Top 10 Animals Arrested For Serious Crimes

Get ready for one of the greatest videos youll ever see I cant believe we never thought of this before but better late that never

Ive got nothing more to say – the title says it better than I ever could – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Animals Arrested For Serious Crimes Starting off at number 10 we have the Robbery Goat In January 2009, police in Nigeria held a goat after saying it was actually a robber that had used black magic to transform himself into a goat to escape arrest after trying to steal a Mazda car This is a true story The police were out on patrol when they saw some men attempting to rob the car – they pursued them and said that at that point, one of them turned into a goat

The police spokesperson said -We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody We cannot base our information on something mystical It is something that has to be proven scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat- … I couldnt really find much follow up information to this story but I presume the goat was released without further questioning Next up at number 9 we have the Spying Pigeon In 2016, Indian police arrested a pigeon which they suspected was a spying of being a spy pigeon from Pakistan

The bird was arrested after a note addressed to the Indian Prime Minister was found tied to its foot A punjab police official said -The wings of the pigeon have been clipped to ensure the suspected spy does not fly back to Pakistan- … some animal activists said that clipping the pigeons wings was a cruel and uncessary thing to do Others said that the two countries spy accusations have now reached a farcical level Either way, Im sure the Pigeon just wants to get back to their family and put the spy life behind them Its not worth it

Next up at number 8 we have the Contraband Cat In January 2013, a cat was detained in Brazil for smuggling contraband into a prison The cat was found crossing the main prison gate with confiscated items strapped to it with tape They included drill bits, files, a mobile phone and charger as well as earphones A spokesperson for the prison was quoted by the local paper as saying -Its tough to find out whos responsible for the action as the cat doesnt speak- … I love that

I love how they had to let you know that this cat didnt speak, unlike yknow, all the other talking cats Maybe this cat did but it wanted to protect its criminal friends – clever cat Moving on to number 7 we have the Murder Cow In 2013, a cow was detained at a police station in southwest Nigeria after the death of a 24 year old man He was part of a group of people that were planning to hold a carnival

An argument broke out between two of them, the victim was then stabbed with a broken bottle and bled to death When police arrived the scene, they found that everyone had fled except for the victim – and a cow The cow was tied up – it was meant to be killed as a sacrifice for the carnival The police arrested the cow and detained it at the station It was later released but no human arrests were made

Next up at number 6 we have Elephant Rampage In January 2013, 3 women were killed and 20 injured when an elephant went on a rampage during a temple festival near Perumbavoor Police said sevel elephants were being paraded at the festival but a few hours in, one of them turned violet when it was being guided into the temple through the main entrance The elephant seems to have been startled by the transferring of a religious piece from his back to another elephant – thats when he began charging the crowd, killing the 3 women The 45 year old elephant was arrested and help by the environmental department

It was decided the elephant would be banned from participating the following year Moving on to number 5 we having The Kicking Donkey In 2008, a donkey bit and kicked two men at a ranch in the Mexican state of Chiapas The police came and arrested the donkey – it took 6 men to get it under control They kept it in a cell that normally holds people arrested for public drunkenness or other offences

The donkey remained in the prisons custody until the owner agreed to pay the victims medical bills which came to 420 dollars Angry donkey needs 6 men to be restrained and is released for 420 dollars – what a headline At number 4 now we have the Monkey Hanger For this one, were looking at a story that comes from way back during the Napoleonic Wars over 200 years ago The story goes that a French ship was wrecked off the coast of England

The only survivor that washed up was a monkey The crew had dressed it in a French uniform for their own amusement The locals decided to hold a trial for the monkey right there on the beach The monkey was of course unable to answer their questions and because the locals had never seen a monkey of a French person before, they concluded the monkey was in fact a French spy The monkey was found guilty, sentenced to death and then hanged right there on the beach

Its a story that many people find quite amusing and extrordinary now – but you gotta feel bad for that monkey We are heading back to the India and Pakistan now for our number 3 with the Border Monkey In 2011, a monkey was arrested in Pakistan after crossing the border and ending up in the Cholistan desert As soon as locals spotted it, they tried to capture the monkey but failed as the monkey dodged past them They then informed the wildlife officials who manage to capture the monkey after a bit of a struggle

The monkey was sent to Bahawalpur Zoo where he was renamed as Bobby He now shared a pen alongside a Pakistani monkey called Raju Do you guys think Pakistan has the right to hold this Indian monkey? Is this even worth talking about? I think yes, I could talk about arresting monkeys at the border all day At number 2 now we have Flower Goat In January 2013, Gary the Goat was arrested after chomping on flowers near Sydney harbour

Gary is actually somewhat YouTube famous – him and his owner Jimbo have over 160,000 subscribers On this occasion, Jimbo left Gary outside Syndeys Museum of Contemporary Art which is located beside the city harbor It was then that Gary started chomping down on the bed of flowers Gary even had his own lawyer The lawyer pointed out that the police had actually issued the wrong notice to Garry because it was supposed to be used for a person and not an animal

Because of this, Garys name was cleared in court but his owner Jimbo still had to pay a fine And finally at number 1 we have the Phone Smuggling Cat In June 2013, a cat was detained by police in Russia after it was caught attempting to smuggle a phone and chargers into a prison It seems that someone on the outside figured the cats agility would make it the perfect candidate to get over the prison walls and deliver the phone to the target inmate The attempt failed though when prison officials spotted the items taped onto the cats belly as it sat on top of once of the fences

They were very surprised, a spokesperson for the prison said they have foiled various attempts to smuggle banned objects into the prison but nothing like this has happened in the prisons history I think this cat needs to take a long pause and think about its life choices Poor animals Theyre just trying to live their best animal life and we humans like to apply this thing called the Law to them What did you think of these stories? Do you think there are certain laws that animals should abide by – or is the whole concept a bit ridiculous? Let me know – I am Danny Burke, thanks for watching and Ill see you all in the next video

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