Top 10 Demons Pretending To Be Imaginary Friends

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena Growing up I never had an imaginary friend, I grew up in the age of the super nintendo and neo pets

I didnt need to have an imaginary friend because the people and nintendo of america had already imagined a bunch of stuff for me Its either that or Im just not smart enough to come up with one What it really was is the concept never existed for me, by the time I learned what an imaginary friend was I was too old and making one would have felt forced Also I was at the age where I would have given him weird traits like Hes a pink rhino who gives me money and loves watching the sopranos But there have been cases of kids linking up with Imaginary friends that seem to be strangely real and extremely terrifying and that is why Im bringing you todays list of top 10 demons pretending to be imaginary friends

As always make sure you like comment subscribe and it the little notification bell Also follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook for more content, Thats right with one simple click you can see so much more of my dumb face And you guys should stick around for the whole list and see if any of these demons have worked their way into your childhood And without taking any longer lets get into this list 10 Faceless man This one was written by a young mother who son would talk about a creepy man he would always see in his grandparents' bedroom

That sound completely safe and normal, just a guy that nobody knows about hanging out in a bedroom It sounds like he has the best of intentions Well the little boy said that even though this man was creepy he would talk to him and he seemed nice but he made the boy feel uncomfortable Now the mom new that this couldnt be a real person but the more and more the little boy talked about him the more the mothers concerns grew It seemed like every time he went over to visit his grandparents he would have an encounter with this creepy man

Eventually the mom asked what he looked like and the little boy said oh he dosent have a face That will make it easy to sleep at night, a faceless demon is making pals with your toddler, one of the toughest parts about being a parent is controlling the people your kids are exposed to Especially when the come for an alternate demonic universe 9 Michael One of the best places to make friends is on vacation You run into some other people who are on vacation, everyones feeling loose and wild, youve got no responsibilities, maybe you all have too much to drink and everyone keeps a secret

Great times and never ending memories Well sometimes you meet a bunch of like minded people to make mistakes and sometimes your a little girl and meet an invisible boy on the beach named michael The Reddit user Im not a crazy person wrote a story about a boy that no one could see that she met while on a trip with her parents to florida They were all on the beach and she spent the day playing with michael When it was time to leave she asked fi michael could come with them, her mom thought it was all in her little girls head so of course she said yes

For years she said she would play with michael and can remember it all vividly It stayed until one day he said he found his family and was leaving Was this all in a little girls head or was this a ghost who was freeloading off them fro years 8 The Captain This story comes right from a child psychiatrist Some parents brought in their daughter because she was terrified by being in her room who she called the captain She described the captain as a tall man with a beard

And the captain would tell the little girl that when she grw up her job would be killing This of course scared the hell out of the little girl because she didnt want to kill anyone and probably because she thought she would have more options for her future The little girl would cry and tell the captain that she dosent want to kill but he would just say, youll get used to the killing 7 Grateful A young girl by the name of Ruby was interviewed for a magazine, the article was about imaginary friends Ruby described her imaginary friend as a 14 year old girl named grateful who was pregnant with two kids and had yellow eyelashes which let her see in the dark

It just seemed like a fun character until the article was published and then actress Natali Morales contacted the girls mother through twitter Giving her details on why this wasnt an imaginary friend but the ghost of a pregnant teen who was murdered 6 Girl in the Closet Next we got what is for sure the creepiest one on the list so far The story comes from a mom whos daughter would talk about a girl named Kelly who would live in her closet Kelly would do pretty normal stuff, the two would play together, kelly would sometimes hangout in a rocking chair, which is a huge ghost red flag, just saying

It was all nice and normal until one day the mom is watching the Amityville horror starring canadian treasure Ryan Renolds and her daughter walked into the room It was during a scene where there was a girl on screen with black pits for eyes and rotting skin Her daughter then says, that looks like Kelly, to which the mom responds, whos Kelly? And the daughter replies, the dead girl who lives in my closet She probably had a great sleep that night 5 A family spirit We’ve got another one we snagged right off of reddit, reddit is such a wonderful place for everything you want

