Top 10 Cursed Disney Dolls

What's up top 10 fam hope you’re having an awesome day, I'm your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video Now lets be real, throughout time disney princesses have been exposed to quite a lot of curses

Whether its sleeping beauty, tiana, ariel, like they've had to deal with a lot But sadly the curses have transcended off screen as well and that my friends is a problem When did Disney stop being a haven for my childhood and turn into the curse from my worst nightmares? Someone tell me Either way these are the Top 10 Cursed Disney Dolls Starting us off with number 10 is Elsa

Back in 2013 Emily Madonia was just living her life in Texas with her family and kids Her daughter was gifted an Elsa doll from the movie frozen and the doll also had a button that when pressed would make her sing Let It Go And all was well and good for about 2 years after which the doll started singing in English and Spanish despite the family never changing the doll at all Instead of throwing it away they just never replaced the batteries hoping it would just die but it didn't It kept singing and talking even when it was completely turned off

The family ended up throwing it away to find it back in their house weeks later None of the kids had brought it back, and so parents started freaking out They threw it out again but this time they wrapped it tightly inside a garbage bag and then put it into 2 other garbage bags before putting it in the bin It was collected on garbage day and that was that But it wasnt because after the family got back from vacation it was in their backyard

It even had a pen mark on it from years prior that kept moving spots Like say no more Coming in at number 9 is Esmerelda Probably the most underrated disney princess cus she wasnt technically a princess But wow i feel like shes my personal favourite along with Jasmine like theyre both so pretty

Either way this story was shared by Tamara from Washington DC who said growing up Esmerelda was her favourite disney character and she had the OOAK Esmerelda doll which she used to sleep with every night Now as she grew older she eventually stopped sleeping with the doll but kept it on her desk that had a few candles on it too Weirdly enough at random points in the night her candles would come on by themselves and the doll wouldve mysteriously moved And if we recall from the movie, Frollo starts setting a bunch of houses on fire during his search for her Paris is literally burning in the movie and i feel like that somehow transcended the screen into the doll

I dont know how else the candles would be coming on by themselves but also Esmerelda that is a major safety hazard At number 8 we have Pocahontas So this one comes from a now deleted reddit user who said she had a Pocahontas barbie doll when she was younger and it was creepy to say the least Personally Pocahontas is one of my favourite disney princesses, she is gorgeous, i love what she stands for and we have to stan a princess of colour The user shared that the doll was always kept in her bedroom growing up but after the age of 8 things got weird

Now to preface this there were no windows in the users room but everyday after coming back from school she would find autumn leaves on her floor And i mean that just makes me think of the song colours of the wind in the movie where the leaves are flying everywhere all pretty She ended up getting rid of the doll a few months later and the leaves stopped appearing as soon as she did Coincidence? I think not Filling our number 7 slot is After Dark

It’s a small world is a water boat ride thats found in most of the Walt Disney Parks and resorts around the world The ride has over 300 audio animatronic dolls in it all wearing traditional dresses from around the world singing about global peace and unity According to a cast member at one of the parks, they refused to disclose which location they worked at which is fair enough, they shared that after dark many employees have seen the dolls come to life may that be them switching places with each other or disappearing altogether The person further shared that theyve heard little giggles coming from the ride as well which is not part of the soundtrack or anything so where the hell are they coming from? The dolls Now at number 6 is Frozen

I cant title this one Elsa cus ive already done that once but frozen is still pretty self explanatory Now this one was shared by an anonymous reddit user who claimed the elsa doll they got for their daughter is cursed Elsas really causing some havoc like cmon now mate Either way the parent shared that they got their kid an elsa doll for her 7th birthday but after putting it in her room, her room started getting quite cold The heating was on and the whole house was the same temperature except the daughters room

The family even called the electrician but they claimed the heating was working perfectly fine Not suspecting the doll at all the family had no idea what was going wrong One night the daughter end up falling asleep in the living room with the doll and the user put her in her bed but forgot about the doll The next morning they found the living room to be freezing and the daughters bedroom to be warm Who was the culprit? Elsa

