Top 10 Dark Details In Horror Movies You Never Noticed – Part 2

I honestly love Easter eggs Oh i don't mean the chocolate ones you get during easter, but honestly i like those too

But I mean the little details that directors hide in their movies Hey everyone, welcome back to most amazing top 10 and welcome to today's video I’m your host lindsay ivan and today im bringing you top 10 dark details in horror movies that you never noticed part 2 I filmed a part one to this video already, so if you haven't seen it already make sure you check it out as well Alright, starting off at number ten we have the descent

The descent is a 2005 drama surrounding a group of 6 friends that go cave exploring However, this isn’t a dora the explorer episode, so the women get trapped and lost in the caves Soon after, they encounter these creepy creatures called crawlers The crawlers are actually cavemen that have been living there for thousands of years Although lacking eyesight, they still function perfectly in the dark

Terrifying Well in this film, a crawler is actually seen on screen, before the characters even encounter them This happens soon after they enter the cave If you pay attention the crawler can be seen for a brief moment when the character shines her flashlight on the cave walls If you picked up on it then good eye, because this little detail was hard to spot

It is also the first clue to suggest that these women aren’t the only ones lurking around the cave I will have the video linked down below so you can see it for yourself Next up at number 9 we have the thing See the thing with this one Get it

Is that this movie literally gave out a huge clue as to what's going to happen, right at the beginning of the movie The only way you could have caught this, is if you speak Norwegian Let me explain So The Thing is about a shape shifting alien type creature that can transform into anything that they consume This can be from animals to humans

Now the opening scene in the 1982 version of the movie shows a helicopter with a man trying to shoot down a dog After several terrible attempts at doing so, a stranger stops them and yells something in norweigan Well turns out that this something translates to, get the hell outta here, thats not a dog, its some sort of thing Its imitating a dog, it isn't real Well well, if only they spoke norwegian then they could have been saved

Definitely would have been a shorter movie thats for sure In our 8th spot we have jason goes to hell This movie surrounds the notorious killer jason and his return to crystal lake Now in this movie there is a reference to the other horror film evil dead There is a scene where the character duke appears to be flipping through an old book

This book is in fact the necro-nom-icon from evil dead In fact, they used the actual necro-nom-icon book that was used in evil dead for this scene So this may show that they appear in the same universe Or it could be just a fun little easter egg the director wanted to throw in either way, i don't need to think about jason and the creatures from evil dead haunting me

Thats a terrifying duo Moving on at number 7 we have Saw Now saw is a successful franchise created by James Wan There are several movies to this franchise, and even some video games and comic books Now in the very first movie, it surrounds two men who are being tormented by someone by the name of jigsaw

These men have to try to escape the twisted torment of this killer Now at the end of the movie, spoiler alert, it is revealed that jigsaw was actually the man on the floor playing dead the whole time This guys name is john kramer and he has terminal cancer Now in one of the scenes we can see John laying in his hospital bed What you may not have noticed is that in front of him is his open notebook with a drawing of one of his killing devices, the reverse bear trap

How on earth did we miss this Like it literally shows you who the killer is way before the ending I feel like the next time i watch a scary movie i need to hit pause every 5 seconds and inspect the screen Moving on to number 6 we have the dark tower The Dark Tower by Stephen King is a 2017 film adaptation of his book with the same name

Now this movie is filled with dark references to other stephen king works of art The most blatant one is when the protagonist jake is walking through an abandoned fairground During this scene he encounters an old statue of just a hand protruding out of the ground holding 3 balloons This is obviously supposed to be pennywise the clown from IT Then the shot changes to a wide shot and reveals an old dilapidated sign that reads “pennywise”

This is a huge indicator that these stories occur in the same universe Some people even theorize that the villain in the dark tower, known as the crimson king is even related to pennywise Now in this film there is also a reference to the shining In one scene you can see a picture of the lodge from the shining on the therapists desk Then in another scene towards the beginning of the film, two twin girls can be seen

People believe that they are a reference to the well known shining twins We are now at our fifth and halfway mark with the classic film donnie darko Donnie darko stars Jake Gyllenhaal as well… donnie darko, a teen boy who one night encounters Frank, a strange figure in a rabbit costume Frank then warns Donnie that the world is going to end in 28 days Now frank isn't the only rabbit that appears in the film

