Top 10 Cursed Boxes That Should Have Stayed Shut – Part 2

What's up people hope you’re having an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 Cursed boxes you guys

Its a popular thing, people are ordering them on ebay, amazon, honestly people are doing the most for these wretched boxes and for what? To either scare the living guts out of themselves or to release a trapped dybbuk spirit into their house because theyre in need of a roommate Either way these are the Top 10 Cursed Boxes That Should Have Stayed Shut – Part 2 Starting us off with number 10 is My Friend This ones from redditor unknown_writer_00 who had a channel where he would film himself unbox mystery boxes from the dark web The one in this story ended up being the last one he ever ordered

He was nearly outbid for it so he assumed it had to be a good box and he finally got it in the end When he opened it, it was filled with ripped up newspaper and the smell of absolute just rottenness He pulled out a squishy garbage bag and inside of it was a white ziplock bag with some sort of plaid material inside The smell was vomit worthy at this point and written on the bag was Smell of Death and now the user was like should i even be filming this what if he gets worse Inside the plaid shirt was a cassette tape that the user began listening to after throwing the shirt away

The tape was of a crackly mans voice saying he hoped he was happy with the mystery box and how a homeless man died near his house and instead of reporting it, the man befriended the corpse Hed been dead for a few days since bloody foam was coming out of his mouth and that he was wearing the shirt in the ziplock bag The tape went on saying the man would visit the corpse everyday talking to it telling the man how his stepdad used to abuse him and how he accidentally killed his younger brother when he was young by trying to give him a bath His brother drowned in the bath Either way the tape went on saying he hoped the receiver liked the smell and that he had a picture with the corpse but he couldnt keep its eyes open since theyd become too mushy

The website the user bought the box from was taken down a few days after this and i think that was the right move Coming in at number 9 is The Smoke Youtuber Dark Arts TV ordered a dybbuk box off the internet and thought it would be fitting to drive to an abandoned house and sneak inside and make a pentagram out of salt on the ground, light candles at its points and then put the box in the middle Inside the box was a real chickens foot that seemed like it had been cut off a long time ago, mud, salt and some black feather of some kind hiding in the mud When they looked around the house more they found a dead black crow near the pentagram which had been dead for a while but i mean it also begs the question was that just a coincidence? Is there a link there? I dont even know

The scariest part of the video was the smoke, they had a flashlight pointing up at the ceiling just sitting there so theyd have some light in the house And in the beam smoke started appearing all throughout the beam It was twisting and making unnatural shapes all within the beam and was twisting and going around like it had a mind of its own Keep in mind it wasnt dust smoke it was proper smoke that came out of nowhere, died for a few seconds and then came back stronger Even sheep started gathering outside the window of the house it was all very strange

They then asked if there is someone with them in the room could they make themselves known by touching one of the friends there and one immediately had a sharpshooting pain in her back Now that couldve easily just been back pain but after seeing the smoke and the crow, the sheep, I just believed her straight out You know things are messed when sheep are gathering around you That shits weird bro At number 8 we have The backpack

Youtuber Derek Gerard decided to be a part of the deep web challenge and order a mystery box off the dark web as well and surprisingly his box was massive and everything was actually really well packed Whoever sent it your mum raised you right Either way the first few things he finds are some knives but one particular one had the Nazi swastika on it and had old black stains on the blade which kind of looked like dry blood im not too sure He next finds an old cord phone that had all its buttons smashed or broken including the screen of the device but the only number that was perfectly left in tact was the number 6 Now who is associated with the number 6? The devil my friends thats who

They next found a weird doll and a pink childrens backpack And backpacks like these have been in many mystery boxes, I don't know if thats terrifying or just a theme but we’ll go with it Inside they found two little sneakers, a few dolls and a letter written from the childs mum saying have a good first day at school my little angel First day, now i'm worried this girl got abducted or something but then after the next thing they got im like maybe she got murdered They were also sent an urn with someones ashes inside of it which they refused to open further and the final thing was a voodoo doll with a bunch of pins in it

