Top 10 Famous Urban Legends That Came To Life

Urban legends are fun little stories to share at a sleepover, or around a campfire to get a good spook I mean they are just stories that are passed down through generations right? Well some might be, but definitely not all

Hello! Whats going on, im your host lindsay ivan and welcome back to most amazing top ten Now i have done alot of urban legend videos on this channel, from scary internet urban legends, to scary childhood urban legends, I have covered a lot of ground But I have never talked about urban legends that ended up coming to life So That's exactly what I'm going to be talking about today Starting off at number 10 we have the candyman

The candyman was an urban legend based off the short story by clive barker which eventually got turned into a movie The urban legend states that if you look in the mirror and chant his name 5 times then he will appear and give you candy Kidding, i wish, but instead he will appear and murder you Now in the movie the candyman, they had him climbing out of a medicine cabinet which altered the urban legend In 1987 it would appear as if the candyman was real

Ruth mccoy was a victim, who passed away after 2 men climbed through her medicine cabinet and shot her Now these men were not the candyman, but used the same method of killing that he would use They broke through the connecting wall and entered Ruth's apartment through her cabinet This is a very scary and tragic case Moving on to number 9 we have the hermit in the woods In Northpond Maine, a hermit living in the woods was all the talk for 27 years

This urban legend started after people were mysteriously losing their food, clothing, tools and toiletries People said that this hermit would creep into your unoccupied home and steal items Well in 2013, it turns out that this legend was real Christopher Knight was arrested and charged for robbery Apparently he committed more than 36 robberies per year, and was living in the woods since around 1986

I mean I have no clue how he got away with it for so long Next at number 8 we have the leaping lawyer of bay street Now this urban legend is about a lawyer who fell from his office building and plumitated to his death Now I remember hearing this story as a child, since it originates in toronto What I didn't realize was that it was true! Apparently in 1993, a man named Gary Hoy was trying to prove how strong the unbreakable glass in his office was

As a result, he ran towards the window and used his full weight to bang against it Unfortunately, the entire window popped out and he fell 24 stories to the ground Moving on to number 7 we have the ghost of maules This next urban legend takes us to switzerland It is said that a mysterious figure who they call le loyon or the ghost of Maules, stalks the Maules forest wearing only camouflage and a gas mask

Some people have claimed to see this figure, but it remained just an urban legend until 2013 In 2013 a photo surfaced of what appears to be le loyon Then a few months later, his gas mask and coat were found in the forest Alongside that was a note that basically suggested that he was wandering the forest wanting solitude, and even suggests that he may have taken his own life To this day, no one knows why someone was lurking the forest dressed like that, or where they disappeared to

At number 6 we have the Alice Killings Now this is based on Japan’s most famous urban legend Legend has it that someone was murdering random individuals and placing a single playing card by their bodies with the word “alice” written in the victim's blood This was said to happen between 1999- 2005 Well, in 2003 this story came to life Around that time there was a serial killer in spain that would leave playing cards alongside his victims

He was found guilty for the death of 6 people passed and 3 that were wounded However, no need to worry, this killer was caught and is spending 142 years in jail We are now at our fifth and halfway mark with the bunny man This legend dates back to virginia in the 1970s Basically the legend states that there was a patient that escaped the mental asylum and would gut bunnies and hang them from a bridge underpass

This same patient was then said to move onto new victims, being teenagers Well in october of 1970 people reported seeing this bunny man around town One couple said that they saw him dressed in a white suit and bunny ears They also claim that he threw a hatchet at their car windshield and shattered it The next sighting was from a security guard who saw this man with a hatchet hacking away at a porch railing

When confronted he ran away No one has been able to catch this man, and as creepy as he is, there's no evidence that he has murdered anyone Thankfully But also, what's up with his costume, like there is trying to embody the easter bunny Or maybe he was the easter bunny who is now going down a darker path

