Top 10 Creepy Toys No Kid Would Ever Want

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Creepy Toy that No Kid Would EVER WANT why don’t you play along and let me know if there are any on this list you would want to play with Before we get into this video thoughI thought we could have a chat about my favourite APP of all time, Bunz! You might have heard me talk about BUNZ before, it is a global trading app that was founded in Toronto but has spread world wide! The main focus of the app is trading items with your community – for example I often trade clothes on Bunz AND I got my entire kitchen table and chairs set on Bunz and I love it! You never know when something you might want to get rid of would mean a lot to someone elseand vice versa! There are loads of people trading on Bunz, but if you live in an area that it is not yet firmly established then you can be a leader and help develop the community! Bunz has its own currency, too! The BTZ I use mine at local stores in my community, including a cafe near our films studio because honey needs Caffeine To get free BTZ to spend and to start trading in your own community, download the app in the description box and use @rebeccafelgate as your reference When you download the app, as you sign up you put in who referred you – that way you get free bunz money – so that’s rebeccafelgate with no spaces! Then come say hey! Maybe I have something you want to trade for! Stick around to the end as I am going to be reading comments from people that have messaged me on Bunz 10 Janky Jack in the Box Listen

in all honesty I am kind of terrified by all Jack in A Boxes I hated them as a child because likePOP

surprisecreepy clownwhen you least expect it! As an adult I guess I can dealwiththe regular kind anyway but one I absolutely cannot deal with is this vintage chaos box of zombie doom Okay, so you’re an antique do you know whatI feel like all antique toys are pretty creepybut this one kind of takes the biscuit So you’re like three years old winding up this boxlikehahatoys sing the pop goes the weasel sound

Ahhhhhhhh I believe this is a colonial era toy I think the story it is telling is that Jack was poisoned by the well water, diedhad his body stuffed in a small box


Remember a few seconds ago when I said that antique toys are objectively creepy OKAYwell case and point at number 9 with what ever the heck this is! So

by the look of the label, this creature comes from 1871a dark time some 50 off years after Frankenstein was written and 17 years before Jack the Ripper would go around slicing and dicing ladies of London town Victorian England The Industrial Era

What did kids play with? Like friend I can’t even tell you what this is, other than I think it winds up so that must mean it has the ability to crawl Want this crawling towards you? No, I don’t think you do to be honest, mate I wonder what kind of humans the kids who played with this grew up to be? 8 A bunz special at number 8 – Boglin Toy This nightmarish little goblin can be found on Bunz and is available in the Toronto area

It looks squishy and that FREAKS me out! The listing says that these toys were big in the 80sand it seems that Theodore would be down to trade Horror Films for it I’m thinking, why watch a horror film when you can juststare at this boglin goblin If that gets too tametry turning off the lights I jest, of courselike we always say with bunz, one persons trash is another persons treasure and perhaps there is someone out there who would absolutely love this Boglin! I googled Boglinand it turns out that actually they’re created by Jim Henson

who I do love because Labyrinth and Dark Crystal are the best although that being said

I like to be able to stop the movie when I want not have a ghoul starring at me from my shelf Boglinyou give me the creeps pal! 7 – Baby-ano! WHAT IN THE FRESH HELL IS THIS Listen, I am all for a keytar but a keybaby? Why does a crawling infant need to be turned into a musical instrument Likeyou expect your kid to be down with this multi purpose toy! One minute they’ll be playing with their dolly and the next they’re jamming out like a cool cat on the keys? You aren’t fooling anyway Don’t cheap out – get the kid a doll and a toy pianoor get them onespoiled kids are bad kids