You kind find illegal streaming websites, sell or buy used underwear or find horrifying stories about kids hanging out with ghosts This story was written by R croli 32, she said her daughter told her story about a tall man who would visit her at night and do the sign of the cross on her forehead If it wasnt bad enough that the ghost were coming into your homes now their touching you The creepiness factor got turned all the way up to 11 when her and her daughter were going through some family photos They came across of picture of the R crolis late grandfather and the little girl said that this is the man that has been visiting her at night

This is where it gets good, the little girl had never met her great grandfather before that this was the first time she saw a picture of him And when this dude was still alive he would do the sign of the cross on all his kids foreheads before they went to sleep So I guess its a little better if you know the ghost before it happens, but I dont really know 4 A family man This one might have been a real imaginary friend or the demon ghost of a murderer The comes from the sister of a little boy named Jordan and Jordan had an imaginary friend named Rodger

Rodger was a family man with 9 kids and Jordan and Roger got on fabulously Until one day when the little boy announced that Roger is gone and he killed his whole family Well thats a very abrupt end to a friendship Now this might have just been a kid who didnt understand the weight of death and murdering your family of 9 Or was this the ghost of a crazed man that was left behind from a murder suicide

Either way I think if I have kids Im going to get a table into their hands as fast as possible, there is no way in hell theres a ghost out there that is more entertaining than the whole internet I dont care if you killed 10 kids, your not beating netflix and russian dash cam videos 3 Jenny Ok so this one literally gave me goosebumps This story is about a single mom and her daughter who have just moved into a new home together Not long after theyve got settled the little girl starts playing with an imaginary friend named jenny

The kids in a new place with just her mom so this seems normal One day this unseen friend named Jenny asks the little girl if she can play with the cat in the basement, so she asks her mom and her mom is like of course, why wouldnt she Then the cat went missing, like they couldnt find this little kitty anywhere A couple days after the cat went missing the little girl told her mom that Jenny wanted to play with her in the basement The mom was really freaked out and of course said no and the next day the little girl woke up with scratches all over her body

What the hell is going on, next they did some research into who this Jenny girl was and they found out that Jenny had gone missing in the basement a long, long time ago This was spooky as hell so the two quickly moved out and Im assuming the put the house on the market 2 The Bunny man Taking care of kids can be so much fun or you could be taking care of kids who think that there is a demon in an easter bunny costume living in their home This story comes for a girl who said when she was 16 she would babysit kids who were terrified of a thing they called the bunny man On more than one occasion of the of the twins would start screaming, claiming that he was in the room with them

Sometimes the other twin could sense that his brother was in trouble and tell the babysitter to go help Now this might have just been a prank to scare to crap out of a 16 year old girl who was just trying to make a little money But she said that when they would claim to see him they would be terrified often crying So what do you think? Great actors ready to go in for that oscar roll or is this Donny Darko come to life 1 Mr man Ok and last on our list is the story of Mister Man

You may have heard of this one it was a pretty famous story on reddit It comes from a guy who said when he was 5 he would be visited by a figure a few times a week when he would go to bed He was a tall man, dressed in all black, he was bald and had a frowning face, He was probably frowning because he found out that if you go bald in real life you stay bald when your dead, thats a bum deal This figure would never hurt him but would just kinda float over is bed like a really creepy roommate, the one day he just vanished It wasnt until years later when the boy was all grown up that Mr

Man made his return the man saw the shadowy figure staring at him through a doorway and then the figure ghost powers to swing the door shut Alright everyone that is our list, I want to thank you all for tuning in I would love it if you guys could take a second to like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell The comments are key guys, let me know all your critics of the video, ive got a thick skin so I can take it and it helps me make better content for you guys Also if you guys need more stuff to check out go look at our instagram and facebook

I hope you all really enjoyed this video and until next time Ive been Che Durena and Im going to check in with my niece and nephews to see if theyve made friends with any demons

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