Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never Play

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 channel on the internet I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never Play… before we get going – what is your favourite game?! 10 – Charlie Charlie So the Charlie Charlie Challenge is adapted from a Spanish paper and pencil game called Juego de la Lapicera – the Pencil Game

Basically the premise of the game is to balance pencils on top of one another with no and yes written in squares Teenagers then call upon an alleged Mexican demon called Charlie Players of the game say something like, Charlie Charlie are you here? The pencil then moves and people freak out Why do the pencils move… clearly because a demon has been summoned… not because of friction and gravity There are a lot of videos of people playing the Charlie Charlie game and it almost always entails screaming and running

Many youtubers filmed themselves doing the challenge and garnered millions of views Is it real… well according to Mexican historians there is no demon called Charlie… but I don’t know, any game that encourages summon a demon makes me feel sketchy 9 – Sad Satan Sad Satan is allegedly a cursed video game found on the dark web Youtube channel obscure horror corner lived up to their name when they shared a scary screen play of the game on their youtube channel and honestly it looks really intense

It also sounds intense and I don’t like that The player is walking down a dark ally and horrible radio signals start coming through During the game play, from time to time a blank screen would appear with strange markings Reddit users decoded the font and said that it was saying things like “kill, kill, kill” and “I can track you” Finally, at the end the game cuts to a black screen in which the phrase "Suffering Doesn't End" appears

Doesn’t sound good to me I’ll probably give playing this one a miss 8 – The Three Kings I first heard about three kings when I investigated the No Sleep SubReddit, and apparently it is actually a very popular game these days… I don’t like the sound of it though! What you is play in a large room, preferably a basement with no light source You are supposed to set up the space with two full length mirrors, three chairs and an item from your childhood

Once you are done with the set up, you are suppose to go to bed and set your alarm for 330 am At exactly 330, you are supposed to get up You can only play if, when you go back to the large room you prepared, nothing has changed

If anything has moved or changed, then this is a warning not to play You must sit in one of the three chairs at exactky 333 am with a lit candle Once seated, look straight ahead into the darkness and never look into the mirrors nor the candle At this point you should see or hear a presence – some people say that you will begin to have a conversation with a king, a queen or a fool

Its complicated but apparently when playing this game it is possible to get stuck in an alternate dimension Because…sure 7 – Midnight Man According to a creepypasta I read, The Midnight Game dates back to an old pagan ritual and essentially is a game to summon a spirit The game is played by a person writing their name on a piece of paper, pricking their finger to produce a small drop of blood on the paper, lighting a candle and taping the paper with your name on it to a wooden door It has to be wooden, just so you know

Timing is important in this game – you have to knock on the door 22 times, with the last knock at the stroke of midnight The person then opens the door, blows out the candle, closes the door and relights the candle This apparently mean the Midnight man is now in your house Your job is to then avoid being caught by the midnight man, who will try to scare you until 333am

Sounds like all the fun I’d rather not be having! 6 – Polybius Polybius is a legendary arcade game and nobody know if stories about it are true or simply the stuff of gaming urban legend The story seems to have emerged in the year 2000 in Portland, Oregon and suggests some kind of government conspiracy Basically the story goes that a black box arcade game started showing up in arcades across the city – the game didn’t have any branding, it was simply black and mysterious, but people were intrigued and played it anyway The game seemed to involve geometric patterns and eye wateringly bright,colourful shapes It seemed like the game was hypnotising people, making them sick or, in some cases, making them disappear

After gamers played, men in black suits were seen servicing the machine, which led to rumours that it was part of the CIAs MKUltra mind control pursuits Storytellers named the game Polybius after a Greek historian who said you should never report what you can’t verify Whether or not the story is true, it has become part of pop culture, with the Simpsons placing a polybius machine in the background of a scene in 2006 Would you play it? 5 – Pokemon Lavender Town – Pokemon has a lot of wildly popular games… But did you know that part of Pokenmon Red and Green might be cursed? The music that plays in Lavender Town in the game not only matches the weirdly trippy purple graphics, but allegedly sparked an alarming number of child suicides in Japan

