Top 10 Cursed Emojis You Should Never Use

Starting us off at number 10 is The Player People people people, this emoji is literally the embodiment of the boy we do not want

The emoji has the snapback hat on backwards, hes got that signature player pose which looks horrible in every picture yet they still do it anyway You guys this is the boy your parents warned you about yet youre still breaking your heart over him Let it go, let dat man go If hes wearing the cap like that let him go If hes telling you youre the only one hes talking to let him go cus youre sidegirl number 9

If you get hit with this emoji you better believe your love life in the upcoming year is not gonna be good If anything like the video says its gonna be cursed, youre not just get your heart broken once and then find the prince charming of your dreams Youre gonna go through Chad whos gonna cheat on you, Brad whos gonna sleep with your best friend, Kyle whos just using you as a rebound and of course Robbie who will go on dates with you, meet your family, move in with you but not let you call him your boyfriend So yeah good luck with that guys imma head out J: In at number 9 Stressed Emoji

Also given the name cursed emoji or hyperventilating emoji, this thing is a site to see This emoji allegedly portrays someone who is experiencing extreme tiredness or possibly anxiety The bloodshot eyes are a giveaway that this emoji could also possibly be stressed, or under some horrible conditions Either way it first went viral on July 6th, 2019 on Twitter after user DonnieDarko decided to tweet the image out Other sources claim he has anger issues, and when upset will stare at the ground and not blink

Some say he’s constantly hyperventilating, which is why the emoji now has asthma Lastly this emoji has been known to attack a handful of people who were responsible for doing things that angered him, so maybe we should steer clear of good old Stressed out over here A: Now at number 8 is The Psycho I can only imagine how many people would get hit with this emoji if it was actually available in the selection Its insane

The eyes honestly say it all, is this emoji smiling but gonna kill you, smiling because its so obsessed with you, is it smiling through the pain, are the eyes and smile tryna conceal the psycho within like this could be so many things I think the first time i saw it in a meme it was ‘When bae says something that pisses you off but you're trying to not to be crazy anymore’ and i feel like this used to be me When i like someone im one of those under the surface psychos, like ill never let it out but its there So i feel like if this emoji applies to you or you know someone you could send it to youre probably cursed with a psycho girlfriend or boyfriend But hey they mean well

Or do they? J: Coming in at lucky number 7 Xok I may be saying that name wrong, and let me retract there is nothing lucky about this thing Either way Xok is a pac man looking emoji with razor sharp teeth that was created on Microsoft Paint The original image of Xok was first posted way back in August of 2004, yet for some reason, his legacy continues to live on So much so, that some have gone as far as claiming Xok isn’t a person, but a species

It’s believed Xok use teeth as currency, although it’s unclear if they use their own or those of their victims At the back of the Xok’s mouth is a blackhole, which gives them quite a large appetite Lastly, Xok was known as the Pac Man computer virus, so if you send this emoji to someone, it may very well take control of their device, and grow more powerful A: Filling our number 6 slot now is Contemporary Art And im not shitting you thats literally what the @aliensssname called it when they uploaded it to twitter and i mean theyre not wrong

I feel like this emoji represented me on an emotional and spiritual level when i was in university Firstly its got eyebags not only under its eyes but on top of them too so we already knows mans is under a type of stress we havent even seen yet LOL its eyes are bloodshot cus i mean no sleep, extreme anxiety and stress does that to a person The emoji also has tear tracks just permanently on its face which i mean relatable I feel like this emoji has been through so much and ive been through so much it

But dont feel too bad for it because if anything its cursed because when you look at it its starts projecting all of its stress insanity and anxiety on you and then you become it J: Moving into number 5 Handy Now this emoji is sad as the backstory is quite tragic Rumor has it Handy over here couldn’t make his relationship work So his wife left him, and following the break up, he became extremely depressed

To add insult to injury, Handy is also illiterate which just adds to his depression, because he doesn’t know where to go to start his learning Now the emoji itself doesn’t seem to really describe someone that is depressed Not to say you can see the signs physically on someone’s face all the time, but emoji’s are quite literally used to describe emotions There may be more to this one we don’t know about, and I’d rather not find out, so I just simply wouldn’t use it Or do so at your own risk, and do so knowing damn well if anything happens to you, we’ll be blaming it on the emoji

A: Moving into our number 4 slot is The Crying Cowboy This one simultaneously made me severely uncomfortable but also laugh my ass off Like i cant deal with it The emoji is wearing a cowboy hat but the eyes and lips are of an actual person that the creator has just photoshopped onto it And its just so funny firstly the eyes are glazed over cus hes crying but he could also be very high like its one or the other

But just the face Its so serene Its like hes so uncomfortable with how shit his life is going, like things are going so wrong that hes just like yknow it is what it is haha Hes almost amused at how horrible everything is going Its like wow gad damn it actually can get worse

Who knew I mean either that or he just got super stoned to deal with his problems so theres that too If you use it enough times, you will most likely become him and honestly i feel like im already there J: In at 3 Open Eye Crying Laugh This one is described as rude

And it’s because he laughs and cries and quite literally everything But the crying is simply a result of his hysterical laughing Aside from the actual look of this emoji which is cursed in itself, imagine uncontrollably laughing at quite literally everything If you’ve seen the Joker, you’d know what I’m getting at, not trying to spoil anything here, but it really would be a difficult life to live I mean, imagine being at a funeral and uncontrollably laughing

Or in a classroom writing an exam just bursting out laughing uncontrollably No one would take you seriously, you’d be seen as extremely rude or ignorant, and I have a feeling if you send this emoji to anyone, well, you may be cursed with that very condition A: Coming in at number 2 is The Bonk Now i feel like this is a very zoomed in version of an emoji that already exists but i could be very wrong Either way its a zoomed in emoji with huge eyes, a straight ass mouth and a human hand hitting it on the head with a hammer

And i feel like this emoji represents the statement ‘why am i like this’ in its entirety Like this is me everytime i wake up or make a bad decision or am back on my bullshit im just like why am i like this ayman why are you like this The hammers just like dude again? Really? This is getting embarrassing now How many times is this emoji getting bonked on the head daily is my question I feel like my count would be maybe a conservative 4 or 5 which is not bad

But this one is cursed in a good way if you look at it enough times you will actually stop reverting back to yoru bullshit however, if you do go back, i am not to blame for that J: At the top spot, number 1, Free Smiley Face Another emoji who simply just looks cursed, you don’t want to send this one to anyone Not much is known about this emoji, but it appears to be incredibly dangerous If you send it to someone, there’s no telling what could possibly happen

So here’s what we do know People are terrified of it Yet they’re drawn to it because it has such an interesting energy, we want to know more about it But at the same time, no one has been able to build up the courage to find out more about this thing, because it appears to be quite terrifying Simply put, you want to keep your distance from this emoji and whatever you do, don’t send it to anyone

There’s no telling what negative impacts it could have on you, them, or both

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