Top 10 Cursed Words That You Should Never Say

Whats up people hope youre having an awesome day wherever and whenever youre watching this! Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Lets face it people are superstitious about a lot of things, stepping on cracks in the pavement, breaking glass, black cats and words

There are many words that people avoid saying for a lot of reasons, either they think saying it will give them bad luck, the words been known to cause destruction around them or they believe its cursed And those are all valid reasons to not wanna say a word But what words should we be avoiding at all costs? Lets find out This is the Top 10 Cursed Words That You Should Never Say Starting us off with number 10 is Macbeth

Which is probably the most well known cursed word on this list so i thought id ease us in Now if youve ever been a part of theatre or have gone to the theatre you know that saying Macbeth inside a theatre is just a no go unless youre actually rehearsing the play If youre not then its pretty much universally believed to be cursed with giving out bad luck People refer to it most commonly as The Scottish Play The word got its reputation after a long series of unfortunate events

In its first performance in 1606 the actor playing Lady Macbeth died out of nowhere and Shakespeare himself had to replace him In another production in Amsterdam, the actor playing King Duncan was killed in front of the audience when a real dagger was used instead of a prop Actor Harold Norman played Macbeth and died after his stage battle in 1947 Actor deaths aside the plays staging has brought about many audience riots as well Ive done theatre since i was 6 i did drama at university and ive never seen an audience riot so thats something

Many believe Shakespeare cursed the play himself by using real spells in the three witches’ dialogue Skeptics have disagreed claiming the play has been staged over 400 times of course accidents happen I mean accidents are forgivable thats fine, but 3 actors dying in the same play thats more than an accident Coming in at number 9 is You’re Dying If theres one word doctors avoid saying like its the plague its “dying”

In a study done a few years ago it was found that with patients who were dying, only 11% of doctors actually told them about the possibility of death Its always euphemisms like ‘treatment isnt going our way’ or ‘the patient is failing to thrive’ and neither of those point to death Take Nora a journalist for the LA times, her husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour yet none of his doctors told him he was going to die 2 days prior all the specialists were talking optimistically about buying him more time and then like that it was treatment isnt going our way Again no one has mentioned that he is dying

In this day and age technology has advanced so much that doctors dont rely on talking to their patient for a diagnosis its all about scans and test results Intangible things like talking to the patient kind of got lost in translation somewhere And its enshrined in the system, we all know how long doctors spend in medical school like its a long ass time and in 4 years of medical school the average amount of instruction on dying and death is only 17 hours In 2013, out of 49 accredited schools for public health only 3 offered a course on end of life care So there is a gap in the system

And i understand it, schools dont want to spend time on death because death is a medical failure and were not here to fail we’re here to save lives And i cant even imagine how hard it would be to have to tell someone theyre dying but there are so many people like Noras husband who will be blindsided At number 8 we have 13 At least 10% of the US population has a fear of the number 13, fear of Friday the 13th results in losses of over 800 million dollars annually because people avoid travelling, getting married or even working that day Theres so many apartment buildings ive been to here and a lot of them dont have a 13th floor and i actually found out 80% of high rise buildings in the US dont have a 13th floor either

Or they miss that out on the elevator and it just goes 12 and 14 But where did this fear of 13 even come from? Some say its due to the Code of Hammurabi one of the oldest legal documents in the world because it left our a 13th law from its list When really the omission was just human error from the translator Others believe its because mathematicians and scientists always always put such an emphasis on the number 12 It was the perfect number in the ancient world thats why our calendars have 12 months, 1 day is 2 12 hour halves, so because of having to follow the perfect number people find 13 to be lacking

I dont even know what that means how can a number be lacking? What expectations do numbers even have that we find any of them lacking Either way others point to the 13th guest appearance as the reason why people think the number is cursed At the Last Supper Judas Iscariot was the 13th guest to arrive and he was the one that betrays Jesus Thats one, number 2, in Norse lore they believe turmoil and evil were brought into the world by the mischievous god Loki at a dinner party in Valhalla He was the 13th guest

So i mean there is a lot of backing as to why people think its bad luck or cursed, which side dyu fall on? 13 yay or nay? Filling our number 7 slot is He Who Should Not Be Named We all know the what the word im not saying is, but why was it such a thing to not say the word Well Voldemort was the most powerful dark wizard of all time, despite being defeated by Harry Potter he still had a huge loyal following of Death Eaters that seemed to always be around On top of that many believed he wasnt gone for good, wizards like Dumbledore believed he was still alive in some form and would try and return And being the biggest dark wizard, people were terrified of him, even his memory scared people

So wizards and witches alike just felt safer not saying his name They used to not say it when he was at the peak of his power to feel safer and that just continued even after the whole Harry Potter thing And its like the old saying goes yknow, speak of the devil and he doth appear I feel like the same sentiments were shared about Voldemort which is why no one ever said his name I know this isnt part of the real world but as a potterhead i just had to include it