Now i dont know who the voodoo doll is connected to but theyve been pricked many freakin times Filling our number 7 slot Now this one was included in part 1 as well where the youtuber Mind Seed TV ordered a Dybbuk box online Using an EMF detector on it he realised it would beep uncontrollably near the box so i mean that should say enough about what kind of malicious spirit was inside It was sealed with red candle wax and as soon as he opened it the EMF detector stopped beeping around the box, implying the spirit had been released

After that a weird tapping sound starts and a minute later his youtube plaque falls off the wall and he freaks out and leaves the house But in his second video about it he goes back home to see what the room looks like after a day And mind you no one has been inside his house after he left He finds strange white scratches on top of the box that werent there before, the disgusting odour is very much still in the room, the next day his TV stops working even though it was completely find before the box opening The user himself felt uncomfortable while the TV was malfunctioning almost as if he was being watched by something

Then something else started happening He always turns off the lights before leaving the house and on 2 occasions the red lights in his recording studio were on when he got back even though he made sure beforehand he had turned them off And there was a weird shadow moving in the room behind the curtains But the clearest sign was when he straight up asked if there was a spirit in the room and a knock came from inside his bathroom door and then it started closing Mind you he goes in and shows us no ones there but it still happened and something mustve caused it

Now at number 6 is the The Photo Album Youtuber Jaskinho ordered a mystery box off the dark web and the contents were definitely not for the faint hearted The box itself was actually lowkey nice it was a wooden rounded crate that had Paris written on it and fake Paris postal stamps so it looked like something youd get from Accessorize or something Inside he found a macbook air which wouldnt turn on, an old voice recorder, a used retainer, dominos and chess pieces, and he found a super old camera that wouldnt turn on either but he managed to get the SD card out of it But the weirdest thing he found was a photo album

On the cover of it was actually a picture featured in my cursed paintings video a coloured drawing of a haunting woman with huge eyes and a long ass neck The picture was meant to give the onlooker suicidal thoughts and inside the album he found aerial shots of some buildings, not weird, but as the album when on and the pictures got more zoomed in he realised he had actually livestreamed from this building a few weeks ago He had gotten chased out of there by 6 guys and the whole album was just this location which was creepy since buyers and sellers are anonymous On the SD card it was just blurry pictures of everything in the box, i was hoping it was gonna be more screwed up but alas it wasnt

Coming in at number 5 is PD Youtuber Jake Webber opened a Dybbuk box in an empty park with his friends and i dont know why people are still doing this honestly has no one learned On the wooden box itself, inscribed on top was ‘for the benefit of the borrower ‘ in hebrew, on one side it said the holy bible and on the other it said misfortune On the bottom of the box it said a man who is not a god but a devil which i think is referring to either the spirit in the box or the person who would open it The wax seal on the lock was even sliding off and the wax sealing the sides was coming out from the inside almost like the dybbuk itself was trying to escape

When they finally got the box open Jake started coughing uncontrollably straight away like the spirit jumped inside of him Cus yknow they attach themselves to either people or objects so i mean it couldve dove straight in Inside the box was a burnt black and white picture of someones house with a person at the front of it, a dead flower and a bunch of rocks and gemstones In the second box they opened there was a black and white picture of 3 kids and the mum is in the picture but shes blurry and out of focus almost and on the back of all the pictures the initials PD were written They found a candle in the second one and as well as an old white cotton saucer that looked like tapestry

The kids in the photos looked miserable and the dybbuk is probably of them or their mum honestly At number 4 are Youtuber Mind Seed TV posted a video unboxing a mystery box off the dark web and i included that in part 1 and after that he got so many anonymous threatening messages telling him to take his video down This time his friend bought a box and he decided to unbox it with the youtuber The first thing they found was an old cash register of sorts that had the paper roll poking out and greedy bastard written on top of it

As they pulled out the paper things like he got what he deserved and she was mine were found written on the paper They next found a VCR tape that said watch me on it, and then a drawing of a man with 3 kids that said liar on it and on the back of that it had something taped to it that the men thought could be a bomb Now i definitely think thats farfetched but it is the dark web after all They also found a picture of a pope with his eyes blacked out and a tiny kids folder that said father tim on the front and inside it had the names of different kids Christine, Sarah, Megan, Jeffrey and one name was blacked out

