Top 10 Funniest Teacher Student Text Messages

Welcome back guys, todays video is the top 10 funniest teacher student text messages … apparently teachers and students text enough now for this to be a thing, its been a few years now since I was at school Maybe things have changed, I dunno, either way, some of these seem a little bit too weird to be true

Lets see what you think, Starting off at number 10 -Teacher: Okay students, what does chicken give you? Students: Eggs! Teacher: Good, now what does the pig give you? Students Bacon! Teacher: Nice now what does the fat cow give you? Students: Homework- ooooooh thats not fake, definitely not fake, everyone always texts by saying what they are followed by a semicolon before they speak Also what kind of school is this where the teachers text their students about farm animal produce? Whats going on? And finally, why would they set up the student with the punchline by randomly throwing in the word fat to make the joke work? Am I crazy? Is it just me? Well, were just getting started … lets move on to our number 9 -Hey Mrs Morgan … why are you texting me at 2 in the morning? You can only text me for math homework! … oh sorry are you sleeping? … yes arent you? … nope still doing that math homework you gave us- this one is definitely real, Im sure everyone texts their teacher at 2 in the morning If you want any more proof, theyre saved on their contacts as Math Teach You cant fake that You cant fake that contact being called Math Teach, checkmate doubters … Next up at number 8 -Hannah the teacher has your phone … Emily I want your phone as well, bring it to the front of the class, honestly how stupid- oooh rookie mistake there Emily

This is a sign of the times isnt it, were so used to texting people that we think we should text them to let them know they don't have their phone Thats not gonna work out Emily Youre gonna lose your phone too Emily Someone should text her to let her know shes losing her phone … Moving on to number 7 -Hey dad come pick me up im suspended … what did you do this time … nothing my teacher asked me a simple question and I gave a simple answer … what did she ask and what did you say and youre grounded … she said I had 5 bottles in one hand 6 bottles in the other, what do I have? I said a drinking problem … youre ungrounded for leaning my smartass talent- haha ohhhh oh ho ho ho! Nooo way! Ahhh fake Probably fake

Im pretty sure thats fake, sounds like a fake conversation or maybe thats just what Im hoping it is At number 6 now -Hey Mr R, I already read Huck Fin over the summer, do I have to read it again? … any book worth reading once is worth reading again … even twilight? … I said it had to be worth reading once- oooh sick burn Sick Nobody has ever taken a pop at Twilight Thats brave Mr R

Youre a savage Mr R Sarcasm? Dunno what you mean, never heard of it For real though, hes right, I like to keep my own opinions out of these videos but Twilight is – just cut me here At number 5 now -Sir, I really need 2 pass 2moros exam or my parents will kill me … oh hello Cindy … sir I will do anything to pass, and I mean anything … Ive got a naughty idea … ok sexy what Should I do 4 u 2moro … would you, study?- … hurray! It turned out to be not creepy! Yaay! Except wait, the whole rest of the conversation is completely fucked up … excuse my language there but at least it wasnt as bad as their language, crazy Coming in at number 4 -Hey Jack, this is Hannas teacher

We met at the conference yesterday, and I would like o get to know you better … um, mrs wells? … yes? 🙂 … this IS hanna! … but I thought you filled out your parents phone number on the sheet Whoops … see you Monday- oh what an awkward Monday I bet that was Unless, unless his was Hannas Dads way of making sure Mrs Wells didnt text him again, he pretended to be his daughter Yeah that would just be weird Poor Hanna … Sticking with a similar theme now for number 3 -Sweetie me and your teacher are gonna bang tonight so you don't have to come in early … haha mom read your last text, gotta hate those autocorrects … what autocorrect im serious … Im moving out!- I think thats a very appropriate reaction

Get out of there What kind of parent would text their kid that? Videos like this make me lecture parents on how to raise their kids, thats the level Im now on … Coming in at number 2 we have one between a teacher and a parent, but its too good to miss out -Hello, this is Miss salerno, just a reminder to please send madelines signed penis session slip with her to school tomorrow Thank you! I apologize! My iPhone auto correct my sentence! I meant permission slip, yikes, technology! … Wow yes we grant permission for the field trip Not the other thing! Lol- … I love that, I love how they had to say state they definitely were not giving their permission for that other slip

You can never be too careful And finally at number 1 -Hey need your help! Which one is the answer of the 52 on the biology quiz? … valery, this is mr ussher, your biology teacher … this is not how it looks like! … no problem, the answer is c … thanks … your welcome, now you owe me 10 bucks- normal Normal behaviour there If anything, Im surprised they didnt charge more

In the future you may even be able to pay thousands of dollars to just get a qualification Actually I guess thats kind of what a degree is … oooh, got real there didnt I … Well guys, that was that, we took a long hard look into the abyss of teacher student text messages and the abyss stared back at us Hopefully you enjoyed, let me know what video you want to see next on the channel and Ill see you all in the next one …

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