And of course we have the boogeyman on this list coming in at number 4 There are so many different legends of the boogie man out there, but this one is about one named Cropsey This tale originated in Staten Island where kids believed that the boogeyman named cropsey would live in the woods and would attack and disembowel children Other versions say he was an ax murderer, but no matter what version you heard they all say that he would hunt and attack children Parents would reassure their kids that they had nothing to worry about

But they did In 1987 Andre Rand was responsible for a bunch of child disappearances and deaths in the 1970’s It is said that the story of the boogieman heavily influenced him, and he even lived in the woods part time, being the real life corpsey In our third spot we have the organ stealers Now this is another well known urban legend

This urban legend has lots of variations but they all basically surround the same concept A person is out travelling on a business trip, hooks up with a stranger, who ends up drugging them Yikes Then they end up in a tub of ice, with stitches along the side of their body, and with their kidneys missing! Now we may feel safe since this is just an urban legend right? Wrong It has happened to numerous individuals whose organs are then sold illegally online

In 2008 it happened to a constructor worker by the name on Mohammed Saleem He took on a construction job in New Delhi, but when he showed up to the job site he was knocked out, and his kidney was taken Another victim was Shakel Ahmed who was 28 years old when he also had his kidneys forcibly taken from him This is terrifying, I would like my kidneys to remain intact thank you very much Coming in at number 2 we have slenderman Of course mr

slendy had to make it on this list He is an all time favourite urban legend of mine I’ve mentioned slenderman on this channel before Basically he is a super tall pale creature that appears to have no face He preys on little children, getting them to do dark deeds for him, or kidnaps and murders them

Now slenderman is just a legend created by Eric Knudson However in 2014 two teen girls were charged for stabbing one of their classmates, claiming that slenderman told them to Now the victim did survive, but the girls plan was to walk to slenderman's mansion after they finished the deed They claim that his mansion is located in wisconsin's nicolet national forest And in our number 1 spot we have the black eyed children This legend is definitely one to keep you up at night

The legend surrounds children whose eyes are completely black, that make an appearance at nightThe kids can be anywhere from 6 – 16, and target adults who are alone These kids often ask for favours, such as asking to get a ride home with them, asking for food, or to use the bathroom in their house Now there are too many stories about people encountering these children In 1998, that was the first encounter with them

A man said that two black eyed children tried to get a drive home from him He said that the children said “ we cant get into your car until you do, just let us in, we will be gone before you know it Umm no thanks, that is terrifying More like he will be gone before you know it In 2008 a woman had a similar encounter

She was in a car waiting for her mom when the children were tapping on the glass asking for a ride Now it's easy for people to make up these stories for attention But there is an actual video that shows a motorcyclist encountering a black eyed girl In the video you can see the girl appear and then disappear in front of him when he stops his motorcycle Then she appears again and he runs away

Check it out Note to editors if you aren't allowed to use this video for copyright reasons than use this next line Now i will have this video linked below, and tell me your thoughts on it Well that's all I have for you for todays video Lets move on to our comment shout out portion of this video

Today i will be reading some comments from the video, top 10 scary internet urban legends Chua HL commented ITS MAH BIRTHDAY and i got scared… Well happy birthday to you, sorry that this scary video was your present Obi wan kenobi commented I want slenderman’s tailor

Right! Like who made him a suit that is that nice and form fitting, and long enough for his long body Also im so happy that a jedi master is watching my videos Dan commented do the bloody mary thing in your car wing mirror so she has to chase you down the freeway That's a hilarious suggestion, but no thank you, that would be terrifying having a highspeed car chase with bloody mary

Alesic Myers commented, i think the spookiest thing to happen to me was hearing someone call my name when i was the only person home, and at the time i lived at my parents house out on a dirst road It was an old trailer that was talking apart so i often wondered if there was a ghost or something there Wait… An old trailer that was talking apart I hope you meant falling apart But thats creepy, I would have bolted out of the house And that's all from me today as always give this video a big thumbs up, commented down below for your comment to be featured in my next video and dont forget to subscribe to most amazing top 10 for more amazing videos

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