In fact there are so many references to rabbits all throughout it In one scene you can see donnie carving a pumpkin that looks just like frank In another scene the song the killing moon by the echo and the bunnymen is heard while a volkswagen rabbit drives by Then you also have a stuffed animal rabbit that is seen next to his sister as she sleeps And lastly there is also a photo of donnie dressed up as a rabbit

So this rabbit symbolism was used all throughout the film Now some people believe that frank is a symbol of an angel that's sent to earth to guide donnie to save it Which is interesting since he looks completely opposite to anything angelic Other people believe that frank is supposed to parallel the white rabbit from alice in wonderland In alice in wonderland the white rabbits famous line is im late im late for a very important date

Well similar to the rabbit frank is also under a time crunch as he only has 28 days before the world ends These are just theories, let me know what yours is in the comments below Either way this fim did a good job highlighting the importance of Frank’s character by these subtle rabbit details Coming in at number 4 we have insidious chapter 2 In the second installment of the insidious series, the family is still being haunted by evil spirits that are tormenting and possessing their family

Now I did mention Insidious in my last video, and how the audience can see the ghosts hidden in the scene, before the characters encounter them But here is another detail in chapter 2 that you may not have noticed In one of the scenes, there is a close up of their VCR but instead of it reading Panasonic, it has some letters scratched out and it reads panic Now i know this could have been done for legal reasons, if they couldn't have any brand name electronics in their film, but either way it just adds another layer of creep to the film

And honestly the decision to do this was so clever Next up at number 3 we have the film Scary stories to tell in the dark Now this film is an adaptation of the book with the same name This movie is about a group of kids that break into an abandoned mansion and release the evil held within a young girls book Eventually the scary stories that are written in the book come to life and haunt the kids

Now one really subtle detail that you probably didn't catch or even focus on too carefully is the music The music varies depending on what story they are on The story harold has more guitar and banjo, the story the big toe has a lot of brass, the red spot incorporates string instruments, the pale lady uses woodwinds, and the jangly man uses heavy percussion The composer wanted each story to be unique from the one before and this is super well done

the score is so haunting that it makes the movie that much creepier Moving on to number 2, we have the cabin in the woods The cabin in the woods is about a group of friends that go on a little getaway to a cabin in the… woods yes you got it However, soon this retreat turns into a nightmare as they get attacked by numerous creatures Now in this movie you can see references to multiple monsters from other movies

This occurs in the underground laboratory where a white board is seen with lists of creatures Then towards the end of the movie, you can see tons of monsters in their cells Some of the monsters listed were hell lord which is a reference to pinhead in hell raiser You have deadites which are from evil dead, and reanimated which is a reference to the move the reanimator Now in the ending scene if you pause and observe the monsters you can see pennywise, the girls from the shining and characters from the game left 4 dead

It's terrifying knowing that tons of monsters from the scariest horror movies could be released in this universe Like clowns are terrifying as it is, but imagine pennywise and the twins from the shining teaming up against you, no thanks Thats nightmare central And coming in our number one spot we have get out Get out is a 2017 thriller directed by jordan peele

I loved this movie, it was such an original and scary film, and in fact it won the academy award for best original screenplay Now this film is filled with amazing acting performances, such as the scene where rose played by allison williams, is talking to another character named rod During this chilling phone call scene she remains expressionless the entire time, while still having panic in her voice Incredible acting Anyways shortly after, rose is seen eating fruit loops

But not the typical way She is drinking milk from a straw, and eating a bowl of just plain fruit loops She even eats the fruit loops in little tiny bits, and does little tiny sips of the milk Now I totally overlooked this detail But Jordan peele said that it was to emphasize the creepiness and craziness of her character, and show that she is not normal

She is also shown browsing on bing instead of google, to further emphasize this Lastly, on the wall behind her is her collection of photos of her victims The photos used to be hidden away, but in this scene all the photos are back up on the wall it just shows how proud she is of her and her families unlawful and insane activities Now my question is, how do you eat your cereal

Do you pour your cereal then the milk? Cause i do, or are you weird and pour the milk then the cereal Let me know in the comments And that's it for todays video, Let me know in the comments below if you have seen any good horror movies lately, i'm always looking for new ones to add to my list Now dont forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to most amazing top ten for more amazing videos Ive been your host lindsay Ivan and i'll see you when i see you

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