Top 10 Cursed Items On eBay

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video So ive actually never bought anything off ebay, i'm more of an amazon person myself but I was actually surprised at the amount of weird creepy things that people sell on ebay

People are out here selling haunted items theyre selling cursed items at astronomical prices and people are out there buying them So i reckon we join these crazies and see what we can buy These are the top 10 Cursed Items On eBay Starting us off with number 10 is The Watch Now this one genuinely freaked me out cus everything was way too coincidental but lemme know if you guys actually believe it or not

So on the listing for this watch the seller said the watch was owned by a 24 year old woman called Julie The watch was a gift from her dad and he gave it to her before he died saying whenever she wears it he’ll always been looking over her And she used to basically wear it every single day no matter what she was doing Yknow the kind of accessory you only really take off when youre showering? Like that Either way one night she left the watch on her nightstand while working and decided to go for a jog

But she never came back from her jog Julie ended up getting abducted and killed by a delusional person at around 11:29pm and the watch has actually been stuck on that time since that night Its batteries are fine, its not broken it just doesnt move its hands Julies friend took the watch to a medium who confirmed that Julie knows for a fact that if she had been wearing the watch she wouldve been safe and so she refuses to leave the watch now The seller shared that whenever they hold the watch theres sometimes a really abrupt temperature drop, at one point they felt freezing in 80 degree weather

And apparently that didnt hold much appeal since it was bought for a whopping 1750 Coming in at number 9 is Joey Yeah so this seller listed this little boy called Joey on ebay for 100 dollars and im like talk about self worth and the legality and humaneness of that No im kidding Joey isnt a little boy its actually a vintage teddy bear

Plot twist The seller wrote that his grandma visited an antique store in San Diego as a teenager and bought this creepy teddy bear She took it home, named it Joey and then very quickly started having really horrific nightmares Shed go to bed with Joey on her bedstand facing one direction and when she woke up hed be facing a completely different direction And last time I checked, inanimate bears cant move

Other instances shed leave the room and come back and the bear would have one of his arms in the air and despite how freaky it was she never told her parents about it because she didnt want them to throw Joey away You start getting attached to creepy cursed bears overtime it happens Either way time passed, and on the grandmas 90th birthday she told the seller to take some of things including Joey He put the bear in his room and soon after started having really bad nightmares And he started feeling this constant sensation of being watched all the time

His body parts would move randomly and at a certain point the sellers kids started crying and begging him to get rid of the bear He decided to store him in their garage and then items in the garage would start falling from their shelves and moving out of place For all those reasons the seller refused to have this cursed bear in his house any longer and listed it on ebay where it was bought for a whopping 180 dollars At number 8 we have Eve Now Eve is listed on ebay by a Las Vegas based seller angelfirelite for 1666 dollars

I love how they couldve easily kept the price at 666 which wouldve been a lot more creepy but they were like nah i want that extra grand Either way Eve is a cursed doll who’s said to have a murderous spirit inside of her The doll itself is extremely pale, she has tied up red hair and is wearing a very fancy greyish white dress And she sort of looks old timey like shes from the early 1900s Anyway the story goes that human Eve’s lover gave her this doll but then she went on to murder her lover and sister after they ended up falling in love with each other

She then took her own life and her spirit was doomed to curse this doll forever The seller said she can hear broken hearted cries during the night and that Eve causes the worst migraines I dont know why youd include that since that is not a great selling point but sure No ones gonna pay nearly 2 grand for a migraine Filling our number 7 slot is The Lamb

This one is a lamb plush toy listed on ebay by the seller thegallowsofsalem66 The plush toy itself looks like a really run down lamb toy youd find that a kid lost or dropped in a bunch of dirt According to the seller the toy is haunted and cursed by a little girl called Cindy who owned it Cindy was holding the toy when she died in a hit and run and so now you can hear a weird distorted voice coming from the lamb at times It sounds like a broken record that keeps glitching and skipping but its there

The seller is actually Cindys mum and she called an investigator in to test the toy and they concluded Cindy is inside it So naturally as the good mum she is she decides to sell the vessel thats carrying her daughter on ebay for 15 dollars, no returns or exchanges Now at number 6 are The Tap Shoes But i mean one of them is broken even so its not even a pair of tap shoes its like one and a half Either way listed by Haunted_Hearts the shoes were actually found by someone who was cleaning out their aunts estate after she died

They found them tucked away in a nursery closet with a bunch of other Victorian style toys and clothes Whoever found them said they believed they were cursed since they heard a lot of knocking from inside the closet before they found the shoes So if you do end up buying them its likely itll wake you up in the middle of the night tapping away The estate they were found in was said to be home to many ghosts including the spirits of a 9 year old called Lisa who died from sepsis and a woman who murdered her baby there Now i dont know if any of these events cursed the shoes or they were doomed from the very beginning but they are screwed

Just saying But if thats what youre looking for then i guess youve got the right product to be fair Coming in at number 5 is The Photo Listed by the_asylum_attic this historic daguerreotype (duhge-ra-type) is apparently cursed by a Victorian man named Martin And if you dont know what that is its basically the first type of photographic process that was invented, so imagine black and white old creepy men photographed looking like they have something stuck up their ass

