Top 10 Extraordinary People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

I’ve always been super fascinated or intrigued with different walks of life I’ve been even more inquisitive about the savant syndrome that gives people extraordinary abilities that can’t be explained

A lot of times these conditions are linked with significant mental disabilities but I am not sure I see it like that I don’t see it as a disability more like an amazing ability I mean I just witnessed this guy on Americas Got talent who is blind; and has been diagnosed with mental disabilities who can barely talk but he has genius music abilities where he can sing We will be talking about Kodi Lee more in this video so make sure to stay tuned and we also have people who have stunning super strength, or the ability to breath underwater for over 22 minutes it’s insane what the human body can do Well how’s it going You guys I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video

If you guys are new here hit the like button if you enjoy this video and subscribe for more top 10 lists Also don’t forget to tell us what top 10 videos you would want to see next in the comment section We are always reading Make sure to stay tuned till the end of this video because we talk about someone who is the only one in the world with such a unique condition and its mind blowing Alright let's get right into this video this is the Top 10 Extraordinary People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Starting us off at number 10; we have the real life human tree man This right here is Abul Bajandar and he suffers from Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis which is an extremely rare recessive hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer Its is very commonly known as tree man syndrome When Abul was just 15 or 16 years old he noticed some small warts on his knees He tried some traditional medicine from different areas of Bangladesh but it kept coming back and it would spread to his hands and feet

https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=s_7mtA2v7IM 0:27- 0:38 “insert our own music” also use clips of this for b-roll Abul was admitted to a medical hospital and during the year of 2016 he underwent 25 surgeries for the removal of the warts Doctors were able to remove most of the warts but just a few years later is returned, and the condition came with a vengeance

The condition had significantly worsened and spread even more He needed another 5 or 6 operations to get the condition back under control It’s really sad what he has been going through and actually just this past June of this year he requested to have his arms amputated because the pain was just unbearable In at number 9 we have an Extraordinary man who was able to run 50 triathlons in 50 days in 50 states That man is James Lawrence from Calgory Canada

James Lawrence was able to have his own Netflix documentary Its called iron Cowboy and yes I have watched it and its really amazing A triathlon comprises of a 24 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 262 mile run which took him on average 14

5 hours to complete Most people are tired for the day after a 8 hour work shift never mind always moving for 145 hours most people can’t even do one Triathlons in there life times but this guy performed 50 of them in 50 days while only sleeping for 4 hours on average Its incredible what the human body is capable of I run for 20 minutes and I am hurting

I highly recommend watching it on netflix Again its called iron Cowboy very inspiring Moving onto a man who injected Synthol into his arms went on to have the Guinness world records for the largest upper arms in the world This man is Moustafa ismail and comes in at number 8 He has been injecting oil in his arms for attention, he wanted to have the biggest arms in the world Is this real life right now pretty sure his biceps is bigger than my waist

I am not sure why you would want 31 inch biceps On top of injecting himself with oils he trains his arms 6 days a week and eats 6 meals a day He advertises that he has been working out since the age of 11 years old I don’t know if this guy realizes how disproportionate he is and he looks ridiculous A man who naturally has big arms and hands is at number 7

So this right here is the real life popeeye Jeff Dabe So he has been trying to figure out why his arms and hands are abnormally large but it seems like no medical doctor can figure it out, and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the growth of his arms Jeff Dabe embraced it and got himself into arm wrestling and I know it might be weird but I do watch a lot of arm wrestling My favorite person is Devon Larratt who is a Canadian legend in the arm wrestling world And I do get to see Jeff Dabe arm wrestling a lot He’s not the strongest person but going up against them must be extremely intimidating Alright let’s move on to Number 6 we have a 23 year old who I’ve admired over the years and actually just went undrafted in the NBA but just got signed with the Boston Celtics

We are talking about Tacko Fall who i’ve followed his high school career Most people are finding out him now after the NCAA tournament and now he’s known to be the tallest NBA player in history Let me put into perspective how tall this kid is, Boban is the tallest player in the nba right now and he is 7 foot 3 Well Tacko Falls is 7 foot 7, and yes he is taller than Yao Ming Tacko Falls standing reach is 10 foot 3 inches an NBA net height is just 10 feet so he can dunk while not even standing straight

Let me put this into more perspective to you guys the tallest living human right now is only 6 inches taller than Tacko Falls The tallest person in America right now that I was able to find is only 1 inch taller than Tacko falls this is very Extraordinary and I just can’t wait to see him play in the NBA Also I was able to meet canada's tallest man standing at 7’7” we filmed a top 10 together at the studio and he couldn't even fit on the screen Let me give you guys a flashback to that very quickly Moving into number 5 we have the world's smallest living woman

This right here is 25 yr old Jyoti Amge and she measures in at 2ft 1 inches Let’s put this into perspective babies when they are born are between 18-22 inches Jyoti Amge is just 2-3 inches taller than that, this is because of a very rare condition She has a genetic disorder called Achondroplasia (ei·kaan·druh·plei·zhuh) Jyoti Amge has been apart of many documentaries over the years

She was in Body Shock: two foot tall teen, she was also a guest participant on Bigg Boss 6 which is an indian television show Also she was apart of the american horror story freak show I think the craziest part and I dont even think this is right but she only weighs 11 lbs How is that even possible Next up at number 4 we have a man who has the worst memory

that was Clive Wearing, who is a british former musicologist, conductor and a keyboardist who suffers from chronic amnesia He lacks the ability to form new memories and only has a 7 second memory Back in 1985 when Wearing was 47 years old he was struck by a virus that caused massive damage to his brain Against all the odds, doctors managed to save his life but he was left with a memory of a baby, but for some reason his ability to remember how to play music is unaffected But when he played the music he doesn't remember playing it

he was saying he has never even heard music playing since his accident So he remembers he had an accident but doesn't remember anything at all From someone with virtually no memory at all now to a 10 yr old kid that baffles scientists because of his super memory is up next at number 3 that was Jake Hausler who has a superior autobiographical memory he has had this remarkable ability since the age of 8 years old Researchers have been studying Jake Haulser to understand how he has this ability

It’s said that only 6 people in the world has the ability of superior autobiographical memory where they can remember everything on a day to day There is actually a famous actress who is one of these 6 people including this kid Jake Hausler Well the actress is Marilu Henner I guess the acting business is great for her because she can memories every line from just reading it once I think that is insane because I dont even know what day of the week it is today

Number 2 We have Abigail and Brittany Hansel there story is unbelievable and very inspiring They were born just 2 months after me so they are 29 years old and are American conjoined twins They are known as dicephalic conjoined twins which means their heads are side by side and they share just one torso Usually when this happens only 1 twin can survive the other twin would be a stillborn or they would pass away shortly after birth, but some how the Hansel twins have been able to live with this condition for the past 29 years and they have been thriving

They can drive, and they even became school teachers in which they better be getting paid double Finally at number 1 we have the girl born with her heart outside her chest This little girls name is Vanellope Hope Wilkins She might be the only one in the world with such an extreme condition so severe Vanellope was born in Russia and Russain doctors told her mom to prepare for the worst because when she was born she has a very rare condition, and she won’t survive

The heart developed outside of her body Doctors have tried to put the heart back into her body, but she wasn’t strong enough and was having problems with her blood pressure Well there you guys have it thanks so much for watching I was your host Landon do not sing, and I will see you guys all in the next most amazing top 10 video

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