Top 10 Funniest Live TV News Interviews

Hey welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Most of us at one time or another have gone down the endless youtube hole and have donated all our productivity hours to the god of compilation videos

It doesnt matter if your watching russian dash cam videos of the most insane car accident videos or if its dogs hanging out with cows and so cute it makes you wanna cry a little bit Well some of the best out there are Anchor Bloopers, my personal favorite is when they puke out of nowhere Clip 3 Theres something about a person puking that makes me giggle like a kid who just found out what farts are Well today were going to be diving into some of the better awkward moments that happen with news anchors with todays list of top 10 Funniest Live Tv interviews Make sure you stick around for the top 3 because they are all classics that Im sure you guys love

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook Its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better And without taking a long lets get into this list 10 Powerball Prize money Were going to kick off todays list with one of the most honest people whos ever been captured on television

This guy is out there trying to win 500 million dollars, literally half a billion dollars is what was going on the powerball at this time You could go from working in a factory, sacrificing your lower back for 15 bucks an hour to living like Jay Z and Beyonce Flying around the world in a private jet eating endangered caviar and wiping your butt with gold encrusted toilet paper Well this news anchor went to hit the streets to find out what people would do if they won this kind of money and my god, the guy who she asked hit her with the most straight up answer ever Clip 4 Hookers and cocaine baby, this guy dosent beat around the bush for a second, he doesnt say he wants to buy a nice house and travel or donate to charity

He reveals his soul to the world and his soul wants hookers and cocaine I salute you sir, for telling it how it is 9 Kid Texas Next on the list we have someone who Ive nicknamed Kid Texas I dont know if hes from texas but with the way this story goes, Im guessing he is and Kid Texas just has a nice ring to it You might have remembered this because it happened not that long ago

When a home invader got shot down by little kid with a fitted cap Heres a clip to refresh your memory Clip 5 That is one of the most badass things Ive ever seen This kid saw a man in his house, shot him in a place that didnt kill him so the police could come and arrest him and while he was waiting for the police to get there he called him a little baby for crying Dont mess with kid texas unless you want to be used for target practice

I wish I had the composure that this kid has If someone broke into my house I would probably run to the bathroom so I could lock myself in there And hopefully the intruder doesnt see my naked shadow scurrying in there for safety 8 And at number 8 we got Clip 6 It feels like just yesterday that every week we had a new person on the news giving us an interview so good that you know it was going to get turned into a song And this one was one of the best

All I know about this interview is that clearly, the building was on fire and this lady was not going to get caught up in that trash, no way I love how you can tell she has just got out of bed and shes already so focused for this interview I guess escaping a burning building with do that to you But I like to think she wakes up everyday like that, ready to narrate everything that just happened to her with the enthusiasm of sports broadcaster after a massive dunk Clip 7 7 Farmer tells a tale I didnt even know there was actually people like this, this guys seems like hes pulled right out of a cartoon

Clip 8 I wouldnt be surprised if this guys first words were Yeehaw I want to hang out with him, I bet he knows how to BBQ like a champ and probably has some moonshine so strong I would astral project out of my body and see all my ancestors Hes describing a crash that happened on his property Were two people in a jeep smashed into a pole unleashing a swarm of bees that sting the crap out of them Which sounds like one of the worst chain of events ever, I wouldnt be surprised if his boss left him a voicemail telling him they know hes been stealing, just something to make the moment even worse

But the way this farmer describes everything happening is so much more beautiful Clip 9 I need to describe more things as screaming and squalling 6 Flossys birthday party Ok Flossy is a straight up G, This lady is dosent have time to be fake anymore Firstly, her name is Flossy Dicky which is one of the greatest unused porn names ever and shes being interviewed her 110th birthday, only bad bitches live this long But what truly makes this centenarian a legend is her response to this reporter Clip 10 Shes at a 110 birthdays, she dosent care anymore, she just wants to be left along so she can chill and watch Tv She even says earlier in the interview that her favourite activity is napping

I cant wait until Im at the age where my favourite activity is napping and I can tell my family I dont care about them Flossy we all love you and thank you for showing everyone what it means to be real 5 Brisbane Crime stopper Now were going to fly over to Australia, were the spiders are big enough to eat children and kangaroos run wild like raccoons We have a guy with no front teeth who stopped a guy from feeling the scene after he crashed into a store The jokes write themselves in this one

Some dude fell asleep behind the wheel of the car, drove into a store and then tried to take off on foot But I think this local hero gives a much better breakdown than I do Clip 11 Awe yeah I think he saved the day, My favourite part of the whole interview is this Clip 12 4 I like Turtles Probably one of the most famous interviews of all time I think there are more people who have watched this socially awkward kid give one of the most cringy interviews of all time than people who vote If there are any of you whove been living under a rock and dont know what Im talking about, we got the highlight for you

Clip 13 Thats a piece of history right there To this day I have no idea what the relation is between liking turtles and being painted like a zombie I tried digging through the internet to see if I could find out who this kid grew up to be but I couldnt him anywhere I think he probably went into hiding after the whole world started memeing him He probably wanted him and his turtles to be left alone, not everyone was made to bask in the spotlight

3 Are you going to miss your mom I think this interview encapsulates how we all feel when we wake up in the morning and we realise we might have to work a desk job for the rest of our lives Clip 14 This kid went super viral, when the moment he realized that life slowly takes away things you love was caught on camera It does seem kinda mean laughing that his poor 4 year old crying but I literally cant watch this clip with a straight face I think that makes me a monster but I honestly dont care For some reason I take pleasure in watching real pain, I should probably talk to someone about that but Im going to wait until it manifests into a serious probably like an adult Push down your feelings until they hurt the people around you, thats what growing up is all about, and thats what that kid learn that day

2 Aint nobody got time for that Lord jesus its a fire! If you havent seen this interview I have no idea what youve been doing This was not only one of the funniest interviews of all time but It also became an amazing song Its a reporter interviewing Sweet Brown, I do not have confirmation if that is her real name, right after her apartment building caught on fire Clip15 Clip16 And shes right you know, Aint nobody got time for that, if your ever in a burning building you dont stick around to figure out why everything is so smoky, you yeet yourself out the nearest window and then go get some snacks at the nearest 7-11 so you can watch the baby burn You might take a moment to look for your kids or you playstation but other than that its get the hell out and look up some vacant places on craigslist

1 And number one on our list is! Clip 17 Fred here is a legend! Getting in with news anchors and throwing out his unforgettable catch phrase These guys are so big that other people started bombing interviews with the world famous slogan Fred never cared about what people thought about him or if there would be any backlash against him He is truly fearless and a beacon of freedom of speech, a role model for every kid out there Well thats probably an exaggeration but you guys get what I mean

Fred, if that is his real name, went out there on the streets and shouted profanity into a microphone so all of us could smile for a little longer I mean some people hate this dude and think he should be locked up but to those people I say Lighten up, If your going to get upset about something start with the amercain banking system or war in 3rd world countries and leave Fred to continue being a dick to news reporters, he deserves his spot as Number 1 on todays list of top 10 funniest live tv news interviews

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