The music is undoubtedly spooky, horror blog Bloody Disgusting hailed it as one of the most terrifying childhood memories for gamers The music has a number of jarring chords but is weirdly calm…I think we can all agree we wouldn’t want to listen to it on a loop for too long According to a creepypasta that surfaced in 2010, the music compelled 100 Japanese children to kill themselves, leaving others with weird behavioural outbursts and others with physical ailments such as nosebleeds and headaches Sicknesses and suicides became known as Lavender Town Syndrome Legend has it that the high pitch binaural beats tapped into the brains of children in a way that could affect their moods

Whether or not this is true, it seems Pokemon were worried They rerecorded the music for the 2017 Pokemon Go Halloween…maybe pokemon bosses were trying to lift the curse I like a board game, but you wouldn’t catch me playing with an ouiji board any time soon – that is coming in at number 4 Ouija boards are messed up! I am sure you know what they are – but for those that don’t it is a board with letters of the alphabet on it, as well as yes and no in the top corners, numbers, the word goodbye and assorted symbols and graphics surrounding it The board is used to communicate with spirits – although originated as an American parlor game

Some spiritual believers will tell you that playing with an ouiji board to contact the dead can lead to demonic possessions, which doesn’t sound ideal Ooh, maybe we should do the Top 10 scary Ouija Board stories! 3- Bloody Mary Ah, Bloody Mary is a classic game from all of our childhoods, but that doesn’t mean I would recommend playing it…ever! Bloody Mary is said to appear in a mirror when her name is chanted – back in old old folklore, the ritual was used to show a woman a glimpse of their future husband’s face…although if they saw the grim reaper or a skull instead, it would mean they would likely die before they got the chance to marry In modern times, the legend goes that if you summon bloody Mary, she will scratch out your eyes, steal your soul, drink your blood…or at the very least…scream at you There is a similar game and legend called Hanako San in Japan Speaking of Japan, next up, you should never play Hitori Kakurenbo at number 2 – this is basically a Japanese Hide and Seek game , but you play it alone…or alone with a spirit! What you need is a stuffed animal with arms and legs…and it has to have a name…

for example twinkle You cut twinkle open, remove the stuffing, replacing it with rice and some fingernail clippings You then sew the bear back up, wrapping left over thread around the toys body – then you put the stuffed toy in the bath and say – for the first game I am it – then count to ten with your eyes closed – then you are supposed to stab the toy and say I won The you announce that the toy is going to be it…

and you have to go and hide For some reason it is important you hide with a glass of salt water, and if you feel scared, put some in your mouth When the game is over and the toy hasn’t found you in an hour, you go back, spit salt water on it and burn the toy It all sounds like a lot of hassle to me I’d rather play Catan

1 – Blue Whale Blue Whale is an awful social media game that seemed to originate in 2016 and encourages players to induce self harm and later commit suicide How horrendous The so-called game takes place over 50 days, with each day a new challenge The game was linked to 130 teenage deaths in Russia alone – with one girl, 15 year old Yulia Knostantinova posting a picture of a blue whale on her Instagram before jumping to her death The spate of deaths were not just in Russia alone, countries across the world have reported deaths of young ones as a result of the sick game

So guys that was the Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never play…have any of you ever played one of these games?! I hope not! Please don’t Stick to what you love – like Chess, or the sims, or even fornight… Games without demons ! Quick comments from the Top 10 Scary Demons Caught on Camera – Virgil Van Dijik said: its only a matter of time before you hit 5 mil subs? Shout out to Angie Fitzpatrick’s kid! She wrote: My boy is 5 and we love watching you and danny, I turn it on and when he hears your voice he yells mommy Becka fellgate no matter where he is He also calls Danny "daddy Burke" because Danny is also the name of his father lol

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