Top 10 Extraordinary People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist – Part 2

It’s extremely interesting to me to learn about all different walks of life I’ve always been very inquisitive about extraordinary people, especially people who have savant syndrome which is a syndrome that gives people abilities that just can’t be explained

For Example have you guys heard of Kim Peek the man who can remember everything he has ever read or anything he hears They made a movie about him called Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, It’s really good A lot of times these conditions are linked with significant mental disabilities but I am not sure I see it like that I don’t see it as a disability more like an amazing ability Just like I mentioned in the first part of this video there is currently a contestant on America's Got Talent at the time of this recording who is killing it

He is blind, and have a severe mental disorder His name is Kodi Lee and he can’t even hold a conversation and can barely talk but somehow this kid is able to sing and play the paina is this real life right now? I really hope he wins America's got talent Alright let’s get into this video, thanks so much everyone for coming back for part 2 of this i am your host Landon Dowlatsingh and this is the top 10 extraordinary people you won't believe actually exist part 2 Click right here if you missed part 1

Starting of this list at number 10, well actually lets talk more about Kodi Lee He is 22 years old who has Optic nerve hypoplasia which is a medical condition arising from the underdevelopment of the optic nerves, This means Kodi Lee is legally blind, he does have light perception so he knows when the lights are on and off Kodi is 1 of about 25 known people who has his extraordinary abilities that allows him to play music and sing alright it was kinda hard to hear him because so many people are freaking out I would be as well he’s so good

Let’s move onto number 9 I want to introduce to you guys to this little guy right here This is Alex Connerty who is an extraordinary boy from Liverpool He is known to be Britain's only Primordial Dwarf Primordial Dwarfism is a very rare often dangerous group of genetic conditions that result in a small body size and other growth abnormalities

First signs of this come in the fetal stage and for Alex’s mother Sue she was rushed to the hospital for an emergency C Section Doctors at this time knew what they were dealing with but somehow Alex Connerty was able to be born really early and was able to survive all odds against him Alex never grew past 35 inches and is known to be the tiniest boy in the world The extraordinary memory is up next at number 8 We are talking about Ben Pridmore who is a memory champion from Derby in the UK

Pridmore has also earned the prestigious title of Master Of Memory This award is given if you are able to memorize 1,000 random digits in an hour, you can memorize the order of 10 decks of cards in an hour and also you can memorize the order of one deck of cards in under 2 minutes Ben Pridmore only received this ability in his 20s is that why phone numbers are only 7 digits long? Because most of us won't be able to remember it if it was 8 digits? Next up number 7 we have Cameron Mott a little girl who lived with only half a brain When she was 3 years old Cameron was having very severe seizures

It would happen more and more to the point it was happening 10 or more times a day This left her family fearful for her life It took a very long time to diagnose what was going on and after many failed medication and failed diagnosis doctors were finally able to determine the cause of the seizures She was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s syndrome which is a very rare autoimmune disorder that causes deterioration of one half of the brain So she had to have surgery

The surgery she needed is called Hemispherectomy which is very risky but this is where surgeons are forced to remove half of this little girls brain Immediately after her successful surgery Cameron was left completely parazlyed on the left side of her body This is every parents nightmare, but remarkable enough after weeks went by and with the help of physical therapy she From one of the bravest girls to now one of the strongest kids in the world at number 6 This right here is Giuliana Stroe who was born in Romania and he has broken records He was only 5 years old when he broke his first record

is this real life right now? That kid is extremely ripped He started training at a very young age by his father use our own audio, this has copyright” Now at number 5 We have Sultan Kosen who is known as the current tallest person in the world He is 36 years old from Mardin, Turkey and he stands at 8ft 2

8 inches His growth resulted from a condition known as acromegaly which was caused by a tumor affecting his pituitary gland for some reason he doesn't even look real because he is so tall but because of his height he has severe trouble walking A lot of people who have Acromegaly they don’t stop growing, they just keep going until it ultimately leads to death For Sulstan Kosen back in 2010 he was able to get treatment for his pituitary tumor at the university of virginia medical school and was provided medication to control his excessive levels of growth hormones

It seemed to have stopped his rapid growth Moving onto number 4 I actually just quickly wanted to talk about the famous Robery Wadlow who was an american man who set the record for the tallest man in the world and this record has stood for the past 80 years Robert Wadlow was almost 9 ft tall and was only 22 years old, his growth never stopped Unlike Sultan Kosen who wasn’t able to walk on his own, somehow Robert Wadlow at 8 foot 11 inches was able to support his height and he was able to walk

0:35- 0:47 that's so insane, his father isn’t even short Hes 6 ft tall but obviously in comparison hes tiny His parents had to make a decision when they found out about this condition weather or not to do a risky surgery that could kill him but if successful he might be able to live longer, their second choice was to just let nature have its course His parents came from a very religious background so they just decided to let nature do its thing Alright number 3

We have Amy Ann Elliot and Kate Marie Elliot who are known as the twins who were born the furthest apart Amy was born first on June 1, 2012 she was 4 months premature So when she was born she was placed into intensive care where she fought for her life, and her twin brother was born 87 days later about 3 months This is absolutely insane when you think about it My best buddy is a twin and he was born like 1 hour after and that to me sounds crazy

Imagine being born 3 months after You know what's crazy when I was doing the re-search for these twins i found an old video of myself talking about it on my old main channel LandonProduction I guess I will show you guys it, i am super young and dont have an awk beard yaa thats all you guys get of that How young am I looking wow

Let's move onto number 2 We have William Zhang a 6 yr old who is a Piano Prodigy how does one's hand move so fast He started at the age of 1 years old despite everyone telling his parents that he was too young to start Now he practises up to 3 hours a day

Now at number 1 we have a child prodigy in Chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer programming and music We are talking about Ainan Cawley Cawley gave his first public lecture at the age of 6 years old At just 7 years old he passed the GCSE chemistry course which is a high school course At 9 years old he was able to memorize and recite pi to 518 decimal i only know 2 decimals

314 done that’s the extent of my capabilities I don't even know why there are so many numbers after that, it’s not necessary

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