The seller said they randomly found it hidden in the attic of their house and kind of entertained by it would bring it out for their guests to look at The more they did that the more guests started noticing certain smells that would appear along with the photograph The smell of roses, the scent of cigar smoke even the musty smell of smoke from a fire They seller became so curious about the photo that they bought a oujia board and spoke to the spirit inside, they claimed Martin was quite talkative and playful but would suddenly become closed off at times Sounds a bit moody to me

Either way the seller liked Martin so much they moved the painting from the attic and hung it in their living room After that items in their house literally started disappearing Not just moving around which was happening too, no no just straight up disappearing Theyd hear footsteps in the living room when they were trying to sleep and these things just started happening more and more that they ended up wanting to sell it And there we have it

Out you go Martin You play too much At number 4 is The Juice Container This one is probably the cutest thing on the list, its like a little deer carrying a moonshine bottle but its not obviously for moonshine its for juice or water and there are a bunch of little cups attached at the bottom All around cute

Anyway the item was listed by Griffey911NY and they described it as a donkey juice container When like it is not a donkey from any angle its so clearly a deer The thing looks exactly like bambi Either way the listing said it randomly fills up with water The seller inherited it years ago from their grandma and its been showing him weird shit all his life

Originally he just assumed his grandma would fill it with water everyday but after she died, he realised it was still happening and no one else was doing it Hes always been skeptical of the jug, he doesnt find the occurance scary or anything he just doesn't get it He has a strong feeling the jug had a big backstory involving it being cursed since his grandma was into the occult but she never trusted him enough to actually tell him Either way if thats cursed, thats a good cursed to be Free water for life

Unless its from the baths of hell Then its not so good Filling our number 3 slot are The Gentleman’s Shoes So dolls are up there and so are shoes apparently So the seller said he found these black leather shoes at a local thrift store and when he got home he realised shoes had been engraved with the previous owners name

Curious the seller decided to search up the name and found the man's obituary The more he read the more he found out and he realized the man had been reported missing and his murdered body was found a month later Now heres where it gets weird As soon as he finished reading the article his computer randomly shut itself down, weird but he brushed it off But then that night he heard a massive crash in his kitchen and found one of the blackboards on the floor

Thinking it was a freak accident he went back to bed The next day he woke up and his son told him the electricity in his room had gone out for 30mins even though the rest of the house was completely fine He even had 2 blessed mother statues and they were facing different directions even though no one had moved them He opened his fridge one day and 5 things fell out even though they were always pushed to the back and never at the edge So after all that he was like these shoes are going cus my life was completely fine before I bought them

He ended up listing them and they were sold for 125 dollars These are the second cursed shoes on the list now Aint nobody got time fo dat Now at number 2 is The Baby Doll I think it's just a given that half the items in the world that are haunted or cursed are dolls

I don't know why its a thing it just is Either way the listing shows this baby spirit doll that has no hair, big haunting blue eyes and is wearing a white tulle skirt Like I don't even think the doll is wearing a shirt at this point The arms and feet and head and face so all exposed skin basically looks burnt, its skin is saggy and actually looks like post burn skin im not even kidding you Either way moving on from its creepy appearance, the seller said after they moved into a house dating back to the 20s they found an old trunk in their basement that had been turned into a toy box ages ago

They took the doll out and after that point they listed a series of paranormal experiences they had all because of the doll The sellers kids were affected the most, their toys would start moving across the room on their own, their eldest son started suffering from nightmares every single night and swore he heard footsteps in his room, their youngest son now cant even sleep alone in his room and if he does refuses to do so with a nightlight And he started talking about an old man and his mother who apparently live in their basement so its clear that this kid is seeing ghosts And those are just the kids’ experiences The seller has heard footsteps and whispers coming from their attic, their front door randomly blows open when no ones there and their electronic devices and lights suddenly stop working simultaneously and start back up a few minutes later

They ended their ad with im not responsible for anything that may or may not happen when in possession of this doll And honestly thats all the warning i need I'll take it And finally at number 1 is The Jewelry Box It looks like the most antique jewelry box ever like honestly who needs a jewelry box that big, its genuinely massive i could put clothes in there if I tried

Mines like 3 dainty glass boxes Anyway the seller claims the box used to be owned by a lovely young woman who ended up dying in a horrible plane crash After she died, her mum kept the box and started hearing bizarre noises coming from what used to be her bedroom The days went by, she kept hearing it, and finally bringing herself to enter her daughters room again she went in to see a full body apparition of her daughter screaming in the middle of the room She couldnt hear anything but the hum she had been hearing for the past few days

The current seller used EVPs to see what was really up and they reported hearing the words take me home and hello When they used an EMF the box triggered even higher ratings So the box is most definitely cursed by the girls soul and i hope whoever buys it knows its a buy one get one full screaming ghost girl for free package deal It should say that somewhere And thats it for todays video guys! Hopefully you guys wont go out and start buying a bunch of cursed items on ebay now because that was totally not the point of this video

It definitely hasnt made me wanna buy things off ebay if anything imma stick to my amazon prime subscription thank you and goodnight Lemme know what you guys thought below and if youve had any weird ebay experiences they dont have to be cursed or anything as i would love to know And as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one Byee

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