6 – Skinny Bones He’s skinny bonesapparently! Except that

well they don’t look a lot like bones to me Like weird pipe puppet child with curiously pronounced eyelashes Even the kid on the box looks like she is trying to send a secret signal to her friend they are help me eyes if ever I saw some! It’s something about the hands I just don’t trust the box says that this here chappy is one of the Bones Family but like

if that is the caseI honestly don’t want to meet the rest of them I don’t really like dolls, especially giant dollsand this seems kind of dollish hellish to me 5 – The Jolly Chimp Liiiiikeeeis it Jolly thoughand if this is jollymate, I want no part of it It literally looks like a character from a nighmare circus Its eyes are redis a crack chimpthats why its so jolly Can we also just talk about some of the features that the retailers have highlighted on the box as a good thing? Its EYES BULGE IN AND OUT AND ITS TEETH FLASH AS THE CHIP TALKS? Urm Bulging eyes and baring teeth really isn't something I feel like kids would be particularly down with but it TALKS too? I have absolutely no desire to hear what it has to say 4 – French Swimming Dolls OH, another antique Excuse me while I weep in a corner It seems that Automaton swimming dolls were very much a thing in France! Some of them are super rare and go for thousands of euros at auctions SO

this is what they look like in the box like they legitimately look like murder victims from the disturbing TV shows, Dexter or Hannibal

They’re all bent

Seeing these in the box kind of gives me exorcist vibes *editors clip * see what I mean? Absolute spider walk This is how they actually look when they are wound up though

Editors clip 2 Liiiikearguably not much better 3 – Moth Larva Anyone? Anyone you got it! It is coming in to number ** Okay so actually the worrying thing here is that maybe kids MIGHT want to play with these

until they realize what they are

Mexican Jumping Beansplayfully illustrated here by a happy little guy wearing not one but two sombreros, all for the bargain price of $299

they are actually seed pods inhabited by developing moths The bean "jumps" when it gets ove heated because the larva inside spasms in an attempt to roll the seed to a cooler environment to avoid dehydration and death Hey kids

want to torment an animal until it dies before your very eyes They say serial killers start by killing small animals Just saying

Heylittle Ava

hey little maxwanna play STRAIGHT JACKET? 2 I am sorry but what the actual errheck is going on here? It seems that You can buy a loveeeeellly teddy bear covered straight jacket for your little one! – check this out Editors clip I feel like my mum could have been tempted to have picked of these up for me when I was a wee terror

but after the first few seconds of fun thehahaaaaa I’m dressed up moments

then the SCREAMING that would inevitably come when they realized you have tricked them It turns out that that the whole thing was a viral marketing campaign for Supper Nannythat being said you can by costume straight jackets for kids which is kind of inappropriate Wanna make a child cry todaypresent them with this absolute horror show at number one ladies, gentlemen, boys, girls, new Bunz members I present to you road kill

Mommywhat happened to whiskers

hold out hand this

This is a little toy cat that has met its end with a tire to the gut can anyone read the language on the toy packaging? If you are from theis country and I am missing a cultural beat hereplease explain?! I can try and explain the horror show that is the Telletubbies to you in return? I just want to understand! Well

what an absolute horror show this video was! Did you play along? Which of these toys would you play with I want absolutely nothing to do with any of them, but if you MADE me play with one then I would go with the Bunz Boglin! I hope it finds a good home for a good trade soon

Once again, thank you to our video sponsor Bunz, if you want to start trading in your community and also gain some BTZ currency then download the app via the link in the description box and use me, @rebeccafelgate with no spaces as your referrer! Kari Lyn B actually bought me an icecream using Bunz the other day – so massive shot out to yo! Other comments I have received on Bunz up next Ronnie C said: Hey I love your videos on YouTube, I think you are pretty funny and smart! Thanks Ronnie! Jolanta J said: Hello Rebecca! I Love your videos and I’m an amazing subscriber! Thank you for showing me Bunz I love it! Hopefully Johnstown PA uses this app – it’s not popular yet hopefully it will be! I got a GREAT comment from AJY who said: Hi , Im a fan of Top 10

You’re awesome and thanks so much for telling us about Bunz! Seeing trash about our planet makes me sick and furious so its nice to take part in the cessation of throwing crap away! Also your video makes me calm and thanks so much! THANK YOU!

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