Top 10 Cursed Roads You Shouldn’t Drive On

Hey everyone, welcome back to most amazing top 10 im your host Che Durena If your out there driving you kind of already have enough to worry about with, road rage, animal crossings and the popo trying to hit you tickets and ruin your afternoon

Well now on top of that some roads in this world have been cursed, thats why as soon as I get rich and famous Im only going to travel by helicopter or buff dude who caries me places Thats how you felx on the poor, you have a servant to do your walking for you Well until them Im stuck to ride in a little peasant, and honestly the chances of me becoming famous are becoming less and less everyday So Im glad I made todays list of top 10 cursed roads you shouldnt drive on Its probably going to come in handy as I spend the rest of my days driving myself around even though mentally I believe I should be chauffeured

As always guys make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell And you guys need to stick around for the end of this list because Im going to be reading out comments from the top 10 scary things found on the dark web video Also guys if you want more most amazing top 10 content check us out on instagram and facebook 10 Clinton road Alright were going to kick off this list in New Jersey, as if they didnt already have enough to worry about, I mean I think the cast of the jersey shore still runs ferral through the streets Well this road has a whole bunch of bad juju surrounding it Theres a whole bunch of ghost stuff going like people performing satanic rituals in the forests surrounding the road

The should put up one of those crossing signs for that they have for deer but replace it with an assortment of demons You dont want to drive into a hell spawn while driving at 60 miles per hours, that thing will do some major damage to your car and Im pretry sure insurance wont cover it On top of that theres a turn called dead mans curve which has apparently claimed the lives of many people and if you manage to make it past that curve without spinning out like you hit a banana in mario kart then your going to come to ghost boy bridge Where you can throw a coin off the bridge into a stream and a ghost boy will chuck it right back at you We need more ghost boys out there, in the ocean, throwing garbage back at the people who liter

9 Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand Now for this list Im kind of reaching into two categories The first one being road that are super haunted and have all sorts of ghouls running around trying to eat your face and steal your spark plug And the second being road that are so dangerous theyre pretty much cursed because you have a good chance of dying while driving on one And this one is from the ladder Skippers road is one of the most dangerous roads on the planet

Its constantly falling apart with pot holes big enough for a person to fall into, its extremely narrow, theres sections of the road where two cars cant pass each other If you meet another driver there its a game of chicken to see who will back up first Theres almost zero safety railings and to top it off this road has been carved into the side of a mountain 8 Rout 2 A, Main So the next one is the best of both worlds, its an extremely dangerous road with ghost running amuck This road has been the end of many truckers, the roads get icy and the lack of lights and railings mean you could be driving right off into a ditch

Theres even been sightings of a ghost lady who walks up and down the highway, begging for someone to help her saver her husband 7 Patiopoulo-Perdikaki road, greece Alright next up were going to head over to the country where the gods of olympus themselves were conceived This road in greece is something all of you should avoid unless you have a craving to end up meeting the front end of a semi going 50 miles an hour So this road has a lot of crap to deal with First theres pretty much everything on it, cars, trucks, semis, people, animals, its a giant death fiesta

Second, theres a massive elevation change, its around 500 meters, thats going to pop the hell out of your ears Next there no road markings, no lines, no crosswalks, people driving at night often just drive off the road to their death And finally the road is in about as bad condition as an NFL running backs brain after a 14 year career 6 Mona lisa drive, New orleans Alright we have a bit of an urban legend on this one So legend has it that there was a beautiful girl who fell in love with a saylor boy and then two started having premarital sex

My god who would do such a thing The young girls father killed her for her this floozy behavior and now she walks up and down the road haunting couples Jealous much 5 Luxor Al-hurghada road, egypt Now were going to jet all the way over to egypt and go through the checklist of problems that this road has with it So the Luxor Al-Hurghada road is poorly maintained which is kind of a given if you want to make it onto this list

On top of that it stretches through some pretty busy cities but then dives off into some very remote places, which means if anything happened to your car you would be stuck baking in an egyptian dessert somewhere and help doesnt come around often And if dying from dehydration in a sandy wasteland wasnt enough you could also come into contact with terrorists and bandits who are trying to rob you for everything your worth Now that has to be everything right, No wait theres more So lets say you have the bright idea of driving at night so if your car breaks down you wont be stuck in the sun and so the bandits cant see you Well this is a terrible idea because people will often drive this road with no headlights because theyre afraid of getting hijacked

Which means your chances of having a head on collision go up about 10 fold 4 Shades of death road, New Jersey I dont think you need any more warnings, the road is called shades of death Thats like if there was a dog named castrator because he bit peoples balls off Theres a bunch of rumors as to how this lovely road, also in new jersey, got its wonderful name Some people say its because th road is just dangerous and people crash a ton, other people say that bandits would hide you and murder people for sport and loot

I even heard that there was a malaria outbreak in a village next to the road So maybe take the long way around unless your keep on catching Mosquito Herpes 3 Twen Mwen road, Hong Kong Really the surprising thing about this road is its a pretty nice road, it was built by the british but it has been really well maintained Maybe to road is so perfect that it drives people crazy and the jump out of their cars on the highway, or its a hot spot for earthquakes and other natural disasters Nope, its actually much creepier than that

The Twen Mwen road is a hot spot for ghost sightings People driving will see ghosts just pop up like whack a-mole, ghost just appear out of nowhere and scare the hell out of unsuspecting drivers This will cause people to freak out and crash into each other, the ghost on the bridge are literally directing traffic into other traffic Theyre probably just lonely and thye want more ghost friends to hangout with Theyre like your dead, Im dead, lets be friends and play this game called car go smash smash

2 Screaming Tunnel, Nigara Onatrio Wow this place sounds like a great date spot So the legend of the screaming tunnel goes, if your driving through and you decide to like a match Maybe your smoking a cigar or trying to impersonate scarface Well your going to be in for a wonderful surprise The match will go out and then youll be welcomed by the scream of a girl whos being murdered

Yeah no thanks, Im going to continue my life screamless, the only screams I wanna hear are When Whitney Huston hits the high note in I will always love you Clip3 1 Stocksbridge bypass Alright were going to top off this list with something that is pretty spooky if I do say so myself The Stocksbridge bypass’ death toll is now up to 25 people, now that might not seem like a lot, many of the roads on this list have killed way more people, your probably wondering, Che, Why did you pick this one as the number one Well many of the people who have died on this road were not in a car crash but they were found dead in their car Some of the drivers seem like theyve veered off the road out of nowhere

So whats causing all these spook deaths? Well it could be the ghost monk whos said to walk up and down the road attacking people Like it couldnt just be a regular ghost, it had to be a monk ghost, it might no kung fu, like martial arts spirit Or the reason they people could be dying is because theyre discarded by the laughs of ghostly children that will creep out even though there are no children around FBI Agent wrote Dont worry everyone, I will protect you from murderers Dude where would we be without you, thats why I never cover my phone camera just incase they can save me Just kidding always cover your phone camera Dragon lord Dracodenblaze wrote A rotten potato selling for 420

69 Nice Crazyapplady3 wrote Che, I'm so sorry dear, but it would mean so much to me if you could do more dark web videos If thats what you guys crave then go check out that video let me know in the comments of this video Alright everyone that is all we have for this episode, remember guys if youre a fan of this content make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell, and the comments are key guys so really make sure you let me know what you would like to see more of and what you maybe want to see less of Also be sure to check out most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know the host a little bit better Until next time Ive been Che Durena and you wont catch me on any of these haunted roads because I ride a bike

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