In one of the folders sections was a picture of a mum and her kid and the final few things were a metal cross, a pastor jacket and a wooden cross in the pocket of the jacket There were even 4 die with words on them, 1 dice had pronouns she he they, the other had words like was is etc, the third had words like big small red etc and the 4th had words like girl, dead, love So it was a bit of a puzzle in terms of which 4 words went together to tell the story but what a loaded box Filling our number 3 slot is The Little Girl Youtuber Jaskinho was dmed by a subscriber saying he moved into a new house and found a Dybbuk box in his attic

He sent it to the youtuber for his video and the whole thing was just creepy The first thing he found was a small vase that looked like it had a dry bloody thumbprint on it or some red stain of some kind Inside of it were ashes which was the weird part i mean it wasnt an urn so why were there ashes? He also found two tiny black kids shoes after which his camera just fell There was no reason it shouldve fallen he even confirmed that but it did and afterwards his camera just wouldnt focus on the box He readjusted a bunch of times but something was just not letting it focus

Just as he got it to focus and sat back down he heard glass shattering in another room When he followed the sound he realised the spirit knocked over a picture of him and his partner and it was smashed on the ground The wind didnt knock it over since the window was closed and that was the only thing that was knocked over The youtuber starts freaking out trying to figure out how it happened when really the answer is plain and simple The last thing in the box was a picture of a little girl, assuming the shoes were hers too and she is most likely the spirit he just released into his house so good luck with that

Now at number 2 is TJ redditor iamathroaway32 wanted to unbox a mystery box from the dark web on youtube but had no idea how to get on there so he asked someone on Discored and was messaged by a user called MRCC they had a back and forth and he ended up giving the user his friend TJs address for the box to be delivered to When it got there obviously TJ was pissed because now some random deep web person knew his address but the user calmed him down a bit and TJ filmed the user while he opened the box Inside they found a wristband that said All Day Pass, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, they found 1 guitar string and a birthday card that said happy 10th birthday Danny, love you always mom’

The user was pissed that the box was a bust despite MRCC promising a terrifying one MRCC messaged him the next day asking about the box and and he said dw friend the next box is coming today and he was like what next box? Either way it showed at up TJs again but he wasnt home but this time the box had the users real name and address Red flag #1 Inside the box was a burner cellphone that had 2 contacts on it Call first and call second

He called the first number and it was TJs voicemail and then MRCC started talking asking what dyu think friend? The user was pissed and MRCC replied saying friends dont lie to each other implying he lied to him about his real address by giving him TJs he kept asking if the user had uploaded the first video onto youtube and if he hadnt he really should because there were more boxes coming his way Again Where is TJ? No one knows And finally at number 1 is The House

Youtube channel OmarGoshTV bought a dybbuk box but was actually just gonna bury it His friend Joe decided to open it and not just open it, open it in an old Jewish family home that is known to be haunted Because why not add to the shitstorm Joe this is why people cant have nice things guys While Omar showed us what was inside the Dybbuk box he heard a massive sound from the other room and it turns out the spirit had knocked over a door that was propped up against the wall

Clearly pushed by a ghost or the dybbuk itself He then asked if anyone was there with him after which he heard another sound which was the spirit knocking over a stepladder and then the chandeliers of two rooms started shaking and moving which is never a good sign Inside the box itself is an old black and white photo of a family and when Omar tries to show us whats in it again a chair comes sliding across the room It was in the hallway outside the room and i kid you not it slides across the room The cherry on top is the fact Omar had locked the front door to this house and when he revisits it he finds it not only unlocked but actually open

So at that point youre like well were those things happening real or did someone sneak into the house and do that im not too sure Point being i dont know why or how hed be in that already haunted house by himself with a newly released dybbuk spirit Nothing about that sounds appealing And thats it for todays video guys! I think ive heard enough about deep web mystery boxes to last me a lifetime honestly It did tempt me to get one, i wont, but i was tempted

And on the flip side ive pretty sure you could make a drinking game for the amount of times i said the word dybbuk so theres that Lemme know what you guys thought below and as always im your host Ayman Hasan and ill see you in the next one Byee

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