number 1? As a fighting game, there are special moves that each character has, fatalities are gruesome and theyve only gotten more gruesome and more HD as the games have progressed Fatalities are a players finishing move on their opponent One character called Kano literally has a move where he can rip your heart out

Just to give you a small example When it first came out even Nintendo didnt release it because of the blood and gore It was one of the first few games psychologists tested on whether video games made players more violent in real life or not A study done in 2000 claimed that the game did and it was backed up by the Columbine High school massacre that happened a year prior where 2 teens killed 13 people and injured 24 The two perpetrators played the game obsessively and Bill Clinton himself said its games like Mortal Kombat that make kids more active in simulated violence

The game series ended up getting banned in South Korea, Japan, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil and Australia for a variety of reasons namely high impact gory violence for no reason other than entertainment But isnt that most games these days anyway? Source: https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Mortal_Kombat https://wwwthegamer

com/banned-video-games-world/21/?v=6&n=f&nextArticle=start https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Controversies_surrounding_Mortal_Kombat https://enwikipediaorg/wiki/Columbine_High_School_massacre And thats it for todays video guys! As a gamer this series makes me laugh and cry simultaneously and i dont know which one to do more of tbh

Let me know which games you think deserved to get banned and which ones were perhaps okay Also let me know if youve played any of these games, and no mortal kombat doesnt count cus thats like all of us But anyway guys as always ive been your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you next time! Byee

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