Coming in at number 5 is Belle Now i don't know whether I believe this one or not but ill share it with you guys anyway So apparently this person had one of those little plush Belle dolls that she positioned right behind her candle So the dolls legs were kind of encasing the candle and keep in mind the candle only had 1 wick The person claimed that every time she put the candle one it would melt and hollow out in the shape of Mickey Mouses head

And if you have a candle then you know the wax hollows out around each wick so if theres just one its just a circle around it So someone make this make sense? At number 4 is Cinderella Aw i absolutely love this story, when i went to Disneyland Paris as a kid i got a really detailed carriage that she comes in along with her and the little mice and stuff and i would literally always play with it and then pack it back into its box because resale value people No i'm kidding i was just very anal Either way this one comes from an anonymous reddit user who said after doing some spring cleaning in their house they decided to throw away a few of their old dolls

One of which was a Cinderella doll The disrespect btw how dare you throw her away She didn't struggle against an evil stepmum and stepsisters for you to throw her away Clearly the doll felt the same way because despite throwing the doll in the trash outside the house, the user found the doll back in their garage along with two mice Two mice are we getting Jac and Gus vibes or are we getting Jac and Gus vibes

Like thats just too much of a coincidence and even the user agreed so she decided to keep the doll Filling our number 3 slot is The Little Mermaid Sweet sweet Ariel if only you had spoken up during the film LOL jk ya couldnt sux to sux haha Idk why im coming for her i quite like her as well but anyway this story comes from an anonymous reddit user who shared that they had gotten an Ariel doll for their kid

The kid was obviously excited as hell and opened it as soon as they got home but the weirdest part was her skin was wet to touch as soon as she came out of the box Like this doll was untouched, unwetted if you will, yet she was wet Finding that odd the user took the doll back to the shop but they refused to refund it as it had already been opened Thinking it was just a malfunction with the box not being airtight the parent dried the doll and that was that The next morning when the kid woke up the doll was wet again

No one had touched it since the night before and it was dry the last time they checked Weeks and weeks went by and the kid would wake up to find the doll wet night after night I mean clearly you can take the mermaid out of the ocean but you cant take the ocean out of her What kinda Walt Disney sorcery is that? Now at number 2 is Snow White Fact of the day snow white was the first cartoon animation released by disney so shes actually the oldest princess of them all

Now this one was shared by Tim from Arkansas who claimed the snow white doll he bought for his daughter was probably the biggest mistake he couldve made The first night she was in the house, the bathroom mirror shattered in the middle of the night And every consecutive night after that every mirror shattered in the house one by one The doll didnt even move from the place she was in yet she was the only new addition to the house And if we recall from the movie, the Queen asks her magic mirror daily about who is the fairest of them all

And i guess no one can be fairer than Snow White And finally at number 1 is Rapunzel Growing up I actually saw the barbie version of Rapunzel and I watched it so many bloody times i cant even tell you guys I had the barbie version of every movie, i was such a fiend Either way this one was shared by Claire in Scotland who said she got a Rapunzel doll from from a yard sale for like 5 pounds so she was pretty chuffed

The doll looked brand new and she thought it was a nice addition to her disney princess doll collection She had had the doll for about 2 months when she realised bits of her hair were falling off Thinking it was made poorly she brushed the hair and forgot about it 1 week later all the hair on Rapunzel had fallen off and not only that, it was also nowhere to be found Claire had a shelf for all her dolls and youd think the hair wouldve just fallen and stayed onto the shelf but you'd be wrong

But that isnt even the mindblowing part you guys, a month later her hair actually grew back or reappeared somehow After i read this i was like that meme of that guy like Youre telling me this inanimate doll that has no real hair follicles lost its hair and then grew it back And that's it for today's video guys! I don't care about any of the stories shared in this video i still love disney, no one can take that away from me Sue me

I just find it odd how the characters’ stories genuinely affected the curses or stories these people shared Like i was shook Lemme know what you thought in the comments below and also tell me who your favourite disney character is cus id love to know As always i'm your host Ayman Hasan and ill catch you in the next one Byee

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