It was my duty Now at number 6 is the number 39 I feel like at this point people are more scared of numbers than they are of words But anyway in Afghanistan the number 39 has a very bad reputation its like a badge of shame The number was said to have been associated with a pimp that lived in Herat, he was called 39 because his cars registration plate and his apartment number had 39 in it

The number also translates to morda gow which means dead cow in Dari but its also a really popular term for a pimp But his pimp came into the limelight locals link the number 39 to pimping and prostitution and want nothing to do with it Corrupt police officials charge more money to change a 39 license plate, some people just use black tape to change the 3 into an 8 Which is i mean nifty One local who had 39 in his phone number told BBC how he would get numerous calls asking if he had any prostitutes

Despite the government telling everyone 39 is fine and theres nothing wrong with it as its just a number, its made little to no difference in public opinion Coming in at number 5 is the number 17 Yes i know many numbers and there are more coming But anyway by now we kind of get the drift that certain numbers in certain countries are considered cursed or bad luck To add to that list the number 17 is considered very unlucky and cursed in Italy

The reason behind this is because if you write it in its Roman numerical form XVII and then change it anagrammatically to VIXI that in Latin means “I have lived” whereas the perfect tense means “My life is over” Which is just not the kind of energy i need from a number Yknow its 2019 i just dont need those bad vibes in my life Like in previous cases its common in Italy for buildings not to have a 17th floor and most hotels do not have a room 17

Even the Italian airline Alitalia doesnt have a seat 17 But honestly i feel like thats a reach the number 17 was perfectly fine, who told anyone to rearrange its roman numerical version into a death omen No one At number 4 is the number 4 Now this one is a bit less known, most people know 13 is a cursed number but in Chinese culture people avoid the number 4 like nobody's business

The reason for that is that the way you say four in chinese sounds very similar to the word for death The same thing goes for the number 4 in Japanese and Korean And its a huge deal, special care goes into avoiding the number in everyday life Saying it around a sick relative is strongly frowned upon and youre never meant to give 4 of something to someone Like the number 13, many Asian elevators skip the 4th floor in buildings and even military aircraft and ships avoid the number 4

April 4th is the worst day of the year its like the equivalent of Friday the 13th And its not just the number 4, its 14, its 42, its 24, its numbers that contain 4 Sometimes in restaurants there is no table 4 or table 14, if they wanted to include it it would take the form of 3A or 13A And it even plays into their economy and real estate, neighbourhoods that dont have 4 in theri street name are more profitable than ones that do And it 100% should not make an appearance in your phone number or address or ID number because that is severe since the number is personally attached to you

Filling our number 3 slot is Being Mean i know that is really broad but it has religious backing In the bible it says death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof There is evil or good behind the words people speak and the book of James sheds a lot of light on this It says the tongue is a restless evil full of deadly poison, with it we praise God and curse men

We can get cursed from anyone, witches, satanists and even by people close to us like our parents If a mum tells her son that hes stupid that is cursing him A demonic spirit could be assigned to follow him around and put stupid thoughts into his head The more stupid shit he does the more he sees himself as stupid and starts to believe that lie that curse and then the spirit can enter him Words nice or bad activate the Holy Spirit or the demon spirits to perform what you spoke into existence

Word curses and speaking negatively activate the demonic realm so its really your choice Your words can either curse you or bless you You decide Now at number 2 is Syphilis Now this one is more about the fear of writing a word rather than the fear of saying it

During the 15th and 16th centuries the fear of contracting syphilis was so rife that doctors wouldnt even write the word Instead theyd just write the greek letter sigma and that signified that you had syphilis Even todays modern medical textbooks advise students to not write syphilis and use sigma instead I completely understand their fear of syphilis i mean if you dont treat it you could become disabled, develop a neurological disorder or even die The fear is justified

But i dont get how they thought writing the word would higher their chances of getting it? Last time i checked writing on paper isnt the same as sexually transmitting a disease And finally at number 1 is 666 So in popular culture 666 has become synonymous with the devil or the antichrist Even me i never even knew where they got the number from but i was like damn 666 is a messed up number Others people believe the number invokes Satan

In manuscripts of the New Testament 666 was associated with the Beast who was an antagonistic creature in the apocalyptic vision In Revelation 14:9 it says if anyone worships this wild beast or its image theyll get a mark on their hand or forehead and will be tormented with sulphur and fire in the sight of the holy angels And that your torment will last forever and ever Which last time i checked is a pretty long time This is such a big deal its an official phobia its called Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

My mind cant even wrap my head around that word right now i need a minute The number was also associated with Roman Emperor Nero who was as vile as they come He got his mum and first wife killed and he killed his second wife who was pregnant by kicking her in the stomach He was also extremely violent towards Christians John the author of Revelations used a puzzle where numbers represent letters and in that Nero comes out as 666

So the number has a lot of troubling history behind it so the masses tend to avoid saying it, having it written anywhere, avoid it being your apartment number if possible etc And thats it for todays video guys! Many words many numbers many curses I think a lot of these are people reaching, i know numbers can be superstitious but they are just numbers at the end of the day With the words i believe them a bit more but what about you guys? Sound off in the comments below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